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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 135.1

Chapter 135: Han vs. Quasi-warlord

“I’m going to kill you!” Wang Yue shouted in rage and approached Han step by step.

Both arms were covered in white lightning sparks, indicating his power as a thunder descent.

Among the currently known super powers, thunder is worthy of its top level rank. Precisely, it’s one of the top class offensive abilities.

Wang Yue seem to not see Han worthy of being his opponent, even though in combat Han demonstrated amazing combat and tactical abilities, was able to reverse absolute disadvantage in one swoop and take the opportunity to give Wang Qin a complimentary debris injection to the throat, but Wang Yue still didn’t think Han is that impressive.

In his view, Han’s super power is probably strength, otherwise where did he get such big power to directly break their starship and get in.

Kaka Kaka~

Terrifying lighting kept on surging out of Wang Yue’s arms, and Han remained in his strange defensive posture, his eyes were firmly fixed on Wang Yue’s footsteps, and the Demon Claw on the side was also gearing up, putting two of his claws to the front and hitting the ground to issue a harsh sound.

“Foul monster! You are dead too!”


Wang Yue let out a fierce roar, raised his hand and unleashed a lightning attack on Demon Claw.

Wang Yue is even more furious when he sees the grotesque Demon Claw, blaming Wang Qin’s death on it as well.


Just when Wang Yue raised his hand, Han suddenly shouted!

“Void domain, open!”


Suddenly, the hundred meters’ radius Void domain was summoned! And that white lighting Wang Yue shot at Demon Claw, also disappeared without a trace in the air!

“What happened?” Wang Yue has never seen something this strange before, he was suddenly shocked (editor’s note: get it shocked cuz he uses lightning powers hahahahaha sheeeit) as his awesome lightning-sparking arms has been turned into a pair of boring ordinary human arms.

Not only did his power disappearing surprise Wang Yue, he was also stunned by the fact that Han suddenly started charging towards him.

The Thunder Royal family in Oblivion Realm can be considered a well-known presence, under normal circumstances, when Wang Yue reveals his identity, people will usually show some respect because after all, Thunder Royal’s thunder descent power inheritance is not a joke but extremely powerful, and those who look his family the wrong way will be quickly turned into a pile of ash.

Unfortunately, he’s facing Han this time, Han doesn’t know what Thunder Royal is, nor did he ever care about who has what power!

Isn’t the top tier battle class thunder descent power really strong?

Han’s top tier mystery class Void End!

Super power is never a problem Han need to worry about!

All he need to care about is the timing of his attack and how to kill the enemy!

Forbidden art, 6 Paths of Void!

Han took out his Star Pierce Moon Slaying blade and launched his first round of storm!

After all Wang Yue is an elite at the quasi-warlord level, which is two full levels above Han. Although Han can completely nullify his magical power which made him very surprised, but at his level, the neural response rate is almost unthinkably fast.


Seeing Han already rushed to his side, Wang Yue’s finger touched his dimension ring and pulled out a Neptune trident, the shiny black long weapon, you can tell it’s unholy just by the look of it.

6 Paths of Void is also called Demon Strike, it’s a typical repressive style of play that fights offense with offense!

But unfortunately, in the situation of them being 2 levels apart, Han doesn’t seem to be at too much advantage. Wang Yue’s reaction speed is incredibly fast, although it is impossible to restrain Han of his frenzied attacks, but he can block Han’s attacks move by move!

“Demon Claw!”

Han’s attack has only one style, and that is to overwhelm the opponent with force and strength!

Right now, Wang Yue relied on his higher level and faster reaction rate and withstood Han’s attacks. Now, Han’s only option is to make his attacks stronger!


Demon Claw waved his claws and jumped in. Han on top, Demon Claw underground, the two formed a double three-dimensional attack!

The battle just started a few seconds ago, and Wang Yue is already feeling out of breath.

Han’s attacks are like monstrous waves, one after another!

Attack! Attack! Attack nonstop!

Looking for opportunities to deliver fatal blow in the midst of the frenzied attacks, and that is the real win condition behind Demon Strike!


Han’s Star Pierce Moon Slaying blade and Wang Yue’s Neptune Trident suddenly clashed, issuing a harsh sound of metal colliding against one another.

Han took this opportunity and retreated to ten meters away, and Demon Claw followed closely behind.

“Who are you! What the hell is your power?!”

Wang Yue saw Han actually voluntarily withdrew when Han’s at an advantage, he thought Han was afraid of him and wants to run, so he pointed his Neptune Trident at Han and shouted.

And Han simply ignored him!

“Super Nuclear Energy, ten times dose!”

“Sense Energy, ten times dose!”


The automatic drug kit opened and popped a handful of pills of various colors into Han’s mouth.

Wang Yue really misunderstood, Han didn’t even think about running, he just wants to improve his attack again!

Han’s not a warrior that came out of a training room, never having drawn blood in his life, he’s someone that trained through tough and bloody battles!

So Han knows very well, when facing an opponent that’s stronger than him, the only way out is to overwhelm the opponent at any cost!

Otherwise, high level enemies have larger reserve of source power, and the longer the fight is delayed, the worse it is for Han!

When Wang Yue adapts to Han’s offensive rhythm, then Han will be the one in trouble.

Not enough!

The rhythm of attack is not fast enough! Attack strength isn’t strong enough!

And that’s why Han backed off. Instead of running, he’s preparing a new round of crazier and more demonic attacks!

Without a word, Han led Demon Claw and charged again!

After successive intake of tenfold doses of drug, Han’s source power reached the maximum degree he can tolerate! Sense Energy is a drug that can increase neural response rate, allowing Han’s attack frequency to skyrocket!

An incredible scene then appeared on the battlefield, the quasi-warlord Wang Yue is actually pushed by step by step by Han!

Han’s style of attack is too domineering and unblockable!

First, he took away Wang Yue’s power, then use forbidden techniques to attack! Use Demon Claw to attack! Use the power of Darkness to attack! Now he began to take handfuls of drugs and attack again!

Close combat to kill! Hit every punch! Trade life with life! Only give up on death!

Han didn’t learn anything else in his life time, and not giving up until death is the only battle style he learned!


This is not a normal fight!

Wang Yue hearts of grief, he feels like he’s not fighting a person, but a high-powered death machine!

This machine Han stepped on the gas pedal to the bottom since the beginning, and charged over in one breath! This puts Wang Yue in a very bad mood!

“Die! Die! DIE!”

That’s the only thought left in Han’s head, either he crushes the opponent in one breath, or he will be the one dead, battle is always that simple for Han!


With frequency increasing and attacks getting more violent, Han felt like he already brought out 200% of his combat power to deal with Wang Yue, yet Wang Yue is still struggling but holding on. After all he’s the son of a warlord, although Wang Yue is in a mess due to taking rounds after rounds of attacks, but he’s still a quasi-warlord! He’s not someone that can be killed that easily!

And Wang Yue also realized, as long as he can withstand Han’s onslaught and drag the fight to a few minutes longer, he will have the opportunity to fight back!

Will not turn back before hitting the dead end!

Since the opponent can still withstand his attacks, that just means that his attacks aren’t strong enough! They need to become stronger!

A crazy thought flashed through Han’s brain. No matter what, this man needs to die now!

Might as well put everything on the line!

Now that the forbidden martial art is used, Demon Claw also tried, the power of darkness never stopped, and even the drug limit has reached.

In this case, if Han wants to try harder, then he has only one choice, and that is to start burning his life to fight Wang Yue!

No madness, won’t survive!

Han has been walking on the “wrong” path, very different from other soldiers, he has the belief to not give up if not dead yet!


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