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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Monsters

“So Han’s really dead?” Pathless Origin tried to ask while hiding his emotions.

Night Walker hesitated for a second, and lightly shook his head, “Nope, he just went into a coma that’s all. I noticed that Han’s index number wasn’t updating for a few days, so I went onto the web servers on Earth, where Han lives, and did a bit of research. As a result, I came across this video about Han that went viral, it seemed like everyone on Earth sees Han as a hero now.”

“That video’s content was very short, it wasn’t everything you just saw. That’s because I found a famous hacker on the dark net and paid him to hack into Earth’s United Government’s Esper Administration. That video you just saw was what we got.”

But suddenly, a strong light came across Night Walker’s eyes, “Pathless, seems like age didn’t set your skills back that much. Han didn’t know you for more than a month and, not mentioning other things, Han’s sheer force of character already resembles you quite a bit.”

Hearing that Han was still alive, Pathless finally let out a long sigh and a bitter smile, “I’m not going to lie, I really got old. Just moments ago when I thought Han was dead, I was actually really disappointed and sorry.”

Pathless continued, “But actually, Han was able to achieve this height was not all because of me. I just taught him how to be a true warrior, and also taught him effective ways to practice for combat as someone who had power immunity, and that was all. Today’s results was more due to his hardworking character.”

Night Walker laughed, “You really think Han’s power is Power Immunity?”

Pathless waved his land, “Of course not, if I can’t even notice that then I might as well run into a wall and die. Let me show you something.”

Quickly, Pathless pulled out a large graph, and which was Han’s power source index’s progression scale. Although verbally he said that he couldn’t care less about Han, but behind the curtains he took the time and carefully summarized all of Han’s progression data into graphs. Below the graphs were a lot of notes Pathless made, it was obvious how much he valued Han.

Night saw the graph and was shocked, “Such a steep slope?”

Pathless nodded, “I’ve never seen it before too. Without a question, he inherited a super soldier’s power crystal. Now that I come to think about it, Han took so much drugs, why was he still able to escape death and survive? You are the expert in this realm you should know.”

Night lost in thought for a brief moment, “To be honest, Han’s survival actually troubled me for a few days as well. It shouldn’t be. An overdose of illegal drugs in one mouthful, not just some 3-star esper like Han, even you might be half ruined.”

“The reason I invited you to meet today was also for solving this mystery. Coming with the training method you taught Han, maybe it can be explained why he was able to escape from death.”

Pathless laughed and said, “Old black, Old black, you told me to stay quiet on the dark net, but aren’t you the same as me? The moment there’s some challenging problem about drugs, you get excited.”

Then, Pathless quickly changed his tone a voice and answered seriously, “What I taught Han was the Extremity Oppression Method, risking one’s life to force out the power crystal’s potential during early stages. I forced Han to train in cold water. Rather than calling this training his body and skills, it is more suitable to be described as training his life.”

“Since I never inherited anyone’s power, I never actually put this method into practice before, Han was the first one. Forcefully activating the full potential of the power crystal, I actually didn’t know what would happen too.”

Night Walker continued Pathless’ chain of thought, “So what you are saying is, maybe it was because Han’s power crystal was too powerful, it protected Han at the most crucial moment and forced Han into a self-defence mode. Kind of like the electric fuse box tripping when the current is too high.”

“And because Han was always practicing in the freezing water, every time he entered the cold water would simulate his zero-degree region to a high degree. And when he fell down into the freezing water, the result that occurred was the unexplained coma situation.”

“Oh right, there’s also something else that’s interesting. Han’s not really a power immunity esper, do you know what his real power is?”

Pathless thought for a bit, “Don’t laugh at me, but I feel like his power is Void End. Of course, I know it’s impossible because the only one in this world that has that power is Ye Shuihan. It’s impossible that Han got Void End because that would be too much of a coincidence.”

Suddenly, before Pathless even finished, a crafty smile appeared on Night Walker’s face.

“What are you laughing at?”

“It’s really Void End?”

“Han actually inherited that monster’s power?!” Pathless questioned in excitement.

Night Walker nodded slightly, “It’s really Void End. When I saw the data I was shocked too. Couldn’t believe that after that old monster Ye Shuihan comes a little monster Han. Looks like the Milky Way won’t be at rest with the birth of Han.”

“Holy s--t! It’s really Void End?!” Pathless slapped his leg loudly and yelled, “When I first saw Ye Shuihan I was so disgusted that I was going to puke. I couldn’t use any power, not even a single skill. I felt like a complete moron at that time!”

“At that moment I thought, I never want to meet that guy again, ever. That monster, it’s not enough that he doesn’t have any fancy powers, but he doesn’t let anyone else have any too! What kind of unreasonable power is that? I can’t believe Han actually inherited that monster’s Void End.”

“Oh that doesn’t even end there. After inheriting that monster Ye Shuihan’s power, he also got trained by a monster like you, Han’s like a monster among the monsters now.” Night Walker laughed and said, “I named myself Night Walker out of my respect for Ye Shuihan (TL: Ye Shuihan directly translates to Night Water Cold). The moment he enters the battle, all of you guys became idiots, oh boy, it’s funny every time I think of it. The days with Ye Shuihan was actually pretty fun, countless of elites were trolled hard by him.”

Pathless curled his lips, Night Walker opening up his old scars made him kind of depressed and speechless, but he had to admit it, Ye Shuihan was really a troublesome guy back in the days, and almost all espers hated him.

Night Walker once again took off a piece from the chess board. Both of them had a very unique style of playing chess, Pathless’ style was cruel and merciless, but Night Walker was always able to calmly resolve any dangerous situations with a few moves.

“I’m thinking, Han already inherited that monster Ye Shuihan’s power, and also got trained by a monster like you, I might as well do something too.” Night Walker said.

Pathless was shocked for quite a bit, “Old Black, you are finally going to do something now?”

Night Walker nodded slightly, “We will see. Han’s current comatose state is a challenging question I’ve never encountered. I want to try to solve it.”

“Also, you tested a training method on Han that you never tested before, how come I can’t test a drug on him that I’ve never made before on him? It’s only fair that way.”

Pathless shrugged his shoulder, and said helplessly, “Fine, Han’s the lab rat. Ye Shuihan’s power, my training, your poisonous monster’s medicines, if all three of us monsters all use force on his, I have a feeling, if Han can wake up from this, his life is going to be really tough.”

Night Walker smiled slightly, “Then that’s settled, tomorrow I will ship some special medicine for him. If he can wake up, then he will continue to train under you, you monster.”

“Oh by the way, do you think that our other monster is interested in giving Han a hand?”

Pathless Origin quickly waved his hand, “You want to involve him too? What do you want Han to turn into? A real monster?”

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