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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 209

Chapter 209: Six Stars, Passed!

                When Han first saw the number of trading options in the second layer of the dark net, he was deeply shocked; and that’s why when Han finally had some points accumulated, he immediately thought of the transition station, where he could see the items available for trade.

According to the manual, the transfer station was a large complex, and the dark net system will automatically prevent intelligent lives from meeting each other. If one wanted to meet other people, they have to go to the communication station.

As Han expected, the 2900 points almost couldn’t be exchanged for any valuable things.

This time without the time restriction, Han took close looks of room after room, and he noticed that a lot of the things here were already owned by the god-race.

For instance, one million points could be exchanged for the manufacturing technology of 1 cubic meter elementary dimension tool. If he wanted bigger ones, he would have to spend 100 million points for a 10 cubic meter one. As for a 100 cubic meter dimension tool, its manufacturing technology will require a stunning 10 billion credits.

Of course, this was a one-time investment, and after getting the blue print, one could share it with many people.

Han felt, many technologies from the god race probably came from here, and if Han could acquire a lot of credits here, he could instantly bridge the technology gap between mankind and the god-race.

As for bridging the gap between individuals, this will be relatively harder. Due to the difference in physical characteristics, all members of the god race had super powers and source energy. Even those beast tamers, they could battle too. It was just that their combat power wasn’t as strong as professional warriors like Han.

Han took a long time in the transition station, and felt that the only suitable option for him at the moment was to exchange for training time.

There was also a training room in the transition station, and according to the manual, the training rooms here had extraordinary features, and it was the best way for soldiers to improve.

Han entered a training room. It appeared to be an empty room, huge and quiet.

On the wall, there was a control screen which displayed the available training modes: normal – 10 credits every hour; enhanced – 100 credits every hour; insane mode – 1000 credits every hour; nightmare mode – 10,000 credits every hour.

As for even higher levels of training, the current transition station currently doesn’t have it, one probably had to go to a higher level of transition station for it.

Han thought for a second, and first selected the normal mode.


When Han just tapped the screen, the training room’s all sides began flashing many red lights, the temperature inside the room also began rising, Han felt as if there is source energy going through his skin and went into his body!

“So that’s how it works!” Han was surprised.

All trainings costed source energy, and at this moment, the room was continuously radiating source energy.

Han didn’t want to waste time, so he started his training right away, beginning from the most fundamental 46 Ensemble, using 2 full hours to consolidate his foundation.

Since his debut, Han never stopped his basic trainings. He became too familiar with 46 Ensemble, as if this training has become a part his genes.

But such familiar 46 Ensemble now has a different feeling, and the more he practiced, the more energetic he got, as if training now wouldn’t cost any source energy, and his brain not only didn’t become fatigue with training but became more active.

Han started moving faster and faster, eventually becoming a mirage, so fast that no one can see clearly his moves.

“This feeling, it’s awesome”

Han became extremely excited, and began practicing the Six Paths of Void.

Starting from the natural movements of the Six Paths of Void to the Path of Heaven, the Path of Earth, and the Path of Man.

That energetic feeling he just felt disappeared. After all, the Six Paths of Void was a top tier forbidden technique, its source power consumption could not be compared to 46 Ensemble. After just one hour later, Han felt exhausted, as if his whole body was hollowed out.

But to Han, this was still a surprise. In the past, such high intensity training, Han must stop every half hour because he couldn’t support the excessive load on his body. But now, he can adhere to one hour, and that’s already twice as long as before.

“Maybe enhanced mode will be better?”

Han thought about that and selected another level.


The indoor lights-like machines that radiates source energy suddenly increased in power, and source energy began filling up Han’s body like a spring. At the same time, Han’s credits displayed on the screen also began to decrease rapidly.

Han didn’t dare to waste points and began his training immediately, and then a startling scene appeared in this magical room.

“Path of Heaven, Sky Break Strike!”

“Path of Heaven, Sky Break Strike!”

“Path of Heaven, Sky Break Strike!”

Han almost couldn’t believe it, now he could actually use the Path of Heaven consecutively now! Within one minute, the sky was split three times!

Then followed by exhaustion and rest, the Path of Earth was also used repeatedly by Han, shaking the entire world contained in this training room, as if the world was about to collapse.

