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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Drug Index Numbers

Han decided that he must first acquire a power even if it’s the most useless power in the universe, and the only obstacle in his way was the ten thousand GC fee. Like most people, the first place that Han thought of for making this sum was the Galactic trade. Selling Earth’s specialties on the dark net could fill the price difference.

So, Han started focusing on his big dream of making Galactic coins. He soon realized, however, that galactic trade was not as easy as he had first thought. Looking at the entire galaxy, Earth had one of the prettiest natural environment that is also optimal for living. However, in comparison to the other planets, its resources, products, and production capabilities are many tiers below the average level. Up until now, there is still a large deficit in trade with other, more powerful planets. Even the United Government is trying hard to export more goods in exchange for those valuable Galactic Coins. Currently, the only few industries that can generate revenue for the United Government were tourism, handicrafts and a few more. Besides, the Galactic Dark Net was where weapons, drugs, and other outlawed merchandise were traded. If someone started selling things like handicrafts, people will take one look and laugh their butts off.

After wasting around two days, Han was exhausted and fell onto the sofa. He turned on the TV and watched some news to give his brain a break. Spending a whole week on the dark net, he had missed a lot of current events on Earth, and the majority was relevant to the espers. Using the average ratio of one over one hundred thousand, the 15 billion population on Earth has around 150 thousand espers, and these people were the main force of protection for Earth. However, due to the lack of a higher governing power for these espers, they were also a main source of chaos on Earth.

It’s simple, let’s say that there was an esper with pyromancer capabilities that could blow up a concrete wall with just a casual wave of his hand. Do you think that he will just live humbly as a normal citizen and accept those insignificant monthly wages, or was it more likely for him to rob a bank and become a millionaire overnight? It’s obvious due to the super abilities people possess, espers usually don’t care about rules and laws. Knocking a pretty girl unconscious and bringing her home only to throw her out after a few days, or teaming up to rob banks were very common situations.

There are United Government troops stationed in the cities so the security is okay, but the suburban areas have become the heaven for these lawless criminals. The large number of criminals are enough for the United Government and the Superpower Control Centre to fret over.

It has been concluded that the only force that can go against espers are their own kind, so the United Government invests heavily to hire as many super powered individuals as they can to maintain order and peace. But, the worst thing is, some espers use police/soldier duties as cover, and they wear their uniforms during the day and takes them off at night to reappear as the core members of major gangs.

In conclusion, the Super Power Era is a chaotic era. Crime rate is high, and Earth is soon facing the possible fate of being demoted into a colony. The internal conflicts and the external threats are the causes of countless sleepless nights for the people of the United Government.

The News segment finished, and Han started watching the financial reports. Two incidents were being broadcasted, relating to the bankruptcy of all across the world. Due to the chaotic state of Earth, the Dow Jones Index dropped another 4%, the Deutsche DAX Index dropped 3%, and the Tokyo Industry Index dropped 6%.

“Index?!” Han soon thought of something.

Index is a commonly used financial tool, not only is there stock index, there are also resource index, inflation index, and all other kinds. Even the price of instant noodle is an important factor when calculating the United Government citizens’ basic food price index.

Han didn’t find anything similar to index numbers when he was browsing the Dark Net, and for someone that studies economics, the existence of index numbers are crucial for everyone. For instance, factories can lower production when index values drops, indicating a decrease in demand. For the citizens, an increase in product price index means that the food prices are going up and people should start storing food at home. If there is a weapon industry index, it can clearly display what type of firearm was currently the most popular, as well as the change in price and trade volume. This was all valuable information to weapon manufacturers. For example, if the sale volume of weapons spikes, this could be used by people to predict that a war between planets or an open fight between factions was going to take place.

Then, Han realized why Index numbers don’t exist on Dark Net: according to the rules, any forms of search engine or data extracting tools are not allowed to be used, but calculating the index requires extensive research of information on many prices, trading information and then compiling everything in the end. This just means, if someone wants to come up with a price index on dark net, they will have to visit over hundreds of websites every day, manually note down all prices and calculate everything by hand. In the dark net world, without the assistance of search engine and data extracting tools, if someone wants to publish index numbers then the stupidest method must be used, which is very time and energy consuming.

Han actually got very excited, “So what if it’s a stupid method? Every coin I make on the dark net counts!” According to the current conversion rate, 1 Galactic Coin converts to 1250 United Coin. So, even if Han goes outside to work, 1000 UC per month is already good enough. But, if he’s lucky and makes a couple GC on the GDC, Han would be considered a high-income individual by the United Government.

One of the four geniuses of Hong Kong, Cai Lan, once said, “Humans are strange, as soon as they become hard working they will succeed.”

