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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 219

Chapter 219: God Blocks, Kill Gods!

                The summoning began, Han felt a strong pull that instantly dragged him into the pitch dark black hole. Such a feeling of having his training suddenly interrupted made Han very angry. At the same time, he also held back his anger.

Han knew that this was the rune playing its effect. Now that the enemies activated it, their goal was to take Han onto the battlefield and then kill him.

Sit still and wait for death?


Not to mention that Han had long since been prepared, even if he didn’t know anything, at this moment he would still unleash full potential and maintain a high degree of defense.

“Nuclear Fission pills! Double dose!”


The automatic pill box popped two pills into Han’s mouth.

Nuclear Fission, as the super drug that was hundreds of times more powerful than source energy pills, two was the limit Han could tolerate. Under the circumstance of an unknown enemy, strength and intention, Han didn’t dare to let his guard down and directly pushed his combat strength to the max!

“Void domain, open!”

Soon followed was Han’s dark descent ability!

And then, the Ares-class weapon Star-Strangling Boa came out, the triple-edged blade radiated chilling waves.

Bang bang bang~

The Ghost Claw, Demon Claw, and Silver Fox all came out!

Han was never alone!

Even if he was falling into a trap, there were three powerful fusion beasts falling with him. Same as Han, they all knew a tough fight awaited them, so the three fusion beasts all roused up their spirit, exposing their sharp claws and fangs.

“Eye of Darkness, open!”

Finally, Han activated his black right eye in order to figure out the surrounding situation at the first moment of entering the battlefield.

Drugs! Ares-class! Dark vision! Void Domain! Fusion beasts!

The battle didn’t even start and Han already revealed 5 cards!

The guys from god race were looking forward to a raid. They expected the human beast tamers to fall into panic at first, and to finish them in a quick battle.

But unfortunately they didn’t know, among the 10 human beast tamers, there was this guy. Not only was he already prepared since the beginning, he was not panicking at all!

On the contrary, the ones that should be panicking were the god race themselves!

Summoning anyone was good, but why would they summon Han! Not to mention it was a prepared Han, the Han at his peak fighting strength! This was simply suicidal!


The darkness lasted less than one second, but this much time was enough for Han to get ready. When he appeared on the desert, he was already ready to go.

His right eye only used a fraction of a second to scan the surrounding situation. A desert setting, 10 enemies, one on his right hand side, the other 9 were hidden under the sand.

This kind of arrangement was clearly planned so that the strongest enemy will attract fire, and the other enemies will suddenly jump out from the sand and eliminate the victims.

At the same time, the number of the human beast tamers was also 10 people, and among them, other than Han who already entered the strongest fighting status, the other people all didn’t know what went on and their eyes were still dull and confused.

“Let out your fusion beasts! This is war!” Han shouted immediately, and at the same time he charged towards that guy with a scar on forehead.

Since this guy was the strongest and responsible for attracting fire, then alright, I will give it to you!

Han thought, at the same time he swung the Ares-class Star-Strangling Boa. The edge carried white light and drew a perfect curve in the air.

Han directly used his forbidden ultimate skill!

“Path of Earth, Ground-shattering Godly Hammer!”


The blade edge became Thor’s hammer, shattering the earth, and the sand exploded upwards, almost like boiling an ocean!

“What is this situation?!” Until attacked by Han, the god-race warlord still couldn’t comprehend what was happening in front of him.

These humans were just teleported here. Before they even touched the ground, his own power already disappeared. That was his first surprise.

The 10 human beast tamers finally touched the ground, their feet just landed on the sand and a guy was already charging towards him with a reaction speed even faster than him. That was his second surprise.

This guy that charged at him had a powerful aura, and he used forbidden techniques! One move and the desert started boiling. That was his third surprise.

With a warrior’s instinct, when facing unknown circumstances, he chose to retreat, temporarily dodging Han’s attack. As a warlord elite, although he couldn’t use super power, but his foundation was still there.

The scarred man pushed his legs against the ground, and then retreated a hundred meters away like an arrow.


The scar man’s pupils shrank, because he noticed that Han’s attacks seemed to be focused on him. In fact, it completely wasn’t, but was focused on a god race warrior hidden under the sand on his left hand side.


It was a feign attack!

It was already too late when he realized it. He was in a half-flight position retreating and had no leverage to rush back into the battlefield.

At the same time, 9 people were jumping out from the sand. They were already ambushing the human beast tamers. Although they already felt their power disappearing, because they felt that they had a warlord on their side were only facing a bunch of beast tamers, they still went with the original plan, jumping out of their cover.

“I will let you jump!”

Han fought off that warlord elite in one move, the blade’s edge twisted in the air and landed on a god race soldier’s head as he was jumping up.

Poor guy, just jumped up and was smacked back into the sand by Han.


Not being able to distinguish whether he was sliced or smashed, the power of the Ares-class Star-Strangling Boa and Six Paths of Void combined and directly shattered that person into pieces!

What hard armor, soft armor, combat suit! No defense can stop this power!

Once he confirmed the kill, Han directed his attack at another soldier beside him. He jumped very high, and he stared at Han with widely opened eyes and a surprised look. He couldn’t believe how his comrade just turned into a cloud of blood.

Jumped very high?

Path of Heaven, Sky Break Strike!

The Star-Strangling Boa shot straight up, instantly penetrated that god-race soldier’s body!

This was the second ultimate skill in a row Han used. This was completely in the rhythm of an one attack one kill fighting style!

At the same time, Silver Fox, the Demon Claw, and Ghost Claw already charged to the other three directions, and their goal was to delay the enemies’ attacks to fight for more time for the human beast tamers!

Path of Man, Tearing Heaven and Earth!

For a target that was slightly further away, Han just used the straight line attack in the first three paths.

The Star-Strangling Boa and even Han himself all turned into a forward piercing light, killing another enemy again!

Third kill!

On the four corners, the scar face warrior took one side, and the other 9 god race warriors had 3 on each side.

And now the situation was, in the short span of only 2 to 3 seconds, Han used a feigned attack to force back a warlord, and then killed the three enemies on his left hand side!

The quartet siege formation, because of Han alone, completely collapsed.

And on the two other sides, the clever Silver Fox and dumber Demon Claw was one group and resisted the enemy on one corner, and the pro-like Ghost Claw resisted the last corner of enemies at the back.

Han used his power and forcefully held the attacks from all four sides!

And he did it!

Successfully turning the table around!




At this moment, even the dumbest human understood what’s happening, not to mention how these people were all dark net dwellers and were all “bad” people. Han just needed to block the first round of attacks for them, and now they were letting out fusions beasts like mad.

In the blink of an eye, a black mass appeared on the desert, all kinds of fierce monsters came out!

“Motherf*cker! This is actually a trap!”

“F*ck them in the face!”

“Kill! Kill them all!”

All the beast tamers shouted to their fusion beasts, these guys seemed to first have gotten scared. Then the fear became embarrassment and anger, and now, in their anger, they let out their whole storage of fusion beasts.

The situation had been completely turned!

The warlord elite’s face became deathly pale: these human beast tamers didn’t have one casualty, and he already lost 3 soldiers on his side? This was a result he completely didn’t expect.

The careful layout and calculation, was actually exchanged for them getting killed by the humans?

Yes, now the humans have turned around and began chasing the god race that planted the trap!

Han charged again towards the scar warlord, carrying his dark atmosphere!

He was not interested in those small fries, now he was very interested in killing a warlord elite!

His training was brutally interrupted, but it gave Han an immediate epiphany!

Now he understood, the so-called Path of God, it’s not about becoming god.

But killing god!

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