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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 175

Chapter 175: The Alliance’s Resolution and the Power of Ares-Class

The Milky Way Alliance.

The secret meeting of the permanent management member nations’ officials had been going on for 4 days.

Because of Han’s important report, the schedule that was originally planned to be 3-days had to be extended. However, the focus of what all these political leaders were arguing, was far beyond what Han had expected.

The rotating chairperson of the meeting this time, the prime minister Owen of the Republic of Griffith, frowned and said, “Please be sure to remember that, so far, we have only received the report from Han and haven’t received further information from the others, so please be careful when making a decision.”

“After all, the strength of our twelve permanent member nations is very strong and significant. If we are to make arrangements for the dark apostles, other Alliance members will notice for sure, likely causing great panic in the galaxy. For the stability of this galaxy, I ask everyone to think carefully before casting your vote.”

“We also have the Protector’s prophecy, he said before that the prehistoric civilization would return to the Milky Way within 10 years, and the dark apostles are their vanguards. I’ve read Han’s report, it’s very objective, and the act of the expedition team sacrificing lives just to report back to the Alliance was especially touching for me.”

“If we have the news on the dark apostles but are not going to do anything with it, isn’t it a little unfit? Then didn’t Ma Jingkong and the others died in vain?” The 5-star general Paz Diais who represented the Qinshang Empire said.


Ganges Republic’s Prime Minister Mode who had always hated Han said disapprovingly, “Han said the dark apostles would cause chaos, but have you guys heard of anywhere that’s in trouble? As for why the dark beasts are more aggressive than before, what’s the big deal? The dark beasts are originally aggressive!”

“What I want to say is, the moment we identify dealing with dark apostles and stopping prehistoric civilization’s invasion as our goal, that’s the same as slapping our own face!”

“How did the Protector get kicked out of the Milky Way in the first place? He was kicked out by us together! And the reason was that the Protector was spreading messages that could cause widespread panic throughout our galaxy!”

“If we completely negate our previous judgement just because of one person’s report, then isn’t that the same as admitting that the Protector was right and we were wrong? Even if you are shameless, I will still feel the burn on my own face!”

“All in all, in my opinion, this case can be investigated in secret, but it must not be made public! Unless I see dark apostles actually wreaking havoc in the Milky Way, I will not believe Han’s bullsh*t! Him alone? A little figure that came from a small country where birds don’t even take a sh*t, does he even know what’s politics? Does he understand what’s the Milky Way Galaxy’s politics?!”

Although Mode’s words were a bit fierce, he did receive the support of many people on the scene. After all, they were politicians, and their thoughts were significantly different than soldiers like Han.

Han was hot-blooded and full of passion, but these crafty politicians just wanted stability. In their eyes, nothing was more important than the stability of the universe.

In the past, a top figure of this galaxy, the Protector, predicted the destruction of the Milky Way, and what happened? He was driven out of the Galaxy.

Not to mention a small figure like Han. Even though he reported everything that happened in the relic in detail, and even brought out the dead body of the dark apostle.

But even if the politicians believed what Han said, they were still reluctant to do what Han hoped, which was to form a coalition from the powers of the Milky Way to prepare for the final battle a few years down the road, doing that will put the whole galaxy in panic.

The voting ended, 11 to 1, the high-level officials of the permanent member nations overwhelmingly decided to prohibit all dissemination of news related to the dark apostles to maintain the current stability.

Owen nodded, “Since that’s the result of the vote, everyone should strictly discipline your men to keep this confidential. Also, Paz Diais, you are Han’s direct supervisor, you are responsible for informing him about keeping this confidential. If he goes around and leaks the information, then it counts as a violation of the constitution of the Alliance.”

Paz Diais sighed, that one objection vote was casted by him. Unfortunately, the Alliance’s decision was not something he could change. Now that the decision was already made, he couldn’t do anything about it now.

Thinking for a moment, Paz Diais said, “Han is currently in the turbid star field, I want to inform him to return as soon as possible and personally report on the high-level meeting next month, perhaps we should listen to the words of this sole survivor.”

“Okay, if he can get here on time. But you still have to remind him, any news related to the Dark Apostle have now been listed as confidential so he has to keep his mouth shut.” Owen nodded and said.

This was politics, the important information that was exchanged with soldiers’ blood and lives didn’t seem important at all in the eyes of politicians.

Turbid star field, Headhunter Stay System.

The Headhunter clan’s grand celebration began, these simple-minded aliens, how could their celebration events lack alcohol and women. The dance was also very lively, but Han already left very early and went to the suburbs by himself testing the Ares-class Star Strangling Boa he had just acquired.

Yuan Yuan said, “Master, when the prehistoric civilization left, they destroyed the majority of the information in their database. I tried and restored some, and about Star Strangling Boa, all I found was that it was a part of the prehistoric civilization’s Ares-Extinction Operation.”

