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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 15

Translator’s note: Before we start, I just want to clarify some confusion our readers may have about how Han actually got that Void End crystal. The previous processor of Void End was a rogue esper that was hated by a lot of people, and I expect that he was just buried somewhere random that’s not known to the public. That’s why, when the gravediggers accidently dug his grave, they didn’t know whose body that belonged to nor do they have any idea about the power of that crystal contained in that body. Since Void End is a mystery descent, it has a very dark color which can be confused with other black low grade power crystals, thus causing the confusion.

Chapter 15: Sacrifice

These extra-terrestrial raiders never thought they would encounter such a tenacious resistance on a small planet like Earth. Even more unexpected was that their initial strategy of hit and run was entirely impossible to execute now. Nearby espers from Earth have been rushing towards the attack site at full speed and the number of defenders started increasing non-stop. The scarier fact was that they were willing to sacrifice their lives just to send the raiders to hell!

The cry of the strength descent esper before he died was still ringing in everyone’s ears… That’s right, no matter how weak Earth is, it’s still our home! Come and leave as you wish? You still have to ask the espers on Earth whether they agreed!

Everyone’s eyes were blood red!

The right wing engine, which was responsible for ascending, had been completely destroyed. The frigate lost its balance and fell back to the ground. The espers from Earth stepped over the corpses of their comrades and charged right at the enemy, each unleashing their power and flipping the whole frigate over!


Someone smashed the deck window from the inside. It was the leader of this raider group, a dark bald, very muscular and ruthless looking man. He lifted up his arm and summoned a wall of flame, forcing the assaulting espers back.

Thirty something raiders grabbed the hostages they captured earlier and left the destroyed frigate, probably planning to use them as a shield and retreat to the rural areas first.

“F--k the leader first! Don’t let them get away!” Han whispered by Cheng Zhong’s ear. After witnessing the tragic death of so many espers, Han felt such an intensity of rage he never felt before, staring right at the group of raiders.

Suddenly, a black dot in the sky was closing in, it was an Earth esper with a flying ability.

“Chu Li’s here!”

“Chu Li is ranked as a 3-star esper, these bastards won’t be able to run now!”

“It’s hard to say, they still have hostages.”

“If you dare to come any closer I will kill them all!” Seeing Chu Li closing in onto the battleground, the dark bald raider suddenly let out a loud cry. He then lifted his arm up high, summoning a fire dragon! This fire descent raider was really powerful, his dragon could fly up to a few hundred meters above the ground!

“NOW!” Han suddenly yelled at Cheng Zhong.

Cheng Zhong had been accumulating his strength. He unleashed it and exploded towards the enemy like an arrow leaving the string of a bow! He held Cheng Zhong in front whilst dragging the Monk behind him! It was the famous tank strategy!

Han was very careful with choosing his timing, attacking right at the moment when the enemy unleashed a giant fire dragon and couldn’t call it back in time.


The distance between them was approximately a hundred meters, but Cheng Zhong closed the gap within an instant!

The enemy commander’s right arm fire dragon couldn’t get back in time so he lifted up his left arm.

“Go die!” He cursed, wanting to unleash another fire strike.

“Throw me!” Han yelled.


Cheng Zhong didn’t hesitate and threw Han right out!

All everyone could see was a guy meeting the wall of fire in mid-air. The raging flame made contact with Han but disappeared as if entering another dimension, leaving Han unharmed. That dark bald man stood there with his eyes wide open and couldn’t believe what just happened.

Han flew right into him and forced the stick of metal right into his neck!


That dark bald leader was at least a three-star esper and Han after all didn’t receive any professional training. He used all his strength but couldn’t kill him on the spot, the pole of metal only created a bloody hole on his neck.

Although the guy didn’t die, Han managed to grab onto and restrict the leader of the raiders so that he couldn’t let out any fire spells,

In the next second, Cheng Zhong and the monk also arrived. The monk stepped off Cheng Zhong, prepared his assaulting stance, and used his most powerful iron fist and punched the raider right between his eyes!


Blood, brains, bones and even the eyeballs were smashed apart due to the punch!

And Cheng Zhong used a table leg he found from god knows where, and stuck it right between the raider’s legs!


Final Kill!

Seeing that their leader had already died, the subordinates all got scared. However, the enraged Earth espers have already surrounded them and closed in together!


On the left side of the street beside a pile of debris, on the steps in front of a store, Han, Cheng Zhong, and the monk sat together. Everyone was holding a bottle of beer which was forced into their hands by an old man they didn’t know.

The old man’s granddaughter was among the group of girls saved today. He was so excited that he cried like a child and didn’t know what else to do that was enough to thank these boys. He distributed the food in his grocery basket to all the espers that participated in the rescue. He’s already very old with a whole head of white hair, but he bowed to every single one of the espers, nonstop.

Ambulances arrived at the scene one by one, carrying away the deceased heroes, those that used their life to stop the raiders.

In the middle of the street, a young beautiful girl in her white wedding dress was crying, her groom was laying there peacefully in a pool of blood. It was just a blink of an eye but the wedding became a funeral. The most tragic thing on Earth could be none other than a turn of events like this.

Han let out a long sigh, said to Cheng and the monk, “I couldn’t believe it, all the espers on Earth are actually really united, everyone just charged with their life on the line.”

Cheng Zhong faintly smiled, “Aren’t you the same? The greater your power is, the greater your responsibility is. Seeing the evil people doing sinful deeds, how could us espers just stand there and watch?”

The monk was just sitting there, repeating what the deceased strength descent esper was saying, “Doesn’t matter how small Earth is, it’s still our home.”

The crowd got bigger and bigger, the ones that were saved were busy crying and thanking the espers, everyone that walked past Han, Cheng Zhong and the Monk all thanked them, and a pretty little girl gave them each a little flower.

Han didn’t like being thanked, because he felt he did something he should today. The real heroes were those that were killed in action today.

“Where are you guys going?” Cheng Zhong asked.

“Home.” Han looked at the direction of his home.

“I’m going to the hospital.” Cheng Zhong pointed at his burned wound on his shoulder.


Han gave Li Qi a call, and walked home mindlessly like a zombie.

Everything that had happened today was too much for Han. It was his first experience in such a bloody battle, and it only reminded him about the kind of situation Earth was in.

This was reality, the weak will get bullied, those bastards dared to raid Earth under the broad daylight to capture slaves. Why? It was just because Earth was too weak.

And those deceased espers, they deserved respect. Han would never forget, the young groom that didn’t even take off his wedding suit to fight. His eyes betrayed his determination, without the slightest bit of hesitation.

“The greater your power is, the greater your responsibility is…” Han laid dead on his sofa, repeating the same line to himself.

The TV was showing the list of deceased heroes from today’s event.

Peng Zuolin, 33 years old, two star esper, strength descent, from Jiang Su province.

Hu Hai, 24 years old, one star esper, fire descent, from Hunan.

Li Yunjin, 19 years old, one star esper, ice descent, from Shanghai

Liang Xuedong, 15 years old, wind descent, from Zhejiang.

Looking at these lively and unfamiliar faces, Han slowly tightened his fist.


Sorry guys, I’ve been a bit slow recently, I will try my best to translate more for you guys. It’s just that the school term is coming to an end and my marks haven’t been ideal, so I’m trying to allocate more time to studying. But dw guys, I will have a whole month off where I can focus on translating, so keep the donation and votes coming! I will clear them all soon, muahahahahahaha

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