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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Unfaithful Fusion Beast

                Han crossed his two hands and assumed a strange position before he started channeling his source energy.

This was the Ten-Thousand Beast Synchronization technique. Instead of labeling it as a scientific technique, it was better known as a method of operation, which was important when differentiating it from other fusion beast technology.

The source energy was poured into the fusion beast’s body, activating and splitting every cell, and then recombining the DNA, accelerating genetic mutation rates.

As we all know, the reason the god race looked down on human beings was because they experienced a genetic mutation which granted them a 100% prevalence of super power in newborn, and the humans didn’t.

The God race had a slightly different genome that had many similarities with the human’s, and could be seen as mutated humans. From the philosophical standpoint, it shouldn’t be the god race abandoning the humans but the other way around.

Unfortunately, this universe was always about who had a stronger fist, and the mutated humans, due to their stronger strength, could actually proudly live above humans, even wanting to wipe out the human race because they thought that it was a shame that they shared the same origin as the incompetent humans.

Very soon, Han was surprised to find that the sample he made was going through incredible changes.

The color of skin, mass of muscles, density of the bones, everything was changing. After a few hours, when Han stopped providing the source energy, he obtained a completely different species, a brand new species!

“A dinosaur?” Han looked at the final form of this thing on the operation table, he frowned and muttered.

Yes, this guy was indeed a dinosaur, with a long neck and a big mouth. Its tail was covered in white bone spikes, its whole body was hairless, its gray skin was extremely tough, and it weighed more than a ton.

Han took this big thing into the training room and had it compete with the Demon Claw.

But the result was a bit disappointing for Han.

After the assessment, Han noticed that this thing was indeed a new species that had never existed in the world.

Han’s disappointment didn’t come from this guy’s inferior strength. In fact, he was very powerful and not even the Demon Claw could be its opponent. Han needed to use his strongest fusion beast, the Ghost Claw, in order to subdue him.

From the perspective of power, this species was very successful.

But it was not loyal!

It tried to give Han a bite when he wasn’t paying attention, but luckily, Silver Fox rushed up and beat it off with one claw, even leaving a hole on that thing’s face.

Silver Fox wasn’t made by Han and yet it was so faithful, and this guy actually dared to sneak in an attack?

Han didn’t really care whether it had a powerful combat strength. Even if it was weak, it would still be fine. Worst case scenario Han could still keep it as a pet, but you just can’t not be loyal!

“It seems like the beast synchronization isn’t a simple job.” Han stored that thing away, frowned and mumbled to himself, “The genetic mutation allowed it to become a new species, but the loyalty genotype was gone and replaced by pure b-----l instincts. Looks like I have to think of a way to make these synchronized fusion beasts remain loyal.”

Han proved himself to be a truly outstanding genetic biology expert, acquiring huge success even on his first try and created a new species that exceeded Demon Claw, a powerful fusion organism that was almost comparable to the Ghost Claw.

As to whether this fusion beast was loyal, it was not Han’s fault because the technology of the Boundless Ten-Thousand Beast didn’t have any means to make the fusion beast loyal at all, and the founder of this technology was also faced with this problem. The fusion beasts he created were not loyal as well.

It’s just that Han will never accept fusion beasts to be disloyal, even if the beast was godlike, as long as it’s not loyal, Han will never like it.

So, Han got out of the lab and started thinking about how to improve the loyalty traits of the fusion beast.

Just at that moment, Lance found him.

“Han, what are you doing during this period of time?” Lance asked in a rush the moment he saw Han.

“Oh, I had been busy recently, there was something I had to do.” Han answered.

“You can’t just not go on the Path of All Gods no matter how busy you are! 3 months without logging in and you will die!” Lance said in a tone of concern.

Han knew that Lance was concerned for him. This assassin with kindness, he didn’t have the slightest similarity with the normal style of the infamous Landis family, but more like a good man that wouldn’t kill anything.

Han slightly smiled, “Look at how proud you look, it seems like you were doing well on Path of All Gods.”

“Of course!” Lance replied, “Ever since I knew that I actually didn’t have to kill anyone on the Path of Gods, my mood got a lot better. The career direction I chose for myself was explorer, although it’s not some important career, but it’s more suitable for my development.”

Han asked in curiosity, “You just said career?”

Lance nodded and said with a little excitement, “You haven’t officially entered the Path of All Gods yet, so you don’t know the situation there. Let me tell you, in my opinion, Path of All Gods is a culture and assessment system.”

“It’s indeed very magical there, elites from possibly the entire universe were gathered there. I estimate that some people come from places that are hundreds of millions, or even billions of billions of light years away from us.”

“If it’s in the real universe, even if we have a high speed, durable and invincible starship, we still won’t run to a place that’s tens of billions of light years away, because it is really too far, even the fastest starships will take tens of thousands of years.”

“It will be tens of thousands of years spent on the road alone, this is basically wasting life.”

“But the Path of All Gods is different, this is a hyperspace passage that connects the entire universe. If you have a title, you can reach tens of billions of light years away within a few minutes! In this kind of cosmos society, this is simply unimaginable!”

“Wait.” Han stopped Lance’s eloquent talk and asked, “Title? What title do you need to use the high speed channel?”

Lance explained, “Your title must at least be star lord. This is the lowest level’s title, and above star lord, there is also the galaxy level and constellation level. Those are the three levels I know right now, it’s very possible that there are even higher titles, it’s just that I haven’t come into contact with them yet.”

“All in all, the Path of All Gods is like an elite system for the universe, composed of the most talented individuals around the entire universe. What we have to do now is to get the star lord title. With that title, we will be able to acquire unimaginable amount of resources, and also use the Path of All God’s hyper speed channel to go to places that others wouldn’t dream of going”

“Do you know? In this universe there are many galaxies that are not open to the outside world, but if you are a member of the League of Gods, they won’t dare to stop you. You can go whenever you want, because the League of Gods seems to be the strongest and most mysterious force in the universe!”

“The moment you became a member of the League of Gods, you will get a League badge which can allow you do way too many things, like being able to use the deep level dark net’s hyper speed channel and freely travel to a majority of the areas in the universe, and also buy almost anything you need.”

“It is said that the value of a League badge exceeds the value of an entire galaxy.”

Han was shocked for a moment, and then he opened his mouth, “I remember now there were some things in the transition station that were marked to be VIP only, and there were also some that were marked to be exchangeable only after completing certain missions. So that all depends on your title?”

Lance replied, “That’s right! The League of Gods is just tempting us like this. You can see those awesome items but can’t exchange for them, thus forcing us to desperately try to level up.”

Han asked again, “Then if we become a member of the League, would it be enough to prevent the upcoming war against the god race?”

Lance shook his head, “No, because the League of Gods is just a group composed of cosmic elites but doesn’t involve politics and wars. Even killing between members is usually not against the rules.”

“The League of Gods won’t care about the survival of the Milky Way. They are only responsible for the elites.”

“I know what you are thinking, it’s not only you that want to protect your home, who would hope that their home gets destroyed?”

“Maybe Sansheng is right, Path of All Gods of the deeper level of dark net is like another battlefield. If we can win on this battlefield, maybe we can directly affect the situation Milky Way is in right now.”

“Think about it, if you are successful on the Path of All Gods, that way, the god race won’t dare to ignore your influence. All in all, you should start the challenges at the Path of All Gods as soon as possible, it will only be beneficial to you.”

“Oh right, there’s another thing, for some unknown reason, there have been some very bizarre death cases among our people, Sansheng informed us recently to be careful. As to where the problem occurred, he’s still investigating, so you should be careful too.”

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