The magic of this practice room was not only the fact that it could provide valuable source energy, but it was also incredibly strong, no matter how many times Han used his demon strike, not even the slightest scratch was left in the room and everything was still brand new.

As for the replenishment of source energy, Han estimated that he will have to at least activate the 10,000 credits insane mode in order to support him through repeatedly practicing the Six Paths of Void.

Of course, the source energy radiation will increase by a lot under the insane mode, and the problem would be whether Han’s body could absorb that much source energy. After all, there was a limit for an individual’s body in absorbing source energy.

After a few hours of repeated experiments and training, Han began to focus on practicing the 4th path, the Path of God.

This was an ultimate skill that he had yet to learn, and its difficulty was unimaginable.

Besides that, Han was also facing the challenge of being close to entering the quasi-warlord level. His source energy index has reached the pinnacle 5-star level, and the moment he reached the quasi-warlord level, Han would be able to activate a terrifyingly 10 kilometer radius void domain.

All powers vanishing in a 10-kilometer radius, that was a truly terrifying situation for any enemy.

But Han also knew, whether it was the Path of Gods or quasi-warlord level, these two obstacles were both very difficult to overcome, just like two insurmountable mountains.

So Han didn’t expect himself to overcome these two obstacles soon; planned to be patient and do everything step by step.

Somewhere in the universe had a god writing the rules, and top tier powers like the Void Domain will naturally have a hard time leveling up. Otherwise, if one could easily summon a 10-mile radius void domain, then it will be completely unfair for other people who had spent their whole life training their powers.

What Han could do was just practice hard, and it was also the founding principle for his achievement today. As to how hard Han practiced behind the curtains, everyone that knew him knew that, and even Pathless felt like Han was a madman when it came to training.


Just when Han was training at the normal rhythm he used to train at, he suddenly felt an uncontrollable restlessness in his body, as if there was a force that was about to break out! It couldn’t be stopped.

Han suddenly hesitated for a second, and then sped up his training rhythm immediately. He was now an experienced warrior, so he knew that this was the sign of him about to breakthrough!

About to reach 6-star? Almost at the warlord level?!

That fast?!

Han was surprised, the effect of training in the transition station was a lot better than Han expected. Years of diligence and hard work wouldn’t let Han breakthrough 6-star, but he just came to the training room for a few hours and there was already signs of an accelerated breakthrough!

It was a miracle.

It was Han’s first time training under the source-energy radiating lights, so the training effect could be described as crazy, as if a powerful force was pushing Han. He didn’t even have a choice but to make progress.

In the blink of an eye, 20 hours passed. Han was covered in sweat, and the pain before the breakthrough was making him suffer. But Han was still persevering, cherishing this chance that was hard to come by.

The remaining credits were running out; Han must take advantage of the remaining time. According to warrior’s breakthrough patterns, it was like rowing a boat against the current, if he doesn’t advance, then he will be pushed back. If Han doesn’t take this chance and achieve his breakthrough in one breath, then it will be harder for him to level up next time!

It’s been 24 hours. As the level got higher, it also became increasingly difficult to achieve breakthroughs.

This was Han’s first time spending this much time to overcome the level barrier, and his tolerance to suffering was close to his limit.


A sense of pleasure suddenly filled his entire body, Han felt that all the pores on his skin were opened up, and all channels were open with blood crazily surging.


Finally done!

The suffering and hard work lasted the long day and night, but it only took about a thousandth of a second to break through the level barrier. Just for this moment, Han almost pushed himself to the brink of collapse!

But it was all worth it!

All pain disappeared without a trace, replaced by a type of powerful energy, as if reborn, like a phoenix that came back from the ashes.

“Void Domain, open!”

Han shouted, and within a 10-mile radius, all power was nullified!

This was Han’s domain, his territory! No matter who wanted to make something happen on his territory, no matter what kind of heavenly power it was and how dazzling they may appear to be in front of other people, but once you are in Han’s territory, there’s no choice but to kneel!

If Han doesn’t want you to use it, then don’t think about using any power!

“Path of Man, Tearing Heaven and Earth!”

Han used a string of dazzling attacks to end this difficult and long practice. He did it! From now on, Han’s official title had become quasi-warlord! An elite that was close to warlord level!

But in fact, with so many unique capabilities, if Han were to really fight a warlord-level esper, it was still not easy to tell who will win yet. After all, Han’s power was never limited to one.

Six star reached!

Quasi-warlord Han!

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