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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 275

CH275 The Apostles were Getting Ready

The particle module made Han’s space trip less boring because even when the star ship was traveling forward, the particle module was still available for use. Due to the fact that Han’s private star ship was equipped with too many practical parts, there was nearly no spare space left. Since then, Han could practice in the transfer station during a trip.

The new ‘leaping’ technology enabled Han’s ‘Space Goddess’ to travel way faster than other ordinary star ships. Merely five days later, he had arrived at the fringe of the milky way; the outer side of the Deliface galaxy.

Deliface galaxy was the headquarter of the witch clan, and the relationship between Han and the witch clan could be said to be ‘extremely bad’. Of the three kings of the witch clan, two of them, King Mandela and Sha Emperor died to the hand of Han. Only the last one was left, King Fantasy Neptune. Han had never seen him before.

In the domain of the Deliface galaxy, the witch clan was the primary dominating force. There were also other alien tribes that settled down in that place, but for any alien species who wished to settle in Deliface, the preceding rule was that they had to obey the three kings of the witch clan.

As for humans from the milky way, Deliface also welcomed them, because when the witch clan warriors grew up, a huge portion of them would be hired by humans, engaging in some secret affairs. On the other hand, some businessmen also came to Deliface for trading purposes.

After a simple response, the navigation system then led Han’s ‘Moonlight Goddess’ to land on Deliface’s planet #2.

At the registration portal, Han was interrogated and examined by the witch clan border warriors.

“I came to look for mercenaries in secret on behalf of the family.” Han replied simply. In the meantime, he stuffed a 10000 star bill in the hand of the witch clan warrior in charge of the registration and examination.

Rumors said that the witch clan had an itching palm, which seemed to be true. The warrior’s face suddenly lit up with pleasure after he received the money. He asked with smile on his face, “May I ask which boss do you represent?”

Han looked at him and then said in a low voice, “If I tell you about that, then how would it be called in secret?”

The witch clan warrior nodded, “I understand, let me fill out the registration card for you. You can go anywhere you wish on the #2 Fantasy Neptune star with this card, hire whichever warriors you would like to hire, and you can also engage in trading, we witch clan are in need of more human friends.”

“Isn’t it money you really want as friend?” Han whispered to himself quietly. He then asked curiously, “I thought this planet was called Sha Planet. Since when has the name changed?”

The warrior then replied, “There’s something you don’t know. As for now, all the three planets of the Deliface galaxy have been taken over by King Fantasy Neptune. Now they are called #1, #2, and #3 Fantasy Neptune Stars.

Han then said, “Where did Sha Emperor go? I was thinking of buying some puppets from him.”

The witch clan warrior shook his head and said secretly, “How could we know so much about the king. It was said that Sha Emperor and King Mandela both had important missions and went far away, while King Fantasy Neptune was in charge of staying and taking care of things here.”

Han nodded. Both Sha Emperor and King Mandela died from his own hand, so what the witch clan warrior said was completely a lie told by King Fantasy Neptune. Maybe King Fantasy Neptune also knew that both of the other two kings died, but he was worried that they lost two kings at the same time, and that will possibly lead to some unnecessary civil strife, so he just kept it as secret.

That was none of Han’s business. Han went to the city right after he got the entry card and settled down in a secluded hotel. Like any other human visitors, Han also hired a witch clan guide.

When an outsider arrived at Deliface, they had to hire a local guide, that was the rule. Except for showing the way around, the guides were also in charge of monitoring outsiders. The witch clan put great effort in the safety of their territory which was not obtained easily, they did not want any outsiders to mess around.

As the only alien race in the milky way galaxy who had an official territory, the witch clan has been living under the influence of a human union. It was necessary for them to be careful.

Han’s guide, who was named Mazuoji, was pretty young. He was Han’s driver at the same time. Han hired him without any hesitation after he heard that it was Mazuoji’s first time being a guide. Compared to those wily old birds who dealt with humans all the time, Han would prefer a young guide without much experience.

After he spent some time arranging his luggage in the hotel, Han went out of the hotel and sat in Mazuoji’s old car with a white linen sunhat over his head. In order for Mazuoji to became a guide, his family not only paid his expensive tuition fee but they also bought him a car. Mazuoji liked that car, it was very clean.

“Where do we go Boss?” Mazuoji asked with excitement.

Han replied, “Let’s go to the busiest area around here.”

Mazuoji thought for a moment and then said, “The busiest area around here should be the slave market. We witch clan are still practicing slavery, you can hire mercenaries or slaves warriors as your wish. If a mercenary dies in the battle you will have to pay a large lump of money to his family, even though it might be kind of expensive buying a slave warrior, but you don’t have to pay anyone after they die in a battle.”

“On the other hand, the trade center is right next to the slave market. A lot of utilities for witchcraft that you might not have even seen before will be available for you to purchase there.”

Han nodded, “If you say so, I should go have a look. Let’s go.”

Only around ten minutes after Han’s landing on Deliface, a witch clan border prosecutor quietly left the control center. He hid in the washroom and opened his ultra-long-range anti-shielding communication device.

Nobody knew, that he was actually a dark apostle, because those god-created dark apostle could change their genes at their own will and disguise themselves into anyone they want. He sneaked into the witch clan’s headquarter easily.

At the other side of the ultra-long-distance communication channel was a soldier with a bulging belly, in his general uniform.

Needless to say, he was also a dark apostle, he had another identity.

“Here I have a good news and a bad news.”


“The good news is that the witch clan King Fantasy Neptune is finally getting on some action. He has invited a guest, and is planning to meet him in the near future. As for the identity of this guest, he is a forge master.”

“A forge master? So that means our speculations are correct. The remains of the humanoid weapon are still in King Fantasy Neptune’s hands. The reason he invited this forge master, was to find out whether the remains of humanoid weapon can be casted into a weapon?”

“Very likely, all in all King Fantasy Neptune lives in seclusion all year round, he seldom meets other people. This time he made huge effort inviting this well-known forge master over, he must have some ulterior secrets.”

“That’s valuable news, what is the bad news you just said?”

“Han is also here at Deliface.”


“Right, the soldier from earth who possesses three pieces of the humanoid weapon remains. He killed quite a number of our men, and even the Sha Emperor and King Mandela were also killed by him.”

“Han suddenly appeared in Deliface, could it be that he is also here for the humanoid weapon remains?”

“I’m not sure”

“Don’t worry, we will not let him leave this place easily. This human is a huge threat for us, since we will have to deal with King Fantasy Neptune, let’s also kill this kid altogether.

“Good, if so, I’ll start working on it.”

‘What’s your plan?”

“Very simple, during the period when King Fantasy Neptune will be meeting with the forge master, I’ll release the information that it was Han who killed Sha Emperor and King Mandela. After that, King Fantasy Neptune must be busy dealing with Han, and when they are fighting with each other, I’ll jump out and kill them both.”

Good idea, convene all the apostles who currently have no mission and rush to Deliface as soon as possible, we must make a clean sweep this time!

“I get it, I will definitely not let Han escape this time.”

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