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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 126.2

Pathless rubbed his chin, “Since you came, let’s get him out of the training room. Even I’m a bit scared of his unforgiving attitude towards himself. Seeing how desperate and relentless he is even during training, we can only imagine the mental state Han enters when he fights.”

To be precise, Han was driven out of the training room.

Investing 200% of effort and focus no matter what you do, that has always been a habit for Han. If it wasn’t for Pathless pulling him out, he would’ve kept practicing until he dropped.

Pathless’s house is like a giant castle, and is shockingly large.

Night Walker picked a large sunny room, brought Han in, and then he pulled out stacks after stacks of pharmacology books from the space inside his dimension ring, a set of equipment for conducting pharmacological experiments, as well as a big box full with all kinds of basic drugs.

This rosewood box has thousands of drawers; each drawer has a drug name table for easier identification.

Different from the cold Pathless, Night Walker really knows how to enjoy. He picked two most comfortable sofas and sat down, then prepared all kinds of fruits and refreshments, it suddenly became like a tea party.

“You’ve trained nonstop for seven days in a row now, how about you take a break?” Night Walker asked Han who already started reading a book.

“It’s fine, I’ve been eating brain refreshment pills and nuclear energy pills.” Han pointed at the automatic drug kit on his wrist and said.

Night Walker nodded, yep, Han also has a hidden ultimate, super anti-toxin physique. With that body, he can eat drugs like jelly beans, no wonder he can practice for seven days in a row non-stop.

At that moment, Han who was reading suddenly asked, “Teacher, it says on here that Fire Dragon Rock’s extract can improve the accuracy of the drug’s effect, I just remember that the Tonight Ling extract material also have the same effect, but the Tonight ling is in solid powder form, which makes it easier to synthesize than Fire Dragon Rock. In the recipe of Extreme Charge, why can’t you use Tonight Ling’s extract as a substitute for Fire Dragon Rock?”

Night Walker gently smiled, unlike like martial art, students that like to ask questions are most welcome, because students with questions are the ones that have already carefully thought about it.

“About this question, although the Fire Dragon Stone doesn’t appear to be as good as Tonight Ling, but look at the seventh substances, Golden Wind Grass, when Fire Dragon Rock and Golden Wind grass are combined at the 1 to 3.73 ratio, equilibrium is reached which increases the stability of the side effects of the drugs.” Night Walker replied.

Just after he finished explaining, Han’s question came again, “If it’s about lowering side effect, Tonight Ling can be combined with 1/12 of acidic acceptor, that way the efficacy of the drug can also improve.”

“Good question! This is already related to the deeper level of pharmacology and Law of human cell division!” Night Walker was very surprised on the inside, looks like Han didn’t lie, he really did read a lot of pharmacology books before coming here.

“This question, we have to start with cell division law.” Night Walker replied slowly, acting like a senior scholar, inculcating Han.

And Han kept on asking questions. His studying method is a bit unique, he sits there reading, and as he reads he listens to Night Walker’s explanations. After a question, Han will bring up more new questions he discovered.

This studying method is kind of like doing practice questions, it belongs to the practical application method, which is a lot more flexible than just reading the textbook and regurgitating facts.

But also because Han’s chain of thought extends too quickly, it gave Night Walker quite some difficulty. Suddenly it was a pharmacology question, suddenly it jumped again to physiological problems, and then they started directly discussing the problem about zero-degree brain region’s limit.

Abstract, Night Walker very soon found out that it was totally different from what he was prepared for, Han doesn’t like to study by conventional ways, but he asks whatever he can think of, and his questions have no specific order or priority.

After three hours, Night Walker felt a bit tired, he hurried for a cup of water to moisturize his throat.

Six hours later, Night Walker felt his throat began to itch, it seems like symptoms of catching a cold.

12 hours later, Night Walker’s eyelids began to go up and down, he had no choice but to take drugs with Han and rely on this external help to keep his focus.

15 hours later, Han’s still asking question non-stop, Night Walker felt like he’s going to breakdown soon.

18 hours later, Han’s question began to relate to the esoteric drug reaction law.

21 hours later, Night Walker really began to break down mentally.

24 hours later, while Han went to the bathroom, Night Walker bolted out of the room.

“Old Monster, I’m leaving!” Night Walker sighed, turned around and was about to live.

Pathless hesitated for a second, and asked in curiosity, “Didn’t you want to stay here for two days to teach him pharmacology? Only one day passed.”


With an indignant look on his face, Night Walker said, “Can’t, can’t, that little brat Han is not only desperate when practicing martial art, he’s even more desperate when it comes to learning! If I continue to stay, I will go mad for sure!”

“After one day and one night, do you know, how many questions he asked me?”

“Pathless asked curiously, “How many?”

Night Walker viciously stomped the ground once, “How the f**k would I know! From the moment I sat down, he didn’t stop for a minute, it was all questions! Even now Han’s voice lingers in my ears, listen, even my voice is about to die! But he was still asking questions!”

“Leaving, don’t even stop me!”

Then, Night Walker ran, with two hands desperately trying to cover his ears. Right now, his head is buzzing, it’s filled with Han’s voice of asking questions.

“Huh, where did Night Walker go?” Han went to the bathroom, came back and noticed that Night Walker’s gone, so he asked Pathless curiously.

“Oh, uh, he had something and need to go home first.”

“That’s unfortunate, I thought of another question to ask, I guess I can only wait until next week when he comes again.” Han said with a little disappointment, “Since Night Walker left, then I will go back to the training room now.”

“Don’t you want to take a break?” Pathless hesitated and asked Han tentatively.

Han smiled and said, “It’s okay, I already took a break for one day and one night now, my physical energy has recovered long ago. It’s good to take occasional breaks and study some pharmacology from Night Walker, it’s a very good swap.”

Pathless couldn’t even believe what he’s hearing!

Han actually treat this high intensity study as a break?

When Night Walker left, he obviously looked like he was driven mad by Han!


In the training room, Han began to practice selflessly again. Not even 100% of commitment is enough, whatever Han does, he always puts in 200% of effort!

Pathless stood outside the window, gently sighed, “Holy sh*t, what a devil.”


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