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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 212.1

Chapter 212: Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts (Part one)

                Han couldn’t imagine, the blueprint of the source power core could actually be even more vast than the stars, and more profound than the universe.

This was definitely the marvel of mechanical design history, and Han was immediately attracted by this unmatched drawing, his eyes could no longer leave it.

11 hours passed unconsciously, when 9527 found Han again, he was still sitting still staring at the blueprint trying to understand the design of this complicated system.

9527 smiled and said, “Can’t understand it? No worries, without over a hundred years of study, you can’t understand this thing. The development of technology must also be supported by one’s life span.”

“Humans in ancient times, they only needed a few years of study and they could master survival skills, such as hunting, picking fruits, avoiding beasts and so on. As we go into modern civilization, the time it takes to study became longer and longer, because technology is always increasing.”

“But now, if you really want to master a real profession, you will need at least a few hundred years of studying, because the things you need to learn are just too much. If you want to become a master, in addition to talent, you will need more of hundreds of years of nonstop studying and researching.”

“So you don’t have to be discouraged. The road is still long, just take your time.”

Han nodded and whispered, “Teacher, I don’t understand this loop, it extends this way, seems to be breaking a metaphysical theory.”

9527 suddenly hesitated for a second. Han liked to call other people teachers, and this title was indeed strange enough, but this was a very common title in China. Not to mention outside of Earth, it’s even very strange outside of China.

9527 was like Pathless, Night Walker and the others, he was very not used to this title, but the name “teacher” was a title that contains respect with a little feeling of a close relationship, and that’s what made 9527 very comfortable.

“Oh, you only know quantic theory, but don’t know that there’s a hyper quantic theory above quantic theory, so it’s normal that you don’t understand.” 9527 replied.

“Hyper-quantic theory? That means here, here, and here, it’s all because of hyper quantic theory, that’s why the rare reverse circuit can be used?” Han asked.

“Not all of them. The design here is because of subatomic mutations.” 9527 replied.

“Oh, so that means, subatomic particles here started varying at a speed similar to cell mutation, and ultimately compressed normal energy to particle forms that can be accepted by soldiers?” Han asked again.

Han had two big tools he uses when studying, one was repetitive self-learning, and the other one was nonstop questioning.

Thinking back to before when Night Walker was teaching Han, he almost got driven crazy by Han’s endless questions, and the situation 9527 was in right now was exactly the same.

Han’s strong desire to satisfy his curiosity caused him to accumulate too many questions in one night. Now, these questions big and small were all came out pouring, and it didn’t take long before 9527 started feeling dizzy.

Han’s questions were completely random, he was just answering questions about energy structure, and now he began asking about cell division. And during the process of Han asking questions, new questions will also begin producing nonstop.

9527 was at first very angry, because Han was very aggressive with his questions, completely disregarding the feelings of the person that’s answering it. After all, there were not many learning addicts in the world like Han, and Han’s studying speed was almost close to a retardedly fast speed.

Luckily Yuan Yuan and Silver Fox were both here and the two little guys served 9527 comfortably. 9527 couldn’t even release his anger even if he wanted to.

Before anyone knew it, six hours passed.

9527 felt headache, a restless voice keeps on buzzing in his head, and when he took a look at the time, he realized that it has been so long.

So, he finally couldn’t hold it in anymore, “Are you done yet?! Today’s work didn’t even start yet, and I’m already feeling dizzy because of you, did you do it on purpose?”

Don’t be angry~

Don’t be angry~

Yuan Yuan and Silver Fox hurriedly tried to suck up to 9527. Yuan Yuan’s speciality is his gentleness, and Silver Fox is dedicated to be funny. First it tried really hard to fan 9527 with its two little paws, and when its realized that it’s not working out, it started imitating a drunk person and made a fool out of itself which made 9527 laughed very hard.

“Teacher, if you are tired you can go rest, let me check the source power core.” Han said.

“Are you capable enough?”

“I must give it a try to know if I can, don’t worry I won’t mess around. When your break is over, you can look over my work, and if it’s not good you just have to scold at me.” Han said very modestly.

That’s right~

That’s right~

Yuan Yuan and Silver Fox, the two little things, helped cheering on the side.

“Fine fine, I will let this guy give it a try because of you guys.”

Maybe because 9527 has been alone for too long, he had completely no resistance against the two little guys. The moment they made him happy, he would forget about everything else.

“Then I will go take a break. I will come back tomorrow to check your progress, but if you damage the source power core, humph!” 9527 said to Han in a warning tone.

Yuan Yuan and Silver Fox happily sent 9527 away, and the little guy Silver Fox, it actually quietly turned back and gave Han a thumbs up, which means, mission accomplished!

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