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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Path of Man – Tearing Heaven and Earth!

The Protector and his students left Earth. He was very calm and abnormally firm.

“Professor, I don’t know if this is the right step to take, it’s very unbelievable that Han is the important variable that affected the overall situation.” Isaac looked at his teacher and said.

The Protector calmly replied, “That’s why I had to personally go and see him. Go, calculate again with our model.”

Isaac went, and after more than an hour, he returned to the Protector’s room with a look of disbelief on his face.

“Professor, this is incredible, after you met with Han, the probability of the Milky Way being destroyed had increased to 99.9%, but the probability of the Milky Way’s demise within a decade has reduced to 87%!” Isaac said in a deep voice.


The Protector started laughing out of joy, “Sure enough, Han is the most important factor in the vector model, and now, he has decided to join our project Butterfly.”

“Butterfly into cocoon, Nirvana reborn. Notify the vanguard army, Operation Butterfly is now formally implemented!”

Back at the base, Han walked out of the bedroom and came to the endless wilderness. He quietly embraced the mournful wind and started practicing the Six Paths of the Void.

Path of Man, up until now Han still couldn’t raise this martial art to the realm of Tao.

For the Six Paths of the Void, besides constant practice, comprehension was also very necessary. Right now Han was very confused, he did not know what being Human meant. Was it just being an intelligent lifeform? A type of animal? A kind of carbon-based life?

His brain was filled with the Protector and his Project Butterfly. Although this visit was short, it had deep effects on Han.

In the depths of Han’s heart, he was in favor of the Butterfly project. The coveted Alliance is on a road towards self-destruction, and there was no need for the people of Earth to follow them and lose their lives.

But Han was still a soldier and had his pride. Giving up the galaxy and Earth to the Prehistoric Civilization without any resistance was not something he was willing to do.

Although the Milky Way originally belonged to the Prehistoric Civilization, that had already become the past, and humans had already occupied this galaxy for many generations, and this was also the only home of mankind.

To give up Earth was not something Han was willing to do.

The vast Pacific Ocean, deep Atlantic Ocean, Rocky Mountains, the Alps, the Himalayas, the Mississippi, the Euphrates, the Yellow River and the Ganges.

From the Arctic to the Antarctic, to the equator, to the Amazon rainforest, to the Sahara Desert, and everything else. As a member of Earth’s family, how can he just let all these things go?

Earth was unique, and after leaving here, there wouldn’t be another place that can give the same feeling.

Although Han agreed with the Protector’s plan, he really couldn’t put things down in his heart. This was the home he vowed to protect, and he had been doing so too.

The wind became more and more sharp against his skin, and Han’s moves became more and more intense.

From night to early morning, from early morning to night again, Han forgot about the time. He was practicing, and thinking.


A native shepherd appeared in the distance, driving his flocks back on their way home.

Because Han was already pretty far away from the Nazca military base outside of the restricted area, there were people living nearby. The native people, after being mixed with the Spanish colonists, were no longer pureblood. They now had a mixture of characteristics, yellow face with light blue eyes.

The shepherd waved at Han from afar, it was very windy, he wrapped his coat tightly, and his red fluttering face was covered with dust.

Han also waved back at him, and then the shepherd left, singing a Spanish folk sun and marching into the sunset.

Han suddenly feel that the shepherd is very cute, even though Earth had entered the Milky Way civilization and entered the galactic era, there were still many people living in remote areas following their ancestral customs of life.

Han suddenly felt a hint of realization in his heart, the natives weren’t originally the owners of the American continent. They originally lived in Asia. During the long ice age when the Bering Sea was frozen, the natives had crossed the frozen Bering Sea and came to North America, and then from North America to South America. This became home of the natives.

Then, the Spaniards, who had less claim to be this land’s owner, came here in search for gold, and then just settled down. Now any Spanish descent would proudly claim that South America was their home.

Han suddenly understood, the reason humans are humans is because humans continue to migrate outward endlessly.

The geographical location is not important, where there is people, there is home!

Humans are not only a life form in the vast universe, but also a belief!

The reason why humans could stand out among other life forms, despite not having sharp teeth like tigers nor the ability to swim like dolphins, was because humans weren’t afraid of difficulties or dangers, and kept moving forward and learning.

So, the Path of Man was not the power of life, but the faith needed to overcome difficulties!


In the blink of an eye, Han suddenly turned into a silver light and towards the vast wilderness, he unleashed a blow!

