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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Full Integration, Chaotic Battles of Souls!

                The sand started reforming the Sand Demon and while being inattentive, Han was swallowed into the Sand Demon’s body.

Now Han was tightly packed into the big pile of black sand, and the heavy pressure was suffocating him, as if he was being strangled by a deadly python.

At the same time, the Sand Demon began launching the most powerful attack towards the sand monster created by Han.

The sand monster was quickly surrounded by the black quick sand and engulfed.

The sand monster uttered painful screams, but unfortunately, any experienced people knew how terrifying quicksand was. Once caught, the more one struggled, the deeper one sank.

The situation now was very similar to quicksand, the Sand Demon received a critical strike from Han and became crazy, wanting to eat both the sand monster and Han.


One leg of the sand monster broke, squished to a paste by the black quick sand, and soon, the other four limbs and organs couldn’t support the Sand Demon’s attack and began to collapse.

Han understood how difficult the current situation was, the Sand Demon’s power was beyond Han’s imagination, and only a desperate attempt could give a slim chance of survival.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t take long until this elliptical matrix battle suit stopped providing any protection and became crushed alive by the powerful Sand Demon.

“Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts!”

Han shouted in his heart, and at the same time, he began to use his fusion technique!

Although the sandy form of the Sand Demon was indeed terrifying, but it seemed to have forgotten that as long as it was in sand form, Han could merge the sand into a monster!


The powerful synchronization technique began. The broken sand monster and the fragmented Sand Demon began to blend together.

It might be clearer if one observed this from the outside, this mountain-like pile of black sand began rolling and shaking violently, like dough being kneaded, and was gradually taking in a strange form, like the embryo of a monster. As to what the embryo will turn out to be, no one knew.

“Demon Claw!”

“Please!” Han cried in his heart with a bit of grief.

He opened the Lunar Mark and released the Demon Claw, allowing it to join this fusion process.

There was no other way. Han knew very well, even if he finished the synchronization of the Sand Demon and the sand monster, that’s only creating a new monster that still posed a threat to him and will kill him anytime.

So Han must make sure that this new fusion species wouldn’t attack him. That’s why he thought of the Demon Claw, letting this loyal companion join the fusion process so that he could give this new fusion monster the trait of loyalty.

It was just that this way, the Demon Claw will no longer exist.

If it was not the last resort, Han wouldn’t make this choice. He really liked this silly, friendly Demon Claw, otherwise he wouldn’t spend so much effort to save it from the dying state in the first place.

And the Demon Claw clearly understood Han’s thoughts. The loyal silly companion immediately became a helping force after joining the fusion process.

Han could also clearly feel that the sand monster wanted to synchronize, this greedy a-s wanted more of the Sand Demon’s power to become stronger.

The Demon Claw also wanted to synchronize, because that was what its master wanted. As if it was its mission!

It was only the Sand Demon that didn’t want to be integrated, from its basic survival instinct.

So in this fusion, a 3 to 1 situation occurred. Han, the sand monster, and the Demon Claw wanted to do everything to eat this Sand Demon, and in order to do this, the Sand Monster was even willing to support Han with its power.


Han felt that two consciousnesses were entering the sand to accelerate the synchronization process, and the consciousness that belonged to Sand Demon was desperately resisting.

Under the reinforcement of the Demon Claw and the sand monster, the fusion process began accelerating, and this black desert became a huge egg, more than 1500 meters tall, as if was an oval-shaped black mountain, still rolling and struggling in the yellow desert.

Although it sounded easy, but the actual process was extremely difficult, and in order to complete the super fusion, Han almost used up all the source energy stored in his zero-degree brain region. If it wasn’t because of the Demon Claw and the sand monster’s support, Han couldn’t have done it on his own.

Time passed hour by hour and finally, this giant black egg was no longer spinning. The genetic fusion was already over, and it was replaced by the fight for the control of this body.

After all, there were three souls in this new life, and they all wanted to become the leader of this ultimate genetic beast, a brutal battle was inevitable.

