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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 157

Chapter 157: The Prophecy and Second Layer of Extinction Domain

The expedition team gradually climbed along the narrow gap between the rocks, and after a few hours, they have completely gotten away from the large group of dark beasts they initially encountered after landing and came to the top of a towering mountain.

At the moment, there were still 11 members on the team, with Carson died in battle and the best scout Cerberus Arthur also disappeared without a trace. In the last few hours, the team didn’t get any news from Arthur.

Standing at the top of the mountain, Han looked down.

He saw a large vacant field in the distance, and there lies countless number of dark beasts and also many silver arc large shields. The location of each shield is a separate entrance to the relic, and what can be sure is that shield is some kind of advanced technology Han and the others don’t know about, and it’s equipped with superconductivity and laser-firing abilities.

Nobody knows whether these huge shields have always existed, or were moved there after the relic was opened. In short, this strange A-43 relic is different from the relics humans explored in the past, and also riskier.

“It’s like a barracks.” Han mumbled to himself.

“What?” Mad Lion Riley frowned and asked him.

“I said, this is like the dark beasts’ barracks, those giant shield-like weapons resemble human turrets preventing enemy entry, and the dark beasts inside the relic can add reinforcements, coming in from those helical channels over there.” Han explained as he pointed his finger to the distance.

Not only Riley, almost everyone now noticed Han’s right eye at the moment, it’s a kind of pitch black color, Han used his Eye of Darkness and noticed the channels spiraling downward in the distance.

“The distance is over 300 kilometers. Rest 15 minutes and then let’s enter the next layer of the relic.” As the commander, Storm Ma Jingkong decided.

Han thought for a moment and said, “We are not waiting for Arthur anymore?”

Ma Jingkong pouted and said, “That old dog, even if we are all dead he will still be alive. That old dog is not only the best scout in the Milky Way, he’s also the most antisocial one. He must be trying to find the gene factory alone, and when he does he will come back to let us know for sure.”

Han nodded, and then asked, “About what Carson said as last words, what’s the prophecy of the Protector?”

Every hesitated for a second, and then the atmosphere became gloomy.

Wuyong said, “The Protector had predicted, the Prehistoric Civilization will return to the galaxy, and at that moment the human race living here will extinct.”

The diminutive Nie Tian immediately continued, “Originally, I didn’t believe it, until recently, many relics began to undergo uproars like this one, and the difficulty of exploring relics increased about 40% in the past year, just like the Protector’s Prophecy.”

“First the dark beasts in the relic will proliferate, then these dark beasts will start spreading in the Milky Way and become vanguards in the massacre of mankind, and then the prehistoric civilization’s vanguard army will arrive, cooperating with the merciless dark beasts to sack our civilizations. Finally, the prehistoric civilization’s main army will arrive, crushing the human race like you do an insect. Wiping out our civilization and prosperity.

“Now that I think about it, this is the exact first phase of the Protector’s Prophecy, Riot of the Dark Beasts.”

Han could not believe his ears. If the Protector’s Prophecy actually come true, then the humanity will lose the Milky Way, and the vast majority of human beings will die, with a few lucky survivors forced to leave their homes.

Would this be the fate of the Milky Way Galaxy? The fate of humans? The fate of Earth?

Ma Jingkong frowned and said in a deep voice, “Don’t think too much for now. Prophecies are prophecies because they won’t come true for sure! The Protector said himself, the probability of the galaxy being destroyed is 82%, we still have 18% of chance!”

“As for this trip, we are here to strangle doom in the bud with our own hands!”

“Although the Alliance isn’t perfect, the politicians are always fighting for self-interest, but politicians are politicians, soldiers are soldiers! As soldiers with power, we can’t just watch tragedy befall onto our home! We shoulder the responsibilities of soldiers!”

Everyone slightly nodded and didn’t say anything else.

Through the observation of everyone, Han suddenly came to a realization.

Han used to hate Sally Empire’s politicians to the bones, wished that he could strip off their skins and eat their flesh!

But other than the politicians, there are also soldiers in the galaxy. In comparison to politicians, soldiers’ mind is rather simple. They don’t know much, but when someone wants to occupy their home planet or harm their fellow comrades, they won’t agree at all.

Han looked down from the mountain, Carson’s body had been long gone, and the large crowd of dark beasts that took him down was dismissed a long time ago too.

Without question, Carson was a respected soldier. It was said that he came from an ancient clan in the galaxy with royal bloodline running in him. If he didn’t have to come to the extinction domain, Carson could’ve been living in a luxury palace with endless wealth and honor.

But he died, like an exhausted homeless dog, alone, without dignity.

