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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Close the doors, Let the Dogs out:

When the outlaws gathered together, three things definitely wouldn’t be missing: alcohol, women, and gambling.

Looking around, with the desert as the center, the scene was full of sights like drunk men doing adult things to women, and people swearing and gambling everywhere.

In a white tent, the head of the Thorn Bird Raiders, Lucas, with two women in his arms, was sitting together with the chiefs of other outlaw groups. In comparison to their men that were fooling around outside, they were behaving in a civilized manner.

“Come on, let’s finish this cup! From today, we make money together and spend it together!” Lucas raised his full glass of ale and proposed a toast.

The head of the Gerbil Pirate group, Donald, rubbed his mouth, and said cautiously, “I don’t have anything against the money offer, the golden contractor behind this is generous enough. But we still have to be careful, after all Earth is still a country, their esper population exceeds ours and they also have a heavy battlecruiser.”

The Mad Cloud Raiders’ chief, Amir, disagreed, “What kind of s--t country is Earth?! It just joined the Milky Way Alliance a few years ago, and they got nothing other than that Ke Lake and the Air-Fortress class cruiser, there’s nothing to worry about. We will just follow Lucas’s plan, take turns to execute that 24-hour battle every day until Earth is on its knees!”

“Oh by the way, Lucas, the golden contractor really did say, if he successfully takes ownership of Earth he will let us go berserk and kill on Earth for three days and three nights?”

Lucas nodded, “Of course, our boss only wants Earth and he obviously don’t want the burden that comes with Earth. The more people we kill and abducted, the more hassle we save for our boss so of course they are happy with it.”

Amir laughed out loud, “Nice! I love working for this type of boss! I heard that the quality of chicks on Earth is pretty good. After we are done I’m going to grab a few ships of them!”

All the chiefs started laughing, the Sally Empire agreed that once it colonized Earth after the Milky Way Gathering (TL: previously known as Galactic Meet), they will allow the pirates and raiders to do whatever they want on Earth for 3 days, and that was something the outlaws were very willing to do.

However, the always cautious Donald said again, “Chief Lucas, our intelligence reported that Earth’s heavy cruiser disappeared. Now that our alliance is settled, why not let us go back so that our base isn’t vulnerable with most of our troops here.”

Lucas sneered, and threw his glass at the table, “Chief Donald, you’ve been just a p---y since the beginning, is it that you don’t want to make money together with us? If so, then leave and I won’t stop you!”

He pointed to the sky and continued in a deep voice, “You take a look yourself, we have a fleet size of more than 30 warships, just the ones in the air on watch is already more than a dozen, rotating on 6 hour shifts. Earth in total has one cruiser, so it’s even better if it comes! After destroying Earth’s only battleship, then it would be even easier to take down Earth!”

“Well said!”

“They won’t dare to come even if we give them 100 guys. Donald, man, you think too much!”

All the other chiefs didn’t worry too much. Seeing everyone being so dismissive about his words, Donald chugged down a glass of alcohol and displayed a downhearted mood.

Starships relied on transition channels for mobility. If Earth’s Atlantic Cruiser wanted to attack the outlaws, they first had to create an artificial wormhole, and then let the starship through the wormhole to arrive in the combat zone.

The key stage was here. The outlaws had air defense, so the moment the transition channel opened up, before the Atlantic Cruiser even entered the territory, the defending battleships would already begin its ferocious attacks on the Atlantic. Most likely, the Atlantic would explode before it even leaves the transition channel.

These outlaw chiefs were not worried at all because they really didn’t believe that Earth will send their only battleship to die.

“Come on, cheers!” Lucas was right in the middle of having fun, and he gave another toast.


His voice just faded, and in the desert not too far away, a sudden burst of wind started blowing. The dust covered the sky, the ground started shaking violently, all the food and drink on the tables scattered over the ground, and all the outlaws that were having fun all stood up and looked towards that direction.

Lucas slightly frowned, could it be a sandstorm?

Although the planet N65871 had an atmosphere as well as oxygen that was essential for the survival of humans, but it already went through desertification. There was severe weather, lack of water, and frequent earthquakes and sandworms. This planet was uninhabitable by Galactic standards and that was why the outlaws could easily occupy and hide on it.

But before the gathering, Lucas already ordered someone to predict the weather and there shouldn’t be any large scale sandstorms appearing. Could there be an error in their calculation?

After a few seconds, the earth began trembling even harder and the outlaws began to panic and start to slowly retreat.


There came an extremely loud noise powerful to almost shatter eardrum. It was very similar to the sound of high-speed rotations of a battleship engine when the space transition ends.

“It’s a transition channel!”

“OH S--T! Someone’s driving their ship straight into the desert!”

“Run! Hurry and retreat!”

“Call air support! Call air support!”

In the sky, a huge black shadow appeared, it was the Atlantic! Earth’s only heavy battle cruiser!

Air defense?

Under the command of Long Chuan, the Atlantic Cruiser skipped right past the air defense! He didn’t establish Atlantic’s endpoint of the transition channel in space but directly in front the outlaws face!

No sane captain would do something like this, because opening up the channel directly near the planet’s surface was way too risky. If there was any error and the channel opened up not at the surface of the planet but beneath the surface, then the spaceship would immediately become an excavator and get buried alive.

In addition, when the transition channel opens up, if it inhales too much sand and rocks, then the channel become instable which also leads to a horrible result.

In the instruction manual of starships, it stated clearly that the transitional channel needed to be established away from any physical object, and Long Chuan completely ignored it because he knew very well if he used conventional tactics, then there was no way he could eliminate this group of outlaws. If Earth wanted to win in adversity, then they should be the greatest risk!



Before Atlantic came to a full stop, two huge noises sounded at the same time, one was the sound of the detonation of a super interceptor bomb, and the other noise was the sound of Atlantic’s landing door opening up!


With the detonation of the interceptor bomb, a cloud of bright light quickly surrounded the entire barren planet.

Interceptor bombs could release strong interference waves for 30 minutes, capable of stopping engines from starting and depriving all battleships of their mobility, it was a tactical weapon that sacrificed 800 to destroy 1000. The moment it was activated, the battleships of both the ally and foe were all staying! No one could even think about leaving!


The 12 battleships on watch in space couldn’t move at all because of the interference from the bomb, being unable to provide any support to their allies on the ground. The same situation went for the ships parked on the ground.

Under the orders of the godly commander Long Chuan, the Atlantic was like a sharp knife that went straight into the hinterland of the enemy! At the expense of their own mobility, the Atlantic immobilized all 30 or so battleships on the raiders and pirates’ side!

Success! Long Chuan’s insane Divine Sword operation really succeeded!

The United Government of Earth with only one battleship, really forced the outlaws with over 30 ships into a dead corner!

The protector of Earth Ke Lake was no longer here. That was really unfortunate.

But Earth still had its godly commander of the generation, Long Chuan!

His stratagem, courage, and plotting were all unparalleled in the world!

Now, the door is closed. The next step is, release the dogs!


The landing door of Atlantic completely opened, and more than 12 thousand of Earth’s finest espers all rushed out! They have been suppressed for way too long! And they rushed out like a tsunami of mad dogs!

Earth vs. Outlaw Alliance, the war broke out immediately!

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