Han doesn’t have a super power and doesn’t belong to a rich family background, so if he wants to succeed, he needs to work a lot harder than normal people. Although calculating Index numbers will be a lot of hard work every day, if it’s not because of the workload being so overwhelming that no one was willing to do it, how can an ordinary guy like Han meet this kind of money making opportunity?

“If others think it’s tough, and that they don’t want to do it, then I will!” Han immediately jumped up from the sofa and sprinted towards the computer, his fingers started quickly typing on the keyboard.

Even the dumbest method still requires some skills, first of all using a pen to write down the power and sales volume is impossible because it lacks efficiency. The best way was to use his voice. The current voice recognition software has reached almost 100% recognition. Han just had to read out the numbers and the software would record everything. Of course, that won’t be enough as Han also needed an automated data processing program which allowed the recorded data to be automatically filled into a table and calculated in the background. Han coded a computer program that automatically records data via voice, then calculate and analyzes the data. From his proficient coding process, it looks like his computer background is really good, probably inherited from his mother.

With only two days, Han completed a program dedicated for calculating indexes. How it works is really simple, first voice recognition, then automatic recording, then deleting errors, followed by compiling and calculating data. Ultimately performing model analysis.

Now that the program is in place, Han needs to consider what product he should produce index numbers for. First of all the product must be a popular category on dark net, have large daily sales volume, significant fluctuation in price, where countless buyers and purchasing agents pays close attention to fluctuation in price for that product. That way, Han’s index number can be a huge hit.

Staring outside of the window a long time, Han smiled, and typed down the following words, “Dark Net Drug Price Index”.

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  2. Bare Necessities

    >the only few industries
    remove either “few” or “only”?

    >It has been concluded that the only force that can go against espers are their own kind

    Seems like a weird conclusion outside of truly powerful ones. I sometimes use the following rule of thumb to assess if muggles can deal with a supernatural being: Assume there is a sniper team 1km away from it. Can the snipers hit the threat? How much would being hit inconvenience the threat? Regarding all examples of esper powers mentioned so far the answers would be “yes” and “it would kill them”.

    >Han coded a computer program that automatically records data via voice, then calculate and analyzes the data.

    Why not just taking a program that can read and using that? If somehow you cannot make programs inside the computer (which really stretches my suspension of disbelief), just point a camera at the screen. Should be faster than reading everything by orders of magnitudes and also more reliable!

    That whole darknet thing seems only thought half-way through.

    > How it works is really simple, first voice recognition, then automatic recording, then deleting errors, followed by compiling and calculating data. Ultimately performing model analysis.

    If it is so simple, why have others not done that already? And if the Dark Net is truly anonymous, why hasn’t anyone just made that data public? Even if all the people there are secretive professionals, someone would at least try to sell accurate and current data if it is so valuable… Or hobbyists who just make that data for the fun of it and discuss is or something.

    • Thank you for your questions, here are my answers which can all be found in common sense, the posted chapters or future chapters: 1) espers have improved senses and body strength, I thought that was common sense. As these traits improve, they advance in levels and their body can handle more of that power they have. For instance, if someone can use an element (e.g fire, water) why can’t they make a barrier to push away or destroy the bullets? If someone can fly at lightening speed, I assume their senses have developed to handle moving or things moving at lightening speed so they dont crash, which also applies to dodging bullets. Of course, not all espers are fighting types, which i mentioned in the chapters. Some can only grow more teeth or do math really well, and obvious these espers wont be able go dodge any bullets. Some possess elements that can be used to construct unbreakable armor.
      2) the one fundamental thing people know about the real dark net is that theres no data extracting, searching or filtering tools allowed. This is so that even if the police can somehow get access, they still can’t find the evidence/suspect they want unless they manually go through everything. So ya, if not even the authority can be allowed to use these computer tools, do you think a little boy like Han gets an exception? 3) no one has done the index thing because i think a lot of people are not interested in going through every single drug website to take down numbers and do calculation on a daily basis. Han chose 200 of the major sellers, and even 200 is a pain in the a-s. I know personally I wouldnt, and im actually a pretty hardworking guy. I dont think you would too, if you just sit behind the screen and try to pick out mistakes instead of appreciating a fiction for what it is: not a non-fiction. By the way, you know the definition of fiction right?
      Anyways, thank you for your opinion though, excuse my tone because I’ve stayed up for quite a few nights doing translations and noodles can get cranky

      • Bare Necessities

        Thank you for the lengthy reply, and thank you very much for your hard work! That post was just a bit of me rambling. I already hoped that some or all of these thinks would be explained later in the story.

        I agree that it is obvious that there are a lot of powers that *could* deal with my hypothetical sniper scenario. I simply assumed from what was mentioned so far, that the variety of powers was quite large and most espers would not have a fitting defensive skill set and/or do not have enough constant vigilance to keep their shields/awareness up long enough.