When Han looked at the place where Carson was killed, he couldn’t help but remember Pang Zuolin, that man that changed Han’s life who jumped down from the skyscraper holding the bronze bull.

They both died, one’s purpose was to protect Earth, and the other one’s will is to protect the galaxy.

“Time’s up, let’s go to the spiral entrance Han mentioned.” Ma Jingkong stood up and said, “Arthur’s not here, Nie Tian you be scout and Terry you are responsible for covering the rear.”

After a few hours, the expedition team finally got through the endless dark beast herd and arrived at the spiraling passage that connects to the second layer of the relic,

Looking down from above, the passage seemed as if a staircase down to hell, it’s pitch black below with dark beasts’ roars coming from time to time.

Ma Jingkong nodded, and the team began moving down. At the same time, large number of dark beasts are also climbing up the passage from the second layer, so the team must be very careful and stick to the wall, and try to not crash into the beasts.

The dark beasts saw that there are actually their own kind coming down, but they didn’t pay too much attention, just often curiously look at them. Unfortunately for the beasts, under the effect of illusion and powder, the expedition team both look and smell like dark beasts, so they roused no suspicion at all.

Another two hours passed, and everyone surprisingly noticed that the upright-walking dark beasts disappeared, which made the passage spiraling-down extra empty. But immediately after, a rumbling noise start coming from the lower layer, the ground began shaking with gravel falling off from time to time.

After another 10 minutes, the team finally realized why the ground was shaking: a large group of bison-like four-legged dark beasts charging up from the second layer of the relic!

They have sharp horns, much like mammoth ivory, located in the center of their head. Their opened mouth is like leopard’s, body is as solid as wild bulls, with hard scales covering their whole back.


The wild-bull like dark beasts are rapidly charging towards Han. Unlike the upright-walking dark beasts from before, the dark bison aren’t intelligent, and they are also very bad-tempered, so fights broke out even between their own kinds.


Two dark bison directly charged at each other, and the slightly weaker one fell right into the abyss, with a roar lingering in the air before it fell to its death.

The team is faced with a difficult situation: if they continue to advance, then they are bound to clash with the beasts, and those beasts won’t even hesitate to kill their own kind.


Just at that moment, the slightly smaller Nie Tian suddenly released the barb at the hands and feet position, and then climbed up the wall like a gecko. The others saw and all followed him, including Han.

High level battle suits can not only purify the air, gather water molecules, at the same time it has powerful additional features. The barbs on gloves and boots is just to help soldiers climb rocky walls, allowing soldiers to travel like geckos.


11 people travelled closely to the wall, their speed not only didn’t slow down but actually started accelerating.

After all, these are all quasi-warlord to warlord level, Han must make every effort in order to keep up with the speed of the team.

When they are about to reach the bottom, the surrounding actually became extremely bright, the cold white light shined the underground world to be very clear and visible.

And they just saw that the second layer of the relic is actually directly the gene factory itself!

Not hidden, not protected, the gene factories came into the sight of everyone!

Those jars filled with gene growth liquid that were perpetually spawning dark beasts, once cultivated successfully, the liquid inside the transparent jar will immediately fade, and the side door will open, pushing the dark beast out of the jar in a hideous mechanical birth!


And the just finished dark beasts will let out a shrill roar, discern direction, and then rush to the first layer of the relic where the large number of dark beasts and strange silver shield-like equipment are. Ready for battle.

Everyone became very excited, as long as they can destroy the gene factory, then they can destroy the dark beasts’ production and prevent them from steadily appearing on the surface!

As long as the number of dark beasts is limited, then the powerful army formed by espers will be able to charge into the relic and kill off all the remaining dark beasts!

On the orbit of Iron-Cross system, from the 12 permanent management member nations, more than 30 of the strongest esper legions are on standby. That’s an invincibly strong army!

“Let’s go! Go bomb these genetic factories!” Everyone thought in their head.

But Han began to feel a little worried. As someone that destroyed gene factories with his own hands once, he still felt that making this discovery of gene factory seemed to be a bit too easy.

The gene factory can explain the existence of the dark beasts in the relic, but it can’t explain those powerful silver shields. Who actually set them up and used them as a weapon to attack the humans?

These dark beasts?

Han doesn’t believe it, the dark beasts aren’t that intelligent, they are only a product of gene synthesis.

Han really want to tell others about his fear, but he doesn’t know how to transmit messages through hidden voice, and the moment he opens his mouth the dark beasts will notice, so he had no choice but to keep his worries inside himself.

Meanwhile, Ma Jingkong became extremely excited, pointed his finger at his dimension ring, as if making some kind of hint, and others excitedly nodded.

Han saw what Ma Jingkong pulled out from the dimension ring, and he slightly hesitated, frowned.

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