As the performer of this synchronization, Han can feel this desperate battle but couldn’t offer any help to the Demon Claw.

Han could feel around him, there were three souls that were biting each other.

Now, Han couldn’t tell which was the soul of the sand monster and which belonged to the Sand Demon, but he could clearly tell which one was the soul of the Demon Claw.

Because the Demon Claw was very silly, it only knew how to attack and never retreated!

He saw the Demon Claw charge up again and again, biting the Sand Demon and sand monster. This was a mission given by Han, and this mission decided its life or death, so the Demon Claw wanted to complete it at all costs!

The battle of souls was very special. The Sand Demon’s soul wouldn’t be stronger just because its physical form was stronger. The soul was a spiritual force related to a life form’s willpower.

Clearly, the Demon Claw’s willpower was amazing, since it never had any distractions in its mind and was a very simple fellow.

The Demon Claw didn’t know what was called cunning or what was called clever. It only knew one thing in its entire life, and that was to listen to Han’s orders. If Han told the Demon Claw to die, it will really commit suicide.

The Demon Claw, with such a simple soul, was now doing one thing, charging up to bite, and repeating.

It was like a loyal mad dog; no one could shake its only conviction in its heart.

Gradually, the Sand Demon and sand monster started feeling the pressure brought by the Demon Claw. This guy doesn’t know anything but was very fierce.

So, the cunning Sand Demon and sand monster decided to kill the Demon Claw first, and then the two would fight to be the victor.

The soul battle began to enter the most brutal stage, the two monsters started cooperating to attack the Demon Claw!

“For master! I can’t lose!”

“For master! I can’t lose!”

“For master! I can’t lose!”

This silly fellow, from beginning to end, only had one thought in its mind, only one belief!

Such a simple soul, it only charged again and again!

Get knocked down, get up, and charge again!

Get knocked down again, get up, and charge again!

Han saw the Demon Claw’s battle on the spiritual level, and felt like his heart was shattering!

This fool, it was not fighting desperately for itself, but for Han!

The power of the Sand Demon and sand monster was still stronger after all. Han could feel that the Demon Claw’s soul was dying, but this silly fellow still got up with difficulty, stumbled a bit and continued to charge!

Who said there could be no feelings between humans and genetic beasts?!

Facts proved that Han and the Demon Claw’s relationship was unparalleled!

Han created the Demon Claw, loved it and saved it again and again.

Now, the Demon Claw was returning the favor with its life!

It was likely to die, and the death of a soul was the true end to a life, a real demise.

But the Demon Claw didn’t care at all!


Han couldn’t hold it anymore, letting out a painful cry. He didn’t want to continue watching anymore, and would rather be the one that was fighting right now, not the Demon Claw.


Suddenly, Han heard the sound of crystal breaking.

Soon, there was a powerful force approaching the Demon Claw.

Han remembered the origin of this crystal was very special.

During the time at the A-class relic for the first time, an Earth Claw once died protecting Han. After it died, Han buried it beneath a giant skeleton and didn’t know what organism it belonged to.

After a few days when Han passed the grave again, he noticed that a beautiful flower bloomed, and the Earth Claw’s body disappeared, replaced by a strange crystal.

Then later when making Demon Claw, Han had the weird idea to integrate the crystal into the Demon Claw’s body. From then on, the Demon Claw had a surprisingly strong vitality, like a cockroach that couldn’t be killed.

Han inferred that the reason behind the Demon Claw’s vitality was very likely because of the strange crystal. The crystal absorbed the Earth Claw and the unknown ancient monster’s power and now this power belonged to the Demon Claw.

And since then, Han almost forgot that there was still a crystal of unknown origin inside the Demon Claw’s body.

Until now, while the Demon Claw was desperately struggling on the verge of death and when its soul is about to disappear, when Han was at the moment of great despair and grief, this strange crystal suddenly broke.

And became an unexplained force.

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