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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Encounter!

                Old Mo lowered his voice and said, “There are many terrible bugs in the robot cemetery, they are usually dormant. Once someone lands on the planet, the bugs will immediately crawl out of the ground and rush to the people that landed.”

“I suspect that those bugs are left behind by the prehistoric civilization in order to prevent people from approaching those abandoned robots.”

Han suddenly hesitated and exclaimed, “Bugs? Are they really strong?”

Old Mo said, “I’ve never been there myself, but according to the rumors left behind by my grandfather’s generation, those bugs’ combat strength isn’t lower than any star beasts.”

Han let in a long breath. Star beasts were almost the strongest type of beast in the universe. With Han’s combat strength, he would have no problem if he encountered a few star beasts. But the real problem was once they grouped up, the situation would become deadly!

“I can use the magnetic system to attract the robot wrecks up to the ship. That way I can avoid encountering the bugs.” Han thought and said.

Old Mo said, “It’s not that simple, there are metals in the insects, so the magnetic force will suck in both the insects and robots into the warehouse.”

“How about using the winding beams?”

“No, the worms are very smart, once you use the winding beam, the bugs will wake up. And the winding beam right now isn’t accurate enough to only collect the robots without touching the insects.”

Old Mo swallowed his saliva and said, “According to the method my ancestors used, the starship needs to rush to the ground at an extremely fast speed, grab whatever robot parts you can and run without any hesitation. Even a little slower, the insects will eat you without leaving anything behind.”

Han frowned, “If your method is used, we can’t get many robots at all, and what I need now is a large army of them.”

Old Mo sighed, “That’s why I have never told you about this place. We Kui clan never came up with a way to deal with those bugs, and you better think of a way first before leaving. Otherwise it’s still useless if you go.”

Han nodded, stood up, and put Yuan Yuan on his head.

Old Mo looked at Han’s back and said, “Let’s have dinner together tomorrow.”

Han shook his head, “No time, I have to go to the robot cemetery.”

Old Mo hesitated, “You’ve thought of a way to deal with the bugs?”

“No,” Han said honestly, “but I can take my time to come up with something on the road.”

Old Mo had mistaken Han to be a rational person and thought that he wouldn’t be going to the cemetery before coming up with a plan.

But Old Mo was wrong, it’s true that Han was sometimes rational, but really, he was just very stubborn.


Han greeted Long Chuan and then embarked on the road to the robot cemetery on his Moonlight Goddess class heavy assault starship.

Right after he left, he contacted the three addicts, but unfortunately Wuyun and Night Walker were both not there and Han only saw Pathless.

“The Protector decided to start the Butterfly operation, the majority of the people in the Oblivion Realm will be following him and leaving, so to take advantage of this time, Wuyun went to catch star beasts and Old Black went to harvest herbs.” Pathless explained.

Han pouted, “Aren’t you guys not allowed to leave the Oblivion Realm?”

“The ban is lifted, and those that are going to leave with the Protector can do some preparations, such as retrieving the treasures they buried somewhere else or picking up their families. As for people that don’t want to leave with the Protector, they had already left the Oblivion Realm. All in all, the Oblivion Realm is completely different from when you were here, everything changed.” Pathless said.

Talking about the training for a bit, Han closed the video chat with Pathless.

This was really unfortunate, Wuyun was the expert in fusion beasts so he should be familiar with those insects, and Night Walker was a pharmacological expert, maybe he can come up with some drugs that’s effective towards those bugs.

Han originally wanted to seek help from them, but now it seems that he can only rely on himself.

Speaking of himself, he had recently run out of supplies. A large amount of drugs was consumed clean, the Godly Armored Beasts and Six-armed apes, all died from the battle at the Headhunter Star System, and the equipment he could still use was also running low.

“Whatever, I will make some myself.” Han frowned and mumbled to himself.

So he set the ship on automatic navigation and hid into the cabin to manufacture fusion beasts and drugs. There were still some star ape bodies for him to piece together, and Han also had some raw drug materials reserved that Night Walker gave him right before he left. He could make some performance-enhancing drugs and then also manufacture some poison to kill the insects, that should do.

The scarce resources couldn’t lower Han’s enthusiasm, and after five days, he reached the coordinates that Old Mo gave him. When the Moon Goddess got out of the worm hole, Han could see the vast expanse of the meteorites.

These meteorites were captured by a magnetic force, the big ones were even bigger than Han’s starship, and the small ones were smaller than humans’ fists.

The magnetic interference present forced Han to use only the most primitive way to get through, which was to carefully drive these warships slowly through the sky that was full of boulders.

Automatic piloting was useless, Han sat next to the manual console and Yuan Yuan acted as Han’s navigator.

“Master, a meteorite is flying towards us from the left side! Distance is 325 meters! Very fast!”

“Roger that!”

