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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Old Mo’s Visit

A few days have arriving at Nazca base, Han’s daily routine was completely restored. Training every day, practicing Wolf Fang tactic with the group, asking Pathless questions nonstop, and aside from those, Han would also study the pharmacological book that Night Walker gave him.

Han originally thought pharmacology would be a particularly boring skill to learn, but when he really started studying he discovered that being a pharmacist was actually quite fun too.

The most important science behind pharmacology is alchemy. For example, the expensive Shirakawa smoke orange can accelerate cell metabolism, and if you can’t afford it then you can also use mix the extraction of yellow land roll, west vanilla, and Hualien to get the same effect.

All in all, the era of interstellar pharmacology was a field concerning very complex harmonic technology. Starting with the purification process, to drug interactions, drug formulation time, temperature, and even adding bacteria into the medicine sometimes too, in order to enlarge pharmacological effects.

Han felt that pharmacology was like a microscopic world, full of mysterious changes, and the real masters were the existences that have mastered the art of changing the potency of pharmaceutical products.

Of course, Han’s learning of pharmacology was just for fun, he didn’t not spend a lot of time on it. His primary mission right now was still training himself, improving his level, and also helping everyone master the Wolf Fang tactic.

After a few days of time, Han received an email from Old Mo on the dark net saying that he had currently reached the outer solar system, carrying equipment sets for a battalion of million units, some basic herbs and experiment tools that Night Walker wanted to give him, as well as Han’s own equipment set.

Han got very excited and got the license to enter Earth’s airspace from Long Chuan for Old Mo, and hurried to fly to the Sahara desert to see Old Mo.



It was still that old tattered industry ship, it appeared at the horizon and landed at the boundless desert.

As a businessman that did illegal trades on the dark net, Old Mo has always been cautious when making contact with outsiders. So Han had to meet him alone, and the Combat Falcon fighter hid far away after dropping Han off. In addition, Han also told Long Chuan to not attempt to communicate with this ship, because the cautious Old Mo didn’t want to even leave behind any communication record.

After all, the dark net was a shady place hidden from the light, most of the businessmen there are as cautious as Old Mo. He was willing to personally deliver the goods to Earth, which was already showing a great amount of trust in Han.

The door opened, Old Mo and a few robots walked out. He was not wearing protective clothing so his real face showed, and Han thought he resembled a pangolin, eyes were very small, wearing wind sunglasses, and his body was covered in blue scales.

“Old Mo!” Han waved and shouted.

Old Mo looked at the burning sun in the sky, and sincerely said, “Such a beautiful place and no one’s living here? You people on Earth are really wasting precious resources.”

Han smiled and looked around at the sand hills, “What good place? It’s just a desert and you can’t even find a drop of water. We people on Earth don’t like living in deserts, we prefer living by the sea or the plain.”

Old Mo shook his head, sighed and said, “Before landing, I carefully looked at Earth. A planet as beautiful as Earth is really rare in Milky Way, no wonder a lot of empires want to colonize you guys… Even I want to spend my old days here.”

Han didn’t say anything, anyone living on Earth knew very clearly the empire isn’t really desperate about Earth because of how beautiful it is, but rather because of the priceless Class B Extinction Domain here.

“Did you bring all the stuff?” Han asked.

Old Mo gesture, those hard-working robots opened the ship’s back door and carried down a few alloy cargo containers, and Old Mo took off the Blue Spatial Ring on his finger and handed it to Han.

“Do not worry, I’ve fully cleansed my ship, now my Vulture (TL: name of ship) doesn’t have any radiation, it’s very safe. Look, the stuffs inside the ring are your personal belongings, and these are the goods you bought for Earth.”

Old Mo led Han and opened each container to check.

“Oh right, this box is also your stuff. Night Walker had me give you some raw materials and a set of equipment to make medicines. Also, this box contains your own medicine, like Nuclear Energy pills and stuff. Also, Pathless told me to give you this, a versatile training suit.”

“He said, your current training method isn’t convenient when you are doing long distance travelling, so he gave me this to give it to you. With this suit, you can train anytime and anywhere.” Old Mo opened one of the boxes, and explained how to use it.

Han looked curiously at the equipment for drug formulation, it seemed quite advanced and Han didn’t recognize most of them. Then Han picked up the training suit Pathless gave.

