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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 197

Chapter 197: Fusion beast, Flying Crocodile

                Although Han already expected that his punishment would be the destruction of Earth, but when the girl at the desk told him, he still couldn’t help but gently sighed.

Earth’s migration plan still needed at least 3 years to complete. Not even the first batch of immigrants had headed out yet, there were still countless people on Earth.

Moreover, even if everyone moved to the Duo-Horse Galaxy, Han could not just let the beautiful home in his memory get destroyed. No, even if Earth became empty, it was still the place Han grew up on.

The girl with freckles suddenly felt her heart beat faster, a strong contrast appeared between the bravery on Han’s face and the touch of sadness in his eyes, and such a contrast made her feel an unexplainable attraction to him.

“It’s okay, genetic biologists like you, we are wishing for more. As long as you demonstrate your skills, you will pass the selection successfully for sure.”

“Oh right, your name is Wind Speaker, what does that mean?” The girl with freckles was very lively, she wanted to divert Han’s attention and asked in curiosity.

“It means that there are some people in this world, no one can understand their words, just like the wind, you will never understand what the wind is trying to say.”

Han said, gently nodded to that girl, and then turned around and left the tent.

The girl with freckles saw Han’s back, and her eyes gradually became a bit foolish like a fangirl. She felt that the first sentence Han said contained the sadness of a poet, which made her feel very touched.

“A person no one understands?” She whispered to herself.


The boy that’s the same age as her with a serious face sneered, when looking at Han’s back, his eyes were a bit angry. But in front of the girl with freckles he didn’t show it.

All night, Han studied the notes Night Walker and Wuyun gave him, as well as Old Mo’s mechanical and electronic engineering resources.

Originally, Han believed that his main field was being a warrior, although there was no downfall for learning other technical skills, martial arts should still be his priority.

But after coming here, Han’s opinion gradually changed. One more craft meant one more way, if Han didn’t know genetic engineering, he would be forced to battle like Faint Blue Moonlight. In comparison to technical experts, the path of the soldier was undoubtedly more difficult.

After a quiet night, on the second day’s morning, Faint Blue Moonlight came to Han’s tent. His fingers gently swiped across his dimension ring, and tossed out a few large snakeskin bags.

“Can I ask you a favor?” Faint Blue Moonlight asked.

“Go on.” Han closed his notebook and looked at him.

“Get me a fusion beast. I don’t want to kill people, unless I have to, I would rather let my fusion beast do the killing.” Faint Blue Moonlight said.

Han nodded. Although he killed countless people, he still admired Faint Blue Moonlight’s resentment towards killing. No one was born as an executioner, even Han, he only became fatal with his techniques after realizing the heavy responsibilities he shouldered.

Faint Blue Moonlight didn’t like to kill, showing that there was still a bit of virtue in his heart.

Moving the snakeskin bags to an empty room in the tent, Han opened it up and took a look. There were a few of the lowest grade of star crocodile bodies inside, the Black Star Crocodile, and there were also a few corpses that belonged to star vultures.

“Where did you get these?” Han asked in curiosity.

“You’ve never carefully read the Dark Net Meet’s rules? There’s a place called Universe Valley, there are many star beasts and plants. If necessary, people can go in to hunt. Last night I went in and got those things. Can you make a fusion beast out of it? Just thinking about the battle starting is filling my heart with disgust. Killing will be my final move, also my last resort.” Faint Blue Moonlight said.

Han looked at these star beasts’ corpse and said, “I will try.”

“Then thanks, I’m going to take a bath first, my body got so dirty.”

Han smiled, “Be careful, don’t wash away your disguise when taking a bath. That dark net founder doesn’t want us to know each other, that’s the rule.”

Faint Blue Moonlight sighed, turned around and went out, mumbling, “I know I know, as long as we are here we have to be in disguise. The damn dark net council. If it’s not here, we will become good friends for sure, friends in real life.”

Since Han signed up for the genetic biology field, which was also the beast tamer career, his daily schedule was a lot freer than Faint Blue Moonlight’s.

It was said that tomorrow, Faint Blue Moonlight had to go with all the soldiers to participate in the first round of selection. It was not killing each other, but to destroy a nearby native tribe and observe their individual combat strengths.

Of course, that was just the first round, then there were more stringent tests waiting for them.

At about night time, Han walked into Faint Blue Moonlight’s tent, and gave the fusion beasts he made to him, and also told him how to use them, as well as the fusion beasts’ strengths and weaknesses.

As the old saying goes, good students come from skilled teachers. Han never felt that he was some genetic biology master, but that was because of the skill level that Beast Addict Wuyun was at. Han felt that his level was not as high as Wuyun so he couldn’t be called a master.

But he had forgotten, Wuyun was the top tier fusion beast expert in the Milky Way, a monster that studied the genetic beasts to the point of going crazy. Han wanted to compare himself to Wuyun, that standard was pretty high. But to people like Faint Blue Moonlight who hadn’t come in contact with true masters, Han’s level was alarming enough.