        Nevertheless, the esper thing especially was something I expected to make more sense later. It was just a curious thing to note at the moment. “Only espers can deal with espers” seemed like an overly broad statement to me.

        For you thing number 2), I don’t quite see how your reply fits my post. Seems a bit unrelated.

        In any case, that is explained a bit more two chapters later. It’s just one of the things that is a bit curious. He doesn’t need any more “data extracting, searching or filtering tools” than he already uses. He already uses some data analysis tools, so that is obviously possible. What I found curious was that – since he already uses computer programs outside the machine – why he doesn’t just point a camera at the screen and lets that one do the work.

        Regarding number 3, that seems like a really weird argument to make. Those indexes are very useful, for reasons mentioned in the chapter. Those are huge businesses, at least some of them will know how much this information is worth. Just because it takes a bit of work is not enough reason to say no one bothered doing it! (And really, the cost of one or two full-time employees is nothing compared to the worth of this information)

        If I were to argue why no one has done it so far, I’d say it would be out of fear to be killed for breaching some of the data-extraction and analysis rules. Those rules might not be entirely clearly defined, and those people successful enough to pay someone to extract this info would not need the information so much that they would risk death for it.

        This has been yet another huge post, I think I’ll go read the rest of the translated chapters now. It’s quite fun so far and I want to find out what power he gets.

        • Sorry man i got a little bit cranky too, anyways enjoy the novel, after chapter 12 the pace will really pick up

        • The pointing a camera and using an outside tools are 2 big no no of being a illegal criminal which after accessing the dark net he is on a galactic level at that wowser camera can be accessed especially since this is in the future I’d guess most things work on a cloud which if you don’t privitaly make one then yeah goverment got chu. The experts that do crimes are obv the stronger types or they wouldn’t be doing it since they can’t. So ofc the criminals that they care about can only be takin care of by a esper. Only thing unrealstic is the index since an organization is a lot better at this stuff then a boy

    • gman

      just throw your brain out the door when reading WN

  3. Bare Necessities

    Quite alright. It’s good that you are passionate about the story.

    • Ya I love this story, the more i read it the more i get hooked. But ya the beginning is a bit slow in order to introduce the environment which the readers are not familiar with since its a fresh concept, but once the actions start they dont really stop

  4. What a nice change from normal xianxia, the author seems knowledgeable, while there is a little mistake with author knowledge of deep web, i think this info is more than enough to make reader hooked…
    Yeah, i’m hooked, please translate this moar!

    • Hahaha thanks bae the translations r on their way

      • Kekeke

        U just called Hazery a poop/s--t( bae means poop in danish) kekeke

        Hmm… U know Godly Thief incarnation is just the same as this doing the introduction thingy at a very early stage.

        And i love this novel and im new in here soooo keep up the good work 🙂

  5. RedDragonX

    Thanks for the chapter!

  6. jacobpaige

    The author is underestimating modeling software. Making something of the quality that was just described in under two days is already a super power.

    • noodletowntranslated

      ya probably, but this software require manual data input so it won’t need as much work

    • eeyorestail

      I could repurpose my existing spreadsheets to do that kind of very simple price indexing in 1-2 hours tops.

  7. Tintery

    I like this kind of creative MC. The translator did a good job on finding such a unique novel. Keep up the good work! I am really loving this story. Thank you~

  8. Kryzin

    Thxs for the chapter.

  9. Ugh_Zug

    While being able to index pricing is pretty normal, it is highly unlikely that darknet vendors would publish sale volumes… and even if they did would you trust them? Also to make any kind of money trading takes startup capital and I very much doubt the average 16 year old will have enough to get anywhere. Something else to consider is that selling your stuff takes time; if he intends to flip stuff he will need to wait for the market prices and buyers and that doesn’t happen instantly. Lastly shipping from these vendors, unless using a 3rd party will to handle the product the vendors will get his address or where ever he is sending product to which can be there traced back to him. Vendors in an illegal market will likely want to murder him for taking a cut of their market or by flipping their product.

  10. Oak

    Thanks for the chapter

  11. Bunnn000

    I think that nobody want to do this indexing thingy is because most of the people who visit dark net got some bucks in their disposal? Because there is no way ordinary people can enter the dark net right ? Usual visitors, assassins, drug/weapon dealers, espers, hackers (usually hacker can made money easily – illegal/legal way) , perverts who got money to spend etc. MC can enter the net just because her mother…. Also even if there are those who make it, it only for personal use. If given opportunity by making one by themselves, or let other make it for them only for merely 3GC. I think they rather spend some GC to get it. Just my opinion though. No flame k. N thank you for translate this! Love it.

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