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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 211.1

Chapter 211: My Name is 9527 (Part one)

When Han activated his eye of darkness, he saw a person, but that person wasn’t inside the training room but was on the outside, being separated by Han by a metal wall.

Judging by the figure, this guy was clearly fat, like a walking ball.

This short and fat man was also working hard on some kind of machinery.

People that were too fat don’t usually look like they were suitable for physical activity, so he looked very tired as he worked.

“Eh, who are you?” Han was shocked and blurted out.

Although separated by the metal wall, this guy still heard Han’s voice. He immediately shivered, then looked around at Han’s direction, and his body became nailed in place.

“You can see me?” The fat man asked in curiosity with a hoarse voice, and the sound was delivered to the training room through some sort of broadcasting system.

“Yes, not clearly, but I know you are repairing something, judging by your movements.” Han replied.

The fat man regretted immediately after he talked. He wanted to slap himself as he mumbled, “Why would I answer him? Oh great, now he heard it too.”

Han laughed and said, “Old man, I can hear that too.”

“Annoying as hell, mind your own business.” The fat man waved his hand, started ignoring Han, and then continued on with what he was doing, and his actions still looked very arduous.

“Old man, how come you are at the transition station? Could it be that you are responsible for maintaining the dark net system?”

“Is it only you here? Is there anyone else responsible for the maintenance of such a big system?”

“If it’s only you, do you feel lonely? How often do you rotate shifts?”

“Although I can’t see clearly, but I feel like your work is a bit arduous, the circuit’s probably burned.”

“You should first check the overload protection device. If that’s where the fault lies, even if you change to new circuits, it will still run.”

“And also the distributed control computers, they should be checked again. Old man, I see that you are very tired too, how about just let me out and help you.”

“Although I’m registered as a beast trainer, but I also know about electronic and mechanical engineering. I can’t say that I’m a master in that field, but if these tasks aren’t that difficult, maybe I can help.”

Han just kept on talking nonstop, and finally the fat old man began feeling a little tempted. Since he was really too fat and was totally unsuited to any physical work, he already had to stop numerous times to catch his breath.

“I’m this tired, isn’t that your fault? Everything was fine and you just had to bring in a monster.” That old fat man first unleashed his anger, and then suddenly with a change in tone, he asked in a questioning voice, “Little brat, you really know mechanics?”

“A little bit.” Han replied.

“Let me ask you, three-way catalytic device docking controlled fusion, what’s its docking format?”

“Isn’t it the Lotus format, 172 units or higher, otherwise it can’t bear the high catalytic overload.”

“Correct, I guess you do know something. Do you know the compound theory used for excess data flow transference?”

“Old man, the excess data flow transfer uses quantic theory, not compound theory, right?”

This time the fat man clearly became more serious, and he deepened his voice, “So you actually do know? That’s strange, you are probably the most distracted beast trainer, even knowing the quantic theory. Let me ask you an even more difficult question.”

Truth be told, Han’s real career wasn’t beast trainer at all, but a soldier. It was just that it will take a while to clear up the confusion, so Han might as well choose to simply not explain it, and focus on answering this fat man’s questions.

From an ordinary people’s perspective, Han knows too much about electrical or mechanical engineering, because Han’s primary profession is soldier, with genetic biology as second, and pharmacology as third, and engineering as fourth.

But it can’t be helped that Han had a high starting point. He began with studying robotic technology, and robotic technology was the product of electronic and mechanical engineering technology after both fields have developed to an extreme level.

Han indeed didn’t learn much, but what he learned are all very high level. In addition, Han was very smart to begin with, and he was good at deriving from concepts, so he could answer most of the fat old man’s questions.

But amateur was amateur after all, after answering dozens of questions, Han began to have difficulties, and the fat old man’s questions have exceeded Han’s knowledge bank.

And the fat old man started feeling arrogant and said, “Can’t answer it now? I guess you are only capable of that much, still too far away from real mechanical experts.”

Han thought for a second and asked, “My capability obviously can’t be compared to yours, but at least I can be a helper for you, right? If the system doesn’t restart, I will be stuck here forever. You know as well, us people that are on the Path of All Gods, if we don’t log in within 3 months, then we will be killed, can’t be more dead.”

The fat man hesitated for a second, scratched his chin and said, “Then you better pray for yourself. The damage caused by the monster you brought in is not as easy as restarting the system. The whole system almost all burned up, and with my working speed, I for sure can’t fix this much damage within 3 months.”

“Besides, the controlling bacteria inside your body wasn’t planted by me, so you can’t blame me even if you die.”

“Controlling bacteria?” Han hesitated for a second and asked a little nervously.

“How else? You think they can just kill you with a push of some button? That’s obviously impossible! When you entered the Path of All Gods, your body has already been planted with a type of bacteria, which needs to acquire its essential nutrients on the Path of All Gods. If you don’t go back in three months, the bacteria will die, and you will as well.”

“This is a top tier biotechnology, you won’t understand.” The fat man explained.

“Let me help you. As a warrior, I can die on the battlefield, but not from being trapped here.” Han said very sincerely.

The old man was suddenly shocked, as if somewhat touched by Han’s words. He hesitated for a few seconds, then let out a long breath and said with a bitter smile, “Fine, come along.”

Right after those words, a piece of the wall sank into the ground, and a hidden valley was revealed.

Han curiously walked in, and saw that this valley was filled with all kinds of wires, pipes, and a burnt smell under the dim yellow light.

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