It was a very heavy suit with complex circuitry installed and it carried an alloy backpack-looking thing, the instruction says that the suit can adjust the temperature, gravity, and even imitate the pain you receive from getting attacked.

Han was so glad, this odd man Pathless Origin, he always scolded him like no tomorrow, but secretly he’s been really good to him. This versatile training suit is probably worth a lot of money. With it, Han can travel to distant destinations without having to carry around that huge pool of water, and also have something with so many functions.

Lastly, Han opened the Sky Spatial Ring. These alternate dimension storages were really convenient, anyone wearing it can activate it, and all it needed was some source energy poured into the ring.

The powerful soft metallic combat suit Black Kylin, the sharp Silver Moon Crescent, white bone dagger, cash, they were all in there.

Old Mo said, “I’ve sold that power crystal for you for 12 million GC, already transferred it into your account.”

Han chuckled, “Thank you thank you! To express my appreciation, I prepared some food and drinks. It’s getting dark soon, leave after eating dinner.”

Old Mo thought for a moment, decided to stay behind and try the delicious Earth cuisine that Han was talking about.

So, Han took out the already prepared military folding table, propped it up, and from the backup he pulled out 12 heat insulated lunch boxes, a bottle of Maotai. He used the portable pot and heated up the food. Han sat down on the floor with Old Mo and had a simple yet pleasant dinner.

Chinese cuisine enjoyed great fame through ages, and all the dishes bought by Han were classics: braised lion head (TL: just big meat ball, not actual lion head), boiled shrimp, spicy chicken, Beijing sauced ground beef, boiled fish, and others, and the main course is of course Han’s favorite, meat bun.

Due to Old Mo’s perennial life in the wilderness, of course he never had the time to enjoy such delicious meal. He took a big spoon and praised the gods literally after every bite. In the Kui culture, everything is a gift from God, everyone from the Kui race is very pious.

Han had two glasses of drink, sat and watched Old Mo eating everything. The delicious cuisine and beautiful site of Earth significantly improved Old Mo’s impression of Earth. Half way through the meal, he put away the leftovers into a fridge carefully and said that he will save it for later to slowly enjoy it when he craves for more.

It seems no matter what culture or race, the love for delicious food is the same, and the delicious Chinese cuisine easily conquered Old Mo’s appetite.

Other than loving meat in bum and hot chocolate, Han feel okay with most other cuisines. In comparison, he likes Old Mo’s robots more.

During this visit, Old Mo’s number of robots increased a bit to 20 something, and he said it was from repairing during the voyage when he had nothing else to do.

Seeing how interested Han was about robots, Old Mo patiently explained to him, from the history of robots all the way to all the different types robots today, how the internal structure, and whatever he knows.

Unfortunately, Han is still a novice, and he could only understand a little bit about the robot technology left behind by the pre-historic civilization.

Needless to say, robots could improve work efficiency, and the key was how loyal and obedient they were. When Old Mo was eating with Han, they just blankly stood there and they came to clean up after Old Mo and Han were done. They just do whatever they are told to do.

Old Mo sighed, “Earth got delicious cuisine and a good environment, but unfortunately, it’s still time for me to go.” Old Mo said and he’s already sounding nostalgic.

Han laughed and said, “If you like then just stay! With your knowledge in robotics, you can easily become the federal chief mechanic, and by then, you will have great food made for you every day and also be able to live wherever you want, and isn’t that better than going to distant battlefields and live every day under fear?”

Han was very sincere, although Earth is short on money, but it’s more desperate for talents. If Old Mo can fix such complex robots, then obviously he’s a very skilled mechanic.

Old Mo said in a deep voice, “I want to too, but unfortunately I’m not at the age of retirement yet. When I was young I wished, if I’m going to be a Skinner, then I will be the best one out there, and I won’t stop until I can retrieve a set of godly equipment from the battlefield.”

“This time, I’m going somewhere really good. Although it’s a lot riskier, but it’s very possible for me to accomplish that goal of mine.”

“Then let’s make a pact, if I succeed this time, then I will come to Earth to find you for sure. By then, you just have to get me a small house here and I will be satisfied.

“No problem! I got you.” Han smiled and asked, “You mentioned Ares-class equipment earlier, what’s that?”

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