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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Potential that’s Against the Rules of Heaven!

                Han took the subway and arrived at the 18th floor of the Esper Administration center again and saw Li Muyun. The Monk was there too, but Cheng Zhong wasn’t.

Han and the Monk casually chatted for a bit and then went into the assessment pod.


Light flashed past and Han was teleported to the second round of the Galactic Pressure Exam. According to his knowledge, there were 3 rounds for this pressure exam, the first one was advancing under the deep sea again, the second one was escaping the desert, and the third one was climbing a snow mountain. These three were ranked by difficulty from easiest to hardest. The first one was naturally the easiest, with a max score of 100. The second one was harder, with a max score of 300. The third one was the hardest, max score was 500. Plus another 100 points for bonus, the max score in total was 1000. After the three pressure exams was a battle test, the max score was 3000.

After these two sets of exams were done, the top 10,000 contestants would be chosen to join the Galactic Meet’s main contest.

The oldest allowed signup age was 27 years old, since the Galactic Meet was a competition between the younger generations. With a countless number of planets in the Galaxy, the total population was at least on the scale of millions of trillions, so the top 10,000 contestants were for sure the elites among the young ones in the galaxy.

Han saw the Monk in the public square. They were both doing the second test so they took the adjacent teleporters but got teleported to different arenas again.

Han shrugged his shoulders, he had power immunity so if he could be in the same arena as Monk for this exam then he can at least somewhat help Monk. Looks like the system automatically separates contestants of the same country or planet to avoid cheating.

Han took a look around himself, only to see that he was standing in the middle of a desert tornado. The tornado had blown the sand into a swirling pattern so no matter which direction he took he would have to cross the tornado.

The wind had an extremely powerful destructive force. Even before entering the storm, some soldiers that were a little weaker were already struggling to stay standing. Han saw many people reluctantly walk into the storm, only to be torn into pieces by the sharp wind. Of course, the difficulty of this round was a lot higher than the first one.

According to the rules, the further you walk in the storm, the more points you will get. And if you successful walk out from the tornado then you receive the maximum score of 300. In addition, there’s also 50 bonus marks for this round. Apparently there’s a sacred temple inside the storm, and if one can retrieve the stone of light from the temple then he/she will receive the bonus points.

Of course, most people wouldn’t bother with some temple because they would already consider themselves incredibly lucky if they can even make it out. Ain’t nobody got time for that s--t.

Han scouted around, and picked the path with the least amount of people and started advancing. The majority of the contestants were gathered on the right hand side of Han, it was like the sheep crowd effect where basically everyone would follow the crowd. Doing so allows the people that are scared of challenges and adventure to feel safer while walking behind others.

But Han didn’t worry since he could nullify any power and this sand storm was simulated with the attacks of a sand descent esper and a wind descent esper, which has no effect on Han. He just had to make sure he doesn’t get lost.

Before walking into the storm, Han could already feel grains of sand hitting his face which was actually quite painful. Power immunity didn’t mean it was also immune from pain, so Han could still feel the sand hitting his face.

But that didn’t slow down Han’s steps at all. After experiencing the battle 7 days ago, Han started to realize the responsibility on his shoulders. Regardless of how weak Earth was, it was still his home and the place he grew up in. Who would want to see their home ending up in the hands of others and see his fellow citizens whipped out of their existence.

Reminiscing the scene where the espers from Earth were putting their lives on the line to protect the powerless people, Han could never stay calm. Although he couldn’t name any one of them, he felt that they were all heroes and a bunch of fellows that deserved respect.

In comparison to the past, Han had one more belief, he’s still not strong enough right now and he needs to work to become stronger non-stop! He had to give it his all to protect those existences that were worth protecting.

Han squinted his eyes and started walking faster and faster in the mad sand. Regardless of how hard the sharp sand grains hit his face and how many more bloody cuts appeared, his footsteps did not slow down at all. To others it may seem like a disaster, but to Han it was training that he must endure.

The further he walked, the harder the sand storm hit. The furious wind could easily blow people off their feet.

Suddenly, a black shadow loomed on the horizon, and when Han got closer he saw a sacred temple built with giant white stones.

How lucky! If it wasn’t because he chose the path that the majority didn’t, he could’ve never have come across this lonely temple.

“A bonus 50 points is pretty good.” Han smiled and said to himself.


Esper Administration 18th floor.

After what happened last time, Li Muyun started paying extra attention to Han. The moment he entered the exam Li Muyun started playing Han’s exam broadcast on the large screen.

Void end was still as powerful as before. When everyone else were getting blown to the point of losing their sense of direction, Han’s footsteps were still firm and determined. As Han walked further and further in distance, his points became higher as well. According to the system, Han’s score had past 200 already, surpassing the majority of people.

Monk, who took the exam at around the same time as Han, had already been eliminated from the test.

“Void End is really a power against all heaven’s rules.” Li Muyun exclaimed.

The Monk shook his bald head, “I don’t think it’s all because of his power. You see, his steps are very determined, on the unstable sand against that raging wind, yet his legs aren’t shaking at all. It seems like his power source index has improved from the first time I’ve seen it seven days ago.”

“That can’t be right…” Li Muyun hesitated and said, “Han used 16 years to accumulate 26 power source index, which means that it grows on average 1.68 every year, his potential is probably the worst I’ve seen. According to my past experience, this speed of growth can’t be improved no matter how hard he trains. Now it has only been a few days and his index increased?”

The Monk shrugged his shoulder, “I’m not too sure, I just feel that Han’s steps are a lot stable than a week ago.”

Li Muyun thought for a second, opened Han’s assessment statistics out of curiosity, and he almost jumped up when he saw Han’s updated index.

The assessment chat showed no changes for other data, but Han’s power source index actually increased by 15, so now Han’s at 42!

Li Muyun was completely astonished by what he saw, and he began to realize that he and Chu Li might’ve completely misjudged Han’s potential.

Normally, power source index has a natural growth rate, and that means even if an esper doesn’t do any training at all, their index will still naturally increase by a certain amount.

Natural growth rate of power source index is like someone’s foundation, and combined with intense training, it can be amplified by as much as 4 and 5 times more. That means, an esper with a natural growth rate of 10 every year, if trained properly, can increase his/her power source index by 50, more or less.

And back to Han’s case, natural growth rate of 1.68 was not just bad, it was the worst of the worst. That was why even though Li Muyun and Chu Li knew how powerful Han’s power was, they didn’t make any arrangement for him.

But now, Han’s natural growth rate had reached 15 points every week, which meant that it could’ve been a 60 point increase if he had the proper training! Every year had 52 weeks, that’s a growth rate of around 3120 points in one year!

According to this calculation, Han would be an average division three star esper in one year, capable of creating a void domain of 10 meters in radius! And in that domain, he would be a godly existence! Everyone else’s power would all be forcefully taken away! It would be complete darkness and the ultimate end for the enemies!

And what about two years after?

Five years?

Ten years?

Li Muyun blew out a heavy ring of smoke, he finally realized that Han’s not some ordinary guy with the right power but no potential. Instead, he was a monster with the power and the potential that went against all heavenly principles!

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