Han forcefully turned the steering rudder and pushed the acceleration lever. The Moonlight Goddess tilted its body and charged forward, and after avoiding the collision of the meteor, Han quickly opened the reverse propeller to slow the ship down.

According to Han’s projection, it would take at least 72 hours to cross this meteorite area. There was no energy shield strong enough yet in the present era to resist impact for so long, so occasional collisions with the meteorites were okay, but continuous hits will start damaging the ship.

Han’s harsh self-standards began to show benefit, as a heavy assault ship, the Moonlight Goddess was not smaller than a cruiser and could be regarded as a large warship in the Milky Way.

Such a huge hull, under Han’s precise manipulation, actually flew like a butterfly, sometimes accelerating and sometimes rushing back, sometimes changing directions, and sometimes it flew through the narrow gaps between two meteors.

Although there were still some collisions, but on the way, Han’s energy shields still maintained about 70% of the strength. As for the starship’s armor layer and structural layer, no damage was taken.


Finally, the Moonlight Goddess class heavy assault ship crossed the meteorite area. The electromagnetic storm that Old Mo warned about did not appear, it seems like Han’s luck wasn’t that bad.

“So many robots!” Yuan Yuan, who was responsible for the scan array, exclaimed loudly.

Han got a closer look, the scan array accurately detected that planet that’s used by the prehistoric robots to dispose robots, piles of piles of robots lay o top of each other, just like mountains.

These robots seemed to be intact, having hands, feet and also heads, but Han knew that these robots were more or less defective in some ways. Perhaps the metal strength was not up to standard, or the built-in scanner had a blind spot and so on. Anyway, these were inferior goods in the eyes of the prehistoric civilization.

But for Han, these robots were all rare treasures!

The work efficiency of a robot was more than 20 highly trained skilled workers, it didn’t eat nor sleep nor complain, working from the start of the year to the end of the year. If all these robots could be used by Han, he would have no problem building several Earths within a short period of time!

“Master, there’s no biological scan signals, maybe because these bugs are all dormant.” Yuan Yuan reported.

Han nodded, docking the Moon Goddess class outside of the yellow planet’s orbit while thinking.

It clearly didn’t work to just rush down and land, Han needed to find a way to get as many robots but also not awake those sleeping insects.

“Maybe I should launch a poison test, and if the poison I configured can kill the bugs, then there is hope to get these robots.” Han touched his chin and thought.


Suddenly, an explosion came from the side of the Moonlight Goddess.

Gravel flew everywhere and the entire meteorite area became smoky, as if something, while firing lasers, was rushing out of the meteorite area!

“Starship signal! Starship signal detected!” Yuan Yuan suddenly reported.

Yuan Yuan couldn’t be blamed, the magnetic star field had a strong interference to the radar array, until the starship actually got close, it had just been shown on the radar.

And at that moment, without the radar array, Han already saw the enemy.

That was a Hell Angel class heavy armor battleship!

Hell Angel, the most expensive battleship to be produced, equipped with the strongest defense system out of all battleships and was also a rare model equipped with an all-laser firing system!

If one wanted to create a Hell Angel heavy armor battleship, it was not enough to just have the blueprint, one also needed to find a sufficient number of shipborne laser weapons from relics. After all, humans of the Milky Way have still yet to master the manufacturing of laser weapons up to this day, as for small equipment like lase scalpels, they are not the same as those giant cannons mounted on the warships, there’s a big gap in technical level.

Han had just arrived at the robot cemetery for an hour, and there’s actually an rare Hell Angel class arriving from another direction? Where did he get the star map? Could it be another group of Kui clan skinners?

Completely different from Han, this Hell Angel relied on its strongest defense system and directly came in while firing off laser cannons to destroy any meteorites in its way!

White lasers burned all the nearby meteorites into charred rocks, which was definitely a cooler entrance than Han.

“Eye of Darkness, open!”

To Han, it was not hard to verify whether it was a Kui clan skinner aboard. He just needed to use his vision. After the ingestion of the Heart and Genu of Darkness and the integration of dark energy and the zero-degree brain region, Han was already equipped with stronger vision in comparison to the past, capable of seeing through alloy armor of starships to its internal content.

Although Old Mo said that this was a place only Kui clan skinners knew, Han still had a bad feeling, because this Hell Angel came too violently and blatantly, completely not like the Kui clan’s style.


After he saw through the Hell Angel, Han’s face became livid.

Under the dark vision, the enemy’s face became very clear, an eerie and terrifying power, although Han had only seen it once, but it was something he wouldn’t forget for a lifetime!

That was a dark apostle!

The dark apostle controlled the Hell Angel heavy armor battleship and rushed in front of Han!

“Master! The enemy is locking onto us!” Yuan Yuan reported in a high voice.

“Lock on to that ship!” Han shouted, “Begin overloading energy shield! All fusion reactors to full! Weapon system preheat! Open deep-air torpedo launcher!”

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