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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 132.2

The pills were made by Night Walker, Han has already seen it many times, because this pill is not taken by just Wuyun. Pathless often secretly take it, he just grabs a few and throws them into his mouth when bored. Even Night Walker takes them too, seems like this red and unknown pill is a standard amongst the three of them. (TL: is this the legendary chill pill?)

Han returned to Pathless’s place, and he told Pathless what happened right away.

“Little Flower died?!” Night Walker immediately roared. Jumped up, with angry staring eyes, he held his fist and shouted, “Who did it?! I’m going to kill him!”

Han gritted his teeth and said, “I wanted to kill that b-----d right on the spot, but unfortunately Wuyun stopped me. He said that guy is some thunder Wang Mian’s grandson and told me to let him go this time.”

“But I’d say, since I already started, then need to finish the job and remove the roots! Otherwise if this Wang Qin goes home and tells Wang Mian, then we might all be in trouble.”


Pathless shattered the tea table with his fist and shouted, “Wang Mian! What kind of sh*t does Wang Mian count for! Went too far, really went too far!”


Pathless’s trembling with rage, he reached out to open his medicine kit, tossed a few red pills into his mouth, fiercely chewed while his entire face became very ferocious.

After a minute, Pathless’s anger seemed to have finally subsided, he took a long breath and said “Whatever, Old Devil is right, it’s not the same as the past now, we are all in seclusion now, endure when possible.”

Han slightly frowned, moments ago Pathless was about to erupt like a volcano, but after a few pills why did his tone became the same as Wuyun?

Han lowered his voice and said, “Teacher, it’s for you guys’ sake. If it doesn’t work, I can just leave. But you guys have to live at the Oblivion Realm long term, if Wang Mian hears about this thing, it might be unfavorable for you guys!”

“So, tonight we will go to Thunder Royal’s place, and murder!”

Han said, as he gestured the slicing throat with one hand.

Pathless suddenly hesitated, at first it was shock, then a rare smile appeared on his face, “Han, you always consider for us, I’m very pleased, but you really don’t have to do anything about killing witnesses. If Wang Mian knows that his grandson provoked Old Devil, he would only scold his grandson and never go look for Old Devil’s trouble, you can rest assured.”

“Come, let’s not talk about what Wang Mian, the Earth Shattering Godly Hammer is not an easy path, come to the training room, I have some experience to share.”

Things became very strange, Wuyun and Pathless had the exact same reaction.

Han feels that he has tried, didn’t kill witness, didn’t remove the root, Han completely disagrees with Wuyun and Pathless’s decision, but he has no way of convincing them. After all, Oblivion Realm is a place they have to stay in, as to how to deal with this matter, it still need to be decided by them.


The beautiful silvery frigate landed at a quite spectacular house on Oblivion Realm’s Planet 4.

There’s no good man in the Oblivion Realm, most people here are Milky Way outlaws that are out of options and had to seclude here.

The majority of people that arrive at the Oblivion Realm are like Pathless and the other two, find a quiet place to spend the rest of their lives. No matter how big of a deal Pathless was in the past, now he’s just a reclusive old man, although his house isn’t small, but there’s no servant and he even have to cook himself.

But people like the Thunder Royal that still kept their older style are rare, when the descendants of Thunder Royal goes out they would even bring a group of thugs, and there’s still a bigger gap between their life style and true seclusion.

Wang Qin led his men and walked off the ship all depressed. No one dared to say a word, and Wang Qin just went straight to his room with his head down.

“Great nephew, what happened today? What are you like a defeated c--k (TL: the author is referring to chicken, you h---y monkeys)? This isn’t your style.”

Just after he got in the door, a voice called out from the side, Wang Qin looked up and saw its his younger uncle, Wang Yue.

Wang Qin’s father is the eldest son of the family, he’s always very serious so Wang Qin and his father’s relationship was always not that good. But, he is very close to his uncle who is only a few years older than him.

The moment he saw his uncle, tears almost began rolling down on Wang Qin’s pale face.

“Uncle, I screwed up today!”

He recounted what happened to his uncle Wang Yue.

Then when he was done, Wang Yue’s face completely changed color, “Twin Eagle Mountain! Fusion beasts?! Why did you go over there?!”

Wang Qin stuttered and replied, “I was just there to fly my three Golden Eagles, and I deliberately tried to avoid the Twin Eagle Mountain. But who knew that I would still provoke that old monster! Do you think, is he going to come look for me trouble?”

Wang Yue was originally very nervous, but he thought for a moment and suddenly started laughing.

Wang Qin said hastily, “Uncle, a catastrophe’s about to land on me and you are still laughing at me? I’m almost scared to death now, okay?”

Wang Yue said like it’s not a big deal, “I’m laughing at you because you are really too dumb.”

“I’m dumb?”

“Of course, it’s not just that old monster that plays with fusion beasts in Oblivion Realm. Didn’t you say that young man let you come back alive? Why? He must be afraid of our Thunder Royal’s prestige!”

The wiseacre Wang Yue said, “Use your brain and really think about it. If it’s really that old monster, you provoked him, how could you possibly come back alive?”

Wang Qin hesitated, “So I didn’t get into trouble?”

Wang Yue laughed, “Of course! You didn’t get into trouble, you just got played like a fiddle!”

Wang Qin slowly adopted the new idea, yes, if he really provoked that old monster, then he wouldn’t be still alive. That Old Monster’s ruthless character is infamous in the entire Milky Way!

As for the Han who killed his Golden Eagles and 6 men, Wang Qin became angrier the more he thought about it! The dignified Thunder Royal young master actually almost got scared by a nobody that he almost wet his pants, what a shame!

Wang Yue slightly smiled and said to Wang Qin, “Well, don’t be depressed. Your uncle me are actually free these days, I will just go with you and recover your prestige with you.”

“I just want to see, who’s got that many guts, daring to provoke Thunder Royal’s family!”


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Anyways, thank Dadrian M, Anon sugar daddy, Ruben M, and Sean C for this boner chap.

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    • noodletowntranslated

      Please realize that HTK and GDN have different translators and go at different pace.
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          • noodletowntranslated

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          • noodletowntranslated

            yep, we apologize for the unprofessional quality and we will try to improve on that.
            As for the “childish” posts and boner chaps, that’s just how everyone at Noodletown act among each other due to how close we r, and we thought it would be fun and relaxing if we bring this atmosphere to the whole noodletown community

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  5. noodletowntranslated

    We really appreciate your support although those words a bit harsh.
    All readers are contributing by simply reading, so I’m grateful for everyone here.
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      The guy says so himself at the end there. “If it was the old devil he would have killed you, since hhe didn’t, must be just some kid.”

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