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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 217

Chapter 217: Scroll Activated!



Han disappeared. The next moment, he appeared again in a boundless rain forest. The hot air was grilling the earth. Steaming white mist rose out of the land, resembling a big rice cooker.

In such a hot place, even the buzzing of the insects sounded lifeless. A row of text appeared in the air, outlining Han’s mission briefing.

Han was to complete a star-beast capturing mission, and according to the mission’s briefing, knowing how to capture beasts was also a necessary skill for beast tamers. In this tropical forest, Han needed to capture these star beasts in order to gain points.

The final reward will be based on the number, quality, and time spent capturing the star beast.

In addition, as to whether Han can be promoted to the #2 Communication station, the briefing didn’t say. That’s the feature of Path of All Gods, even if you complete the mission, the system still might not qualify you for a promotion. Just like Sansheng once said, at a place like the Path of All Gods, promotions all depended on the system’s mood.

Han pouted his mouth, this mission wasn’t difficult at all to him. After all, Han’s primary profession was a soldier. The system wants a terrifyingly powerful warrior like Han to catch star beasts, it was going to be a piece of cake.

With his finger slightly hovering over the Lunar Mark, Silver Fox, Ghost Claw, Demon Claw, and Yuan Yuan, Han’s four companions appeared. They all sat on the floor waiting for Han’s command.

As for that fusion beast Han just finished, due to its lack of loyalty, Han didn’t plan on using him, or even bother naming him. He just calls him fusion beast #1.

“Little guy, you scout. Ghost claw will be primary attacker, Demon Claw is responsible for battlefield lookout and cleanup. Now go get me the star beasts in that forest. If you encounter high level ones that you can’t manage, then ask for my reinforcement. As for Yuan Yuan, let’s study how we can improve the loyalty of fusion beasts.”


The three guys immediately disappeared into the forest, and waves after waves of screams followed right after. Hundred-year-old trees turned into stumps, completely making a havoc in the forest where chickens jumped around and dogs barked.

Han didn’t really care what means they use, as long as the mission was completed then it’s fine.

In fact, the strongest fighter Ghost Claw didn’t really get a chance to do anything. The little Silver Fox already cleared out the rainforest by himself. Before being adopted by Han, this little guy originally hunted star beasts for food, and it only started eating “normal pet food” after following Han.

Of course, the meat buns inside Han’s Lunar Mark were very tasty, and now this little guy doesn’t really want to eat star beasts anymore. It became a pretty picky eater now.

When this little thing finds a star beast in the forest, it would first use its little claws and scratch it to half dead and then leave it on the ground. At that moment, the Ghost Claw and the Demon Claw, who were a bit slower would just arrive, and the loyal Demon Claw would then pick up the prey.

When they encounter star beasts that were a bit more powerful and the Silver Fox couldn’t handle it immediately, the Ghost Claw would come into the scene like a wrecking ball, just like those legendary martial art experts. The Ghost Claw’s appearance was usually followed by brutal deaths, as he would tear the star beasts that dared to resist into pieces, and then have the Demon Claw carry them.

After a few hours, the three membered group would come back fully loaded. They really obtained too much loot so even the Ghost Claw had no choice but to start carrying things too. The two claws were like two trucks, carrying back two mountains of preys on their back.

“Yep, not bad, all good stuffs I will need. I can use it to make fusion beast #2 now.” Han looked at the loot and declared. Of course, he didn’t forget to compliment his three loyal companions.


The screen appeared again in the sky.

On it, it said that Han completed the mission, gained 47,000 points, and successfully moved on to #2 Communication Station.

“That’s it and I’m promoted?” Han was shocked for a second and said in excitement.

Looks like Fran’s luck was indeed not very good, not being able to level up after dozens of days while Han only used a few hours and also acquired a significant amount of points.

“I guess I shouldn’t go rub it in Fran’s face. If this guy knows that I got promoted after my first mission he will probably lose his mind.” Han mumbled to himself.

The excited Han was too focused on the joy of leveling up and also his loot of top tier genetic material as well as 47,000 points. He wouldn’t expect at all that in the world outside, a conspiracy was already starting to shroud over the Path of All Gods.

In an unknown forest on the Path of All Gods, those god-race soldiers that were sent here to execute special mission were gathered once again.

There were 13 of them, and the leader was that guy that had a scar on the middle of his forehead. The others looked very respectful of him, and when he talked, the other soldiers didn’t even dare to blink.

“All the human beast tamers have been set up with runes?” The leader asked.

“Yes, all of them have been prepared. Those damn humans, up until now they actually didn’t even lose one beast tamer, and there are two that even already arrived at #9 Communication Station now, which is the final destination.”

“Doesn’t matter, as long as they haven’t received the star lord title, we can pull them all back! And Kill!” The leader said as he looked around his surroundings.

“I think, let’s just choose this battlefield, a desert environment. There’s nowhere to hide, nor is it effective for fusion beasts to perform. Let’s just eliminate all those human beast tamers here, and then we can go back and report. After all, we all went through a lot of trouble to get to the #9 Communication Station, and if we can’t complete this mission for one more day, then we would be delayed on our path to star lord for one more day.”

“Rest assured boss, if you execute this step, we will succeed for sure! After all you are an elite of the warlord level. It will be a piece of cake for you to go against those beast tamers.”

The scar man fiercely glared at the soldier that was trying to flatter him and said, “Less nonsense! If it wasn’t because these humans were very difficult to deal with, did I need to personally carry out the mission? This siege, we must be careful.”

“It will be all about speed. When it starts, you guys hide in the surrounding desert. I will attract their fire power. We will aim to finish the battle within one minute, otherwise if those beast tamers let out their fusion beasts, things will become really troublesome.”

“Alright, now give me the scroll.”

Immediately, someone passed to the scar man a scroll that was sealed in an alloy reel. The scar man took out the scroll, opened it up, and then placed it on the desert.

The scroll was just like the runes, covered in unknown texts and symbols.

The scar man pressed his right hand against the center of the scroll.


Powerful source energy was poured into it. This was the source energy intensity of a warlord, causing yellow dust to cover up the sky. The scene was very epic.

When the yellow dust disappeared from the air, 10 strange circular patterns appeared on the sand. 7 of the patterns lit up, while the other 3 didn’t.

The scar man withdrew his hand and said “Even if it’s the power of teleportation scroll, it’s still not enough to overpower the Path of All Gods itself. If someone among them are in mission, the scroll can’t be activated. Now 3 of them are in mission so their teleport points didn’t light up.”

“Don’t worry, we have enough time. When all 10 of them aren’t in mission, doesn’t matter if they are at the transition station, communication station or even the final station, they will all be taken here by the power of the scroll.”

“Now, you guys each pick a spot and hide. As for me.” The scar man arrogantly raised his head and said, “Just let them all attack me when they appear. I just don’t believe that a few beast tamers can do anything to me.”

Other god race soldiers all nodded and hid below the sand.

The scar man arrogantly stood alone in the dead silent desert under the scorching sun, waiting for that moment those ten beast tamers were teleported in.


The 8th pattern lit up. Looks like it won’t be long before this inevitable murder begins, but at that moment, all the beast tamers including Han didn’t know what kind of sinister trap lied ahead of them.

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