“During that time the prehistoric civilization seemed to feel some sort of threat and they started testing different Extinction-level Ares-class weapons in multiple labs. But, the prehistoric civilization’s requirement for Extinction-level Ares-class weapons were very demanding. It was only qualified if it could reach the extent of one-weapon-one-star.”


“Yes, this is the requirement. One soldier with an Extinction-Level Ares-class weapon must be able to quickly destroy a planet.”

“The Ares-Extinction operation started at the same time, Metal Ares-class, Magnetic Ares-class, Lightning Ares-class, different laboratories experimented with different Ares-class projects, and the Star Strangling Boa’s base was also one of their laboratories for carrying on Ares-Extinction operation.”

“The Star Strangling Boa’s codename is Z019, according to the limited information I gathered, the attack stats of Star Strangling Boa reach the requirement, but the only problem was stability. Soldier don’t have a way control it, and before it could destroy a planet, the soldier would die first.”

“So this laboratory was working on many improvements to this weapon and modified it so that it now has two modes, one is attack mode, and the other one is destruction mode.”

“Under attack mode, the Silver Edge Iron-Tower Blade would produce an additional attack called the reflection arc, and the destruction mode will unleash the genetically modified plant that’s hidden inside the blade.”

Han nodded, when he first tried to wave the Silver Edge Iron-Tower Blade, an arc-shaped attack did come out from the edge of the blade, but he just didn’t know really how powerful that additional attack was.

As for the destruction mode Han did not want to try. If he brought out that crazy plant, he will probably be screwed too.

Han waved the Ares-class Silver Edge Iron-Tower Blade upward, making a very standard upward attack.

He saw the blade cutting into the mountain at breakneck speed, and then dispersing upwards in a dazzling arc.


After a large noise, the mountain cracked open! Split down the middle into two!

Han exposed a somewhat surprised look, and felt the weigh of the weapon in his hand.

The effect of using an Ares-class weapon was really extraordinary, one strike was enough to break mountain!

Suppose Han applied the Six Paths of the Void that he was famous for onto the Silver Edge Iron-Tower Blade, the mountain would probably not even exist anymore!

“Ares-class is indeed Ares-class.” Han’s finger gently brushed on the Silver Edge Iron-Tower Blade’s edge as he whispered, “That arc-shaped attack that rushed out of the blade just now, that’s the reflection arc? It like unleashing energy, allowing my attack to directly go to a higher level.”

Yuan Yuan nodded, “Yep, that’s a weapon enhancement technology called the reflection arc, and if Master’s level continues to increase, the attack of the reflection arc will continue to become stronger.”

Han flashed a smile while storing the Star-Strangling Boa. With this Ares-class weapon, it was finally a worthwhile trip.

Ending the experiment, Han took Yuan Yuan and returned to the city and he saw Ye Jincheng waiting for him at the entrance, saying that Paz Diais was looking for him.

Now Fran already started treating Han and Ye Guhong as brothers, the communication restrictions of the Headhunter star system was lifted long ago for them, and now they could freely contact the outside world.

In the battleship’s communication room, Han saw the stern-faced Paz Diais. He seemed to have something on his mind and said to Han, “I have reported what you told me to the seniors at the Alliance, but it’s best for you to come back to the Alliance once for the next meeting and personally explain to the officials.”

Han slightly frowned and said, “Next meeting? How much time do I still have?”

“3 weeks, will you make it?” Paz Diais asked.

Han thought for a second, if it was before, then he definitely wouldn’t be able to return to the Alliance in such a short amount time. After all he was not in the galactic wilderness at the moment, but the turbid star field which was even further.

But now that there’s the accurate star maps given by the Ancient Maple leaf family, although 3 weeks was a bit tight but it should be fine.

“Got it, I will set sail right now and return back to the Alliance within the agreed time.” Han deepened his voice and said, “Ma Jingkong and the others handed me this responsibility, I have the obligation to completely fulfill their last wishes.”

Upon hearing this, Paz Diais bit his lip. Han still didn’t know that the Alliance already made up their decision to keep the dark apostle matter confidential, and Paz Diais just hoped that Han could get to the headquarter as soon as possible to try and change the Alliance’s resolution.

It’s just that Paz Diais was very clear, to rely on Han’s one mouth to change the decisions of those politicians, the hope was really slim.

Han had the dark apostle’s dead body, and maybe after hearing about Han’s thrilling battle experience from his own mouth and then see the body of the dark apostle, the executives of the Alliance might reconsider their decision.

Thought of this, Paz Diais lowered his voice and said, “Well, the safety of the galaxy is at stake, in any case you have to return to the Alliance within 3 weeks of time! During this period, you must not mention anything about the relic and dark apostle to anyone.”

“Understand!” Han promised.

Turning around, Han told Ye Jincheng to send him away immediately to converge with his robot fleets, and then set sail back to the Alliance.

“What about the young lady?” Ye Jincheng heard and slightly frowned.

“There’s no time, it’s more important to return to the Alliance as soon as possible.” Han said without hesitation.

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