This was a powerful attack that could not be described by any language. The sky was cut open with a straight gap like it was pierced by a meteor. The ground was also split open with a straight abyss, as if it had been cut open by the sword of god!

The Six Paths of the Void, third Path, success!

When Han gathered the big three along with Ke Lake and Old Mo, and he told them about his plan to leave the Milky Way, everyone thought he was crazy.

But soon, Han explained enough that they realized the gravity of this situation.

“Luckily our planet’s population is considered to be small in the Milky Way, otherwise we would need to employ a larger scale fleet to be able to complete this arduous task.” Han put out his plan onto the middle of the table and said, “According to this evacuation plan, we need 3 years to be able to send all the Earth’s inhabitants out of the Milky Way.”

“Everyone’s leaving?”

“No.” Han shook his head and said, “We need to leave behind enough people to keep the flagship production line running until the Milky Way actually starts to be attacked and then retreat.”

“After all, we cannot take away the flagship production line. Once the prehistoric civilization begins to attack the Milky Way, we will blow up the production line.”

“Blow up the production line? We finally got the ability to manufacture flagships though.”

Han said, “No need to worry. I will tell the robot engineering corps to go ahead to the destination ahead of time and build a larger, state-of-the-art shipyard. When the immigrants arrive, we will not only have the ability to build small-size flagships, but also medium and large flagships.”

“Robot engineering corps?”

“Yes. I formed a Legion in the galactic wilderness composed of 450 thousand robots. They are constantly producing new warship models day and night. I originally intended for it to be used by the Federal Air Force, but it now appears that we probably won’t be needing it because we are going to emigrate and move to somewhere far away from the Milky Way.”

Wanting to understand why Han insisted on migrating was easy, but it’s just too sudden. The meeting room sunk into silence.

After a long time, Long Chuan opened his mouth, “Han, is the Prehistoric Civilization really that terrifying like you said? The Alliance for sure can’t defend the Milky Way?”

Han nodded heavily, “No chance at all. Our civilization is originally built on the foundation of the prehistoric civilization, so they are like our teachers.”

“More importantly, the Alliance doesn’t realize that it’s in deep danger and prohibited all news about the return of the prehistoric civilization. In my opinion, if we start preparing right now and go for a full-on war with the prehistoric civilization, there’s still some chance. But the Alliance’s decision already made us miss the opportunity to prepare, and we will lose for sure.”


Everyone sighed, and Old Mo said, “I was originally a wanderer, it doesn’t matter where I go. But if things are really like you said, I’m afraid that I need to inform my people, and right now they are scattered around the ancient battlefields of the Milky Way.”

Han nodded, “You can tell them to meet up on Earth, but you must not tell them why they need to come.”

Ke Lake said, “The Red Dragon clan and the other alien races that settled on Earth, it’s best to inform them. After all, they have a lot of tribal people living in the galactic wilderness.”

Han said, “Okay, but only you need to know the truth, don’t even tell Mu Tata. This is a secret operation. If the Alliance know that we are retreating, they will for sure say that we are spreading news that has adverse effect on the Alliance and even send troops to suppress us!”

Li Yu gritted his teeth and said, “F*ck the Alliance! They don’t do anything useful, but are more vicious than anything when it comes to managing people.”

Han said, “Yes, f*ck the Alliance! Since the Alliance wants to die, we will just let them die! I just want my people on Earth and everyone I care about in the Milky Way to survive!”

The calmest and steadiest Talin among the three giants finally spoke.

Talin said, “Han, I believe that you must have went through a lot of consideration before you made the decision, because you love our home as much as we do, or maybe even more. If even you feel like we must leave this place in order to survive, then we will leave.”


Everyone looked at Talin with surprise. Talin had always been cautious, Li Yu, Ke Lake, and even Long Chuan had always been Han’s hard-core supporters. Only Talin would have reservations when it came towards every idea of Han’s and would often raise objections.

But it’s unexpected that on such a big issue, Talin was actually the first one standing out to support Han.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Talin frowned and said, “I like to raise different opinions, that’s my job. But on the issue of life and death, I must support Han unconditionally.”

Han nodded, “I know, this is a big decision regarding 15 billion people, it’s not very democratic to be just decided by us, but at this moment I really can’t care too much about other things anymore. If there’s no objection, I will now go notify the initiator of this plan.”






“Very well, full votes on agreement. 3 months later, 15 billion people of Earth, will completely leave the Milky Way Galaxy.”

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