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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Deeper Layer of Dark Net

The Extinction Site Administration had hundreds of espers employed. In order to keep these espers in shape, there was a huge and advanced training facility.

The training center had a large gym, and the equipment were all tailored to the strengths and capabilities of espers. Other than that, there were also single training rooms where espers were allowed to shut themselves away to train in peace.

Han wanted to try his Void End, so he booked a large single training room. At this moment, the majority of espers were exploring the Extinction Domain so there weren’t a lot of people there. Han went to the single training room on the top floor. It was about 200 square meters with large glass windows that extended to the ground. The floor and the wall were all built from enhanced carbon fiber. The structure was even stronger than steel, but also lighter and more resilient.

Han stood in the center of the training room with his eyes closed, trying to use his mind to slowly gather all the source energy.


When the source energy was gathered to a certain degree, it suddenly triggered a property change, and opened up a dimension that was one meter in radius with Han at the center!

This was the Void Domain!

The moment anyone entered this domain, their power would be immediately taken away. Any long range superpower attacks will vanish the moment they entered this zone!

This was a bit different from the power immunity Han already had. Power immunity acted no matter when, even if Han was sleeping. If an esper attacked him with a power, for example an ice arrow, the moment that ice arrow touched Han, it would melt immediately.

But the Void Domain needed Han to consciously activate it, as well as draining some source energy. If he didn’t activate the domain, no one would ever know that he had such skill, so it could be pretty deceptive.

Only Han will be able to see the coverage of the Void Domain, which appeared as a thin layer of light in his eyes. No one else will be able to find out whether Han activated the domain or not. It was very possible that the enemies will charge right into Han to use some power attacks, and then suddenly realize that their power was gone and be completely exposed to Han’s counter attack.

In conclusion, Void End was a very overbearing and unreasonable power. The moment one entered the domain, everyone would be powerless and be forced to fight against Han with martial arts.

Of course in order to forge iron, the tool itself must be tough. Even if Han could take away the enemies’ power, he still needed to be strong enough himself in order to stay alive in fights.

Han practiced many times to release and withdraw the domain and used up quite a bit of source energy. Then he started practicing the 46 Ensemble Training. To every esper solider, 46 Ensemble was still the basics of the basics. Even if they were in later stage with high achievements, they still won’t stop practicing it, because there was a whole list of benefits for practicing this. For instance, when you are tired, it can help you regain energy, relax your body, and increase power and flexibility.

Han looked at Pathless Origin’s database, apparently high level esper soldiers will usually practice 46 Ensemble once before they begin their training as a warm up, and once more after they are done to regain energy and relax the muscles. And Pathless Origin himself was also inclined to recommend practicing 46 Ensemble. He thought that as an esper soldier, regardless of how high level they were, they should never ignore the effects of practicing 46 Ensemble and continue to do it until they die.

Han turned on the frequency spectrograph and started practicing every move after the holographic teacher. The rhythm during battle and any fundamental skills and practices related to battle were all touched upon in the 46 Ensemble. Although it looked like a simple exercise, it was able to exercise every piece of muscle inside Han’s body.

Han’s shadow in the training room became very agile, one moment suddenly imitating an eagle soaring in the sky, another moment mimicking a crimson rabbit surging towards the moon.

The benefits of activating the zero-degree brain region with extreme conditions slowly began to surface. As Han’s source energy drastically increased, he also felt like he had woken up the memory from a long time ago, making him feel like the 46 Ensemble couldn’t be more familiar.

The predecessor that left behind the Void End power crystal must have practiced 46 Ensemble very frequently and now that Han inherited the power from the predecessor, he was able to progress a thousand times faster in comparison to other novices.

Han had looked up the people that previously possessed this power, and the search result was a bit unbelievable for him. There was only an old senior called Ye Shuihan, a 6 star Warlord ranked esper who was naturally talented. He did not work under anyone during his time, and he used that unique and unreasonable power of his to cause havoc everywhere. His whole life could be concluded as a life full with dispute, and he was quite famous in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Then Ye Shuihan disappeared in the end, no one knew if he was still alive. But if we hypothesize that he died on a foreign planet and passed on his power to Han, it was actually very likely. It was just that, Han couldn’t believe how lucky he was, a “garbage” power crystal he bought for 10,000 GC was actually left behind by the warlord Ye Shuihan?

Han couldn’t believe it nor deny it. Maybe the answer to whose Void End and legacy he inherited will always be a myth.

After the afternoon training was completed, Han had some dinner, took a break and went back to his room for some rest. Then he started to write the drug index number and started training in the pool after he was done. Following Pathless Origin’s instructions, every time Han trained, he will put half of his life on the line in order to push himself to the verge of death. Starting from the second extreme training session, Han only took one source energy pill each time. According to Pathless Origin’s explanation later on, it was actually because he was scared that Han would die from the first training, so he told him to take 3 times the normal dose of nuclear energy to protect his life at crucial moments.

Now that Han had slowly adapted to this type of crazy training, his drug intake also decreased to the normal amount.

With a godlike speed of improvement, Han could always increase his Power Index by 30 points every day. If compared to the natural growth rate, it was more than 10 times bigger! Even Pathless Origin said more than once that Han’s speed of improvement was okay.

And with Pathless Origin’s strict character, when he says it’s okay, then it must be really “okay”.

This continued on for a week. Han followed Pathless Origin’s pointers and trained hard every day. His Power Source Index also successfully past 300. On the night Han past 300, Pathless Origin suddenly gave Han a link to a website.

“From today forward you don’t have to do regular training anymore, it’s pointless for you. Your power is from inheritance, so you just need to fully activate your zero-brain region and then your fundamental skills will naturally be there. Do you have a virtual pod over there? Go visit that website.” Pathless Origin told Han.

“Doe this belong to the dark net as well?” Han looked at the address and asked curiously.

“Yep, websites like little Black’s drug market is just the first layer of the dark net, they are just the things floating on the surface. But what I’m giving you belongs to the second layer, and normal people have no way of even coming close to it. I already added you to the white list and gave you access.” Pathless Origin explained, “And about the website’s content, you will know after you see it. But you have to pay close attention.

Han nodded and inserted that address onto the login program. He had become more familiar with the dark net’s rules now. The dark net was actually like the network rule, most of the websites need a referrer to give permission in order to let users log on.

Han first met Night Walker, and with Night Walker as a guarantee, Han was introduced to Pathless Origin. As he became familiar with Pathless Origin, Pathless Origin also acted as a referrer and introduced Han to another website that was hidden even deeper in the dark net.

All these relationships were created to form a hidden network, and those so called public forums in today’s Han’s eyes were really ordinary, way too far away from being the dark net’s deepest layer.

Just how deep was the Galactic Dark Net? What was its deepest layer?

Han was completely lost.

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