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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 125.2

Chapter 125: The Power of Faith! Burst of the Void. (Part Two)

After the meal, Pathless took Han to a circular room that was 500 meters in diameter deep inside the castle. The floor and walls were all forged by high-intensity tritanium, it was probably where Pathless trained.

“Han, in the past I only watched you train in video. Now I want to see it with my own eyes. Just practice the Star Breaker fist I taught you. As for an opponent, there is none, rely purely on your imagination.” Pathless gave very brief instructions.

Han nodded, then closed his eyes and thought about the enemies that he faced in his life. If they were here at the moment, what kind of moves would be required to deal with them?

Got them!

Han smiled, his body suddenly turned upside down from the side, then from under the arms at a very strange and unexpected angle, Han threw out a curved punch!

They only saw Han’s body begin to fly up spinning vigorously, extremely flamboyantly!

Night Walker and Pathless observed closely from the corner. Night Walker shook his head and asked, “Old Monster, why didn’t you find Han an opponent?”

Pathless said in disagreement, “Han never learned the traditional martial art and directly learned the forbidden techniques. What are forbidden techniques? They are martial arts breaking out of all the shackles, Han already learned the Void part, but if he wants to learn the 6 paths of void, it will be impossible without a good imagination.”

“So, right now I’m examining both Han’s techniques and also whether he has the talent to learn forbidden martial arts.”

Night Walker nodded slowly as if he understood a part of what Pathless just said.

On the other hand, although it was a battle without an opponent, Han’s enthusiasm became gradually lit up.

Pathless was indeed a pro, but he didn’t completely know Han yet.

Han never lacked imagination, but there was also something on Han that many people didn’t have!

As someone from Earth, ever since Han was little, his memory was filled with fear. Fear for the outer-space civilizations, fear for Earth’s safety, and fear for the constant possibility of being colonized.

Although Ke Lake had once brought hope to the people on Earth, but he also personally turned this hope into despair.

In the ten years’ time Clark was missing, everyone on Earth was living under the shadow of darkness, desperately hoping for Clark’s return, desperate for being able to live on in freedom and peace. But, the reality was very cruel, living everyday was suffering for people on Earth.

Neighbors, classmates, in Han’s memory everyone on Earth had a darkened face, laughter was rare and people never wanted to talk too much about future. Even the sky was usually dark and gloomy, like people’s faces.

These things were not what Han wanted at all!

Ever since Han acquired super power, his faith never wavered!

Han wouldn’t allow Earth to become a colony, he wouldn’t allow his people to live in despair! He wanted to see smiles on children’s faces!

It was okay that Han already spent his childhood in shadow and despair.

But letting Earth’s next generation and the generation after that to continue living in fear and despair?

Han wasn’t going to agree even if it costed his life!

A soldier that couldn’t even protect his home was not worthy to be called a true soldier!

Han’s goal was very clear, and that was to become strong! Become stronger! Until one day he could protect his own home!

Han didn’t care how long it will take to achieve this goal, how much suffering he has to endure, and how many lives needed to be sacrificed.

If Earth’s existence can only be protected at the expense of the entire Milky Way, then let the Milky Way go to hell!

If Han was just a modest spark, then the only reason for him to continue living on is to brighten the Earth that gave birth to him and raised him! Until his life completely burned out!

That’s the power of faith!

When Han injected the power of faith into his forbidden art, everything changed.

The sound of wind began howling inside the training room!

The Forbidden art Six Paths of Void leveled up in Han’s hand. The natural descent Demonic Strike’s unique unconventional attacking style was still here, but an indescribable murderous scent emerged among the attacks!

To achieve the goal, both gods and devils could be slayed, both heaven and ground could be murdered! Han can pay any price!

This was the most steadfast faith in Han’s heart!

Even Night Walker who didn’t understand too much about martial art became gradually stunned by the belief and murderous scent Han revealed. With his eyes wide open, he asked in amazement, “This is the Void, the Void part of the 6 Paths of the Void?”

“It should be.”

“Should be? Old Monster, what did you really teach Han! Don’t lie to me, this is definitely not Void!”

Pathless’s expression became very complicated too, he let out a long sigh, and with a hoarse voice he said, “I thought it was Void, but now, I’m not too sure anymore.”

Pathless told Han to freely play with his imagination, but Han actually gave him a result he totally didn’t expect.

Void was a martial art without any techniques, it was purely based on the soldier’s understanding and interpretation.

In the hands of Han, Void was completely sublimated.

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