“This was really made by you?” Faint Blue Moonlight saw the crocodile with wings that Han gave to him and he exclaimed.

“Yep.” Han replied as if it’s not a big deal.

“Just one day, you made such monster?”

“I was quite slow actually. The time was mainly spent on the design and thinking. After I moved to the operation table, it just needed 2 or 3 hours to finish.”

“Awesome!” Faint Blue Moonlight said excitingly, “With this, now I’m assured. I don’t have anything else to repay you, so you must accept this Blood Marrow droplet.”

Then, he tossed a crimson red fruit to Han.

Han studied pharmacology, of course he knew what blood marrow is. Unlike the medicines refined by the pharmacists, the Blood Marrow droplets were magical treatment drug from nature that treats external wounds. Even if the stomach area was sliced open, the wound will rapidly recover after eating the Blood Marrow droplet.

This droplet should be the last card in Faint Blue Moonlight’s sleeve, Han refused to accept it. Faint Blue Moonlight wasn’t happy, so he also showed Han two other droplets to let him know that he was not giving his only one away. Han finally nodded and stored the droplet into his Lunar Mark.

The brutal war trial began. Faint Blue Moonlight and all the soldiers were sent to a black planet together by a starship. It was said that there existed a type of flying creature. They were nocturnal and usually rested in caves during the day.

The soldiers’ mission was to defend a broken city in the 12 hours of darkness, and the men from the dark net will observe in the dark, recording everyone’s performance to give them a rating.

Besides that, there were no other rules. Whether the soldiers wanted to cooperate, it was entirely up to them.

The broken city was bloodstained, numerous collapsed openings on the wall, over tens of thousands of soldiers were thrown there at dusk, and they didn’t know what to do.

When the starship disappeared among the stars, the curtain of night followed.

The soldiers then saw countless shadows flying out from the valleys surrounding the city, spreading their wings, as if charging towards this city and the people inside.

The war broke out immediately. In the dark night there was murderous shouting, sound of bones being crushed, and bodies being sliced open.

After the initial panic, the soldiers realized, if they didn’t start working together, there was no way they could handle these flying enemies.

The enemies had an incredibly fast speed, and they used a suicidal attacking strategy, flying very high up, and then dropping down in a straight line, using the ugly weapon in their hand to pierce the human soldiers on the ground.

From these creature’s body, they were likely to be humanoid mutants, with mouth, ears, and eyes. There had wings which were connected with the arm.

The strong power allowed them to fly very fast, high, and cause amazing lethal damage when throwing spears.

The battlefield quickly became hell. Faint Blue Moonlight let out the flying crocodile Han gave him, who was a big guy with a crocodile body and vulture-like wings.

At the same time as the flying crocodile showed its amazing combat power, it also demonstrated its effectiveness. That layer of heavy and sick scales was tough to penetrate. Even if it was penetrated, the flying crocodile could still continue fighting with the enemies as if nothing happened.

Faint Blue Moonlight with the flying crocodile very quickly became the leader of a group. They didn’t know each other before and were temporarily grouped together during the battle. They found a pool and hid in it, and then they had the flying crocodile protect them on the surface.

Although the enemies were very strong, but the water would make them lose target. They wanted to force an attack but they were also afraid of the big crocodile in the water.

After one night, Faint Blue Nightlight’s team actually only lost two people.

“Where did you get that flying crocodile?” They asked Faint Blue Moonlight.

“From a fried.”

“Can you help introduce us to him? We also want to buy one.”

“No problem, but you will have to prepare the materials for the fusion beast yourself.”

So the next day, that noon when the soldiers returned to the camp, Han “welcomed” the first batch of people that needed fusion beasts.

They brought the star beasts they hunted at the Universe Valley and came to find Han.

Han frowned and said to Faint Blue Moonlight, “The materials you gave me yesterday, I made a total of 5 flying crocodiles, there are still 4 left. But there were a dozens of you guys so there isn’t enough.”

Faint Blue Moonlight seemed to understand Han’s situation, laughed and said, “I know how it works. To let masters like you work, how can there not be any compensation. You guys can bring out the stuffs now.”

So, everyone all brought out their most valuable treasure and placed it on Han’s table.

“Pick mine, this treasure already has million years of history!”

“This is my family’s unique martial art!”

“Look at my flywheel, A-class prehistoric relic product. I don’t know what it does specifically, but it’s our family’s heirloom.”


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Bonus chap for the special anonymous boottyyyy that always supported us! Thanks bro!

Although there are only 10 dollars left for next chap donation and something exciting is happening soon, I’m going to have 3 midterms coming up and I’m also getting a puppy, so I’m going to be pretty buuuuuuuusy til next Monday so plz forgive my booty if I go a bit slow.


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