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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 128.2

Night Walker’s eyes suddenly lit up, he whispered to Pathless, “I get it, Han’s body has the Heart of Darkness’s power inside of it, fusion beasts are also called dark fusion beasts and they also inherit some dark power. In essence, the power is the same.”

“Don’t tell this to Old Devil just yet. That way, he will grow more interested in Han and allow him to stay.”

Pathless thought for a second, and agrees to Night Walker’s idea.

Wuyun was never interested in people, he’s only interested in beasts.

Pathless and Night Walker were hoping that Han can frequently visit Wuyun’s place to relax so he can train better, if he gets driven away by Wuyun, then their plan basically fails, so that’s why they decided to first hide the truth from Wuyun.

Sure enough, Wuyun became more interested in Han, he thought for a moment, then gestured to the biggest Starry spider, it seemed like he wanted to let that spider attack Han.

Strange thing happened again, that big female Starry spider looked away and doesn’t want to execute Wuyun’s commands.

“This is really strange, not even Little Flower (TL: the spider’s name) listens to me?” Wuyun muttered to himself.

Seeing how Han is observing Earth Claw affectionately, Wuyun asked, “You are the Han Lang that Old Black and Old Monster talks about.”


“What? You like this Earth Claw?”

“Yes, recently I was saved by Earth Claw, so I really like these kinds of fusion beasts. It’s just that, unfortunately, Earth Claw’s lifespan is way too short, it’s just 24 hours.” Han said bluntly.

Wuyun smiled, “You don’t understand, Earth Claw’s lifespan is short, it’s because he has strong combat strength.”

“There’s a relationship between power and lifespan?” Han hesitated for a second and asked, puzzled.

“Of course there is. You are a soldier, let me ask you, a soldier, under what condition, can achieve his best battle performance?” Wuyun asked Han.

Han thought about it and answered, “When burning his life. Sometimes when pushed to a corner, some soldier will either choose to detonate their zero-degree brain region, and that moment the soldier’s battle strength will reach the pinnacle of his lifetime.”

Wuyun asked, “When soldiers are burning their life as fuel, or when they detonate their zero-degree brain region, would they die?”

Han suddenly realized, “Of course they will die! Oh, so Earth’s Claw’s short lifespan, is because the moment it’s activated, it has already entered its life-burning phase?!”

Wuyun nodded, “Yes, look, although Earth Claw’s body isn’t big, but he need to drag 5 claws that’s multiple times more powerful than itself. It’s just like a small size frigate equipped with 5 sets of flagship level engine systems, those little fuel stored in the frigate, wouldn’t it run out really quickly? And the moment the energy is depleted, Earth Claw will naturally die.”

Han frowned and asked, “Then why not create a larger size Earth Claw? With a larger body, there will be more energy storage, and thus the lifespan will naturally increase.”

Wuyun waved his hand and answered, “Ridiculous, you don’t think about what Earth Claw is used for. With claws larger and stronger than body, it’s to allow Earth Claw to be able to quickly travel underground. According to the Milky Way record, in the past an Earth Claw reached the incredible travelling speed of 2500 kilometers per hour underground!”

“Twice the speed of sound!” Han was surprised, it’s even hard for aircrafts to fly at twice the speed of sound, Earth Claw has to dig as it travels, and it can reach that high of a speed? 2500 kilometers per hour, isn’t that over powered?!”

Wuyun was a little proud, “Now you understand? Earth Claw is a powerful function type fusion beast, if you make the body bigger, then he’s basically useless!”

“Earth Claw’s existence, is not to last forever, but it’s for that moment of most powerful brilliance!”

Wuyun is indeed someone that treasures beasts, when he talked about Earth Claw’s short yet brilliant life, he became a bit emotional as well.

Han pointed at the Earth Claw inside his shelf, “This Earth Claw is a bit different than the one I used before, its claws are giant and sharp, look very powerful.”

Wuyun became even more proud, “Young man, you got good eyes. Do you know where dark fusion beasts come from?”

Han nodded, “I read a little bit about it. The prehistoric civilization’s dark beasts are pure genetically synthesized, it uses protein, nerve fiber, and genetic pharmaceutical materials, and it is cultured in vessels from embryo form.”

“Dark fusion beasts are different, they take readily acquired beast limbs and organs, and you assemble them together like assembling a spacecraft. For example, if you want higher speed, you need to acquire the leg of beasts that has explosive strength. If you want underwater viability, then you need to install gills.”

Wuyun nodded his head, “That’s right. Speaking of this Earth Claw, it’s too powerful!”

“Many years ago we once stole a priceless Demon Starchaser crab, that’s a very powerful star beast! It has 9 legs with incredible explosive strength, I transplanted 5 of those legs on this Earth Claw, how could it not be powerful?”

Han was shocked, “No wonder, I was just wondering why its temperament seems to be completely different, this one’s actually made from a star beast?!”

Pathless on the side doesn’t seem to be so happy to hear it, his face darkened and he said, “Old Devil, just to steal that crab, I almost risked my life, and it’s actually wasted by you to make this thing?”

“What do you know about beast making?” Wuyun gave Pathless the white eye and said, “The Demon Starchaser crab’s most powerful parts are those nine legs, and I gave those legs to this Earth Claw, creating a life form that’s even stronger than Demonic Starchaser crab! I didn’t even get a chance to celebrate yet, what’s wasted?”

Pathless snorted, “9 legs, used 5, what about the other 4?”

Wuyun’s face became a bit pale and he muttered, “9 legs is one leg too few, it’s only enough to make one Earth Claw. When we get another crab later, those 4 other legs will be put to use.”

Pathless pouted, he doesn’t want to talk to Wuyun anymore. He actually took apart the priceless star beast and used it to make a lowly fusion beast?

Pathless and Night Walker only told Han, Wuyun is addicted to beasts. But what they didn’t say is, Wuyun is only addicted to abnormal beasts.

Han likes the Earth Claw more the more the looks at it, Wuyun thought for a second and curiously said, “You like this Earth Claw?”

Han heavily nodded, “An Earth Claw made from star beasts, I obviously like it.”

Eyes turned, Wuyun showed a sinister smile and he quipped, “Let’s make a bet. You see that big spider? Its name is Little Flower; do you dare to pull its tentacle? If you do, I will give this Earth Claw to you.”

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    • PervySage

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    • But Clark is the actual translation and his actual name the translator didn’t translate it that way at the start.

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    • noodletowntranslated

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