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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Pinned To the Top

A planet far away in the galaxy named Sala Tumu.

In a dark underground office, an elegant middle-age and looking man in glasses was sitting in front of the computer, checking out today’s drug price index. He was the “Night Walker”, the first one to subscribe to Han’s index.

From the start of the subscription until today, it had already been a month, meaning that if Night Walker wants to stay subscribed he needs to make another payment. Han specifically wrote a Thank You email to him for the subscription, and the wording was very sincere.

The office door opened and a young brown-haired girl walked in, placing down a pile of documents onto the desk. She smiled and said, “Daddy, hurry up and sign please.”

The Night Walker picked the documents and said in a lower voice, “I already told you, don’t call me dad at work, you have to call me boss. Also, I’d like to formally inform you that you lost the bet we had a month ago.”

The brown-hair girl was stunned for a moment and asked in curiosity, “That Wind Speaker guy is still doing it?”

Night Walker projected the computer screen onto the office wall, pointed at a detailed graph said, “Not only did he persevere, he’s actually doing it pretty well. At first he could only provide last year’s data model, and now he included the last two years in his trend graph, and also added a new feature predicting the next popular product.

The girl made a funny face, putting her arms around Night Walker and said, “This guy’s actually pretty stubborn, I didn’t know he had such determination. Looks like I lost, I guess I will personally cook a big meal for you tonight.”

Night Walker actually didn’t care about the bet he won, it was just for fun anyways, not to mention the taste of the kind of “substance” his daughter makes….

“Dad, do you think the Wind Speaker guy is cheating and using some type of search engine tool that can locate different data? Did he really do everything by hand?”

Night Walker smiled, “Silly girl, just because it’s the dark net doesn’t mean it lacks supervision. The hackers that created this world is powerful beyond your imagination. They hide in the depth of the dark net looking over all activities. Wind Speaker won’t be able to use any data search tools, otherwise the hackers that founded this world will erase his existence immediately.”

“All I can say is that this guy is very smart, he used a method that looks simple but applies a very advanced calculation model to derive those index numbers. He’s very hardworking. For this index number, he probably have to work around 20 hours every day.”

“20 hours? Does he not eat or sleep?”

“That’s why I say he’s hard working. He’s also very efficient because it can take a lot more than 20 hours for someone to check every website and process and interpret the data. He’s already kind of famous in our community. He really deserves it.”

The girl nodded, “dad, you really seem to like this Wind Speaker guy, looks like you are going to keep the subscription?”

“Of course. Although the index number is still not perfect, but with the speed of the index number improving, it can be very important to the galactic drug companies. Don’t forget, your dad is the vice-admin of the drug forum, I will give him some help within my power, let’s hope that he can continue his work.”

“How does dad plan to help him?”

Night Walker clicked the mouse a few times, “Let’s pin his post to the top.”


647 galactic coins?!

Han would open his dark net bank account every day and he would see the amount would have grown a little bit, ranging from 10 to 50GC.  Han is already pretty grateful for it, maybe a few hundred GC is not much on a developed planet, but on Earth, the conversion rate in the last two month has been hovering around 1300 UC to 1 GC.

Of course, Han’s not going to convert them to UC, because he has a bigger goal in mind, a goal to make enough to buy an esper power crystal and inherit a power before he reaches the age limit.

With only 21 days left, Han needs to make 9353 GC in the next 21 days in order to have enough to buy the lowest grade crystal. Oh crap, shipping’s not included.

Han won’t give up easily, but with the speed he’s making money right now, it’s nearly impossible to reach his goal. Suddenly, just when Han’s about to close his account tab, his icon flashed: someone just ordered a half year of the subscription fee for his drug price index, so there’s an extra 13 GC in his wallet.

“Haha, money’s coming”

Han was pretty happy, and before he hit the close button, the number increased by another 3 coins.

“Two subscribers within one minute? Not bad.”

Immediately, another deal came in, this was for a seasonal subscription plan, and now there’s another 8 GC in his account.

“Wait what’s happening, is there a problem with the system or something?”

Han was shocked and quickly visited the home page, only to find his post was pinned to the very top by an admin.

The forum that Han is on belongs to the dark net’s drug discussion forum, and there are a few posts pinned to the top, with Han’s being one of them. Being pleasantly surprised, he clicked open his post and saw it was pinned by Night Walker. Han clearly remembers, this was his first customer!

“After a month of observation, the numbers have been verified, the data is also accurate, and the predictions are well-founded. Although manually calculating index number is a dumb method, what the forum needs most is people that can get things done step by step even if it means using old ancient methods. Post is pinned for encouragement —- Night Walker”

Finally! Han start to get the sudden urge to cry, his hard work is finally getting recognized! After getting pinned, views grew exponentially, soon breaking millions within one day! The revenue from subscriptions on that day had past 6000 GC!

On the second day, the post was no longer pinned, but the popularity remained, bringing Han 3000 GC that day. On the third day, Han got another 1200 GC. On the fourth day, with the initial hype finally decaying, revenue reached 1000 GC, and revenue for the days after averaged around 500 to 400 GC.

Within just one week, Han’s customers past 3000, and his account balance reached 16000 GC which was equivalent to 20,000,000 UC on earth!

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  1. Bare Necessities

    >They hide in the depth of the dark net looking over all activities. Wind Speaker won’t be able to use any data search tools, otherwise the hackers that founded this world will erase his existence immediately.

    This does kind of explain how this is possible. There is a camera aimed at everyone using a computer in that world, after all. Would be curious to know where the limit is as to how much automation is allowed and how much data one is allowed to collect.

    • Its not a camera, but a set of coding that notifies the admins whenever someone violates the rules.

      • Bare Necessities

        I get that it is a code that notifies the admins whenever someone violates the rules. I was not disputing that. However, I was thinking of how this code might get the necessary information to find out *that* someone is violating the rules.

        Since rather obvious circumvention of a code within the machine is to simply do your stuff *outside* the machine, there has to be way for the code to ascertain that there is indeed a human sitting in front of it and not a machine.

        We already know that the dark net has control of the scanner, as it scanned the MC without prompting. I think the simplest explanation would be that every user is monitored throughout the session and forbidden actions are logged and flagged for the creators.

        I think this theory is especially neat, because it also explains how the creators of the dark net could find the hackers who helped the police so easily.

        Sorry, I am still trying to find out how it works in my head. As long as it doesn’t contradict what is written in the story I try to think of a way how the things mentioned in the story might work. Theories and such.

        • Hey man, no worries i will try to explain, however i didnt write the novel so the explanation is limited. Im not really an expert in programming, but my understanding is that all information and its text on the website are protected, and whenever someone tries to access the text with another tool/program (e.g copy and paste and search engines) then the system will notice it. However if you just look at the texts and click on the links and functions then it’s fine. As for the scanner, if was to verify his identity to make sure he is an authorized user, just like a password.

          • Sorry, my account is fake ;-;


            This novel is pretty dumb, there is no way to check if a person is cheating, he can just use an old fashioned BOT to do it, as the program catches the information, he does not need to click on the site to get it, he just set a macro to enter the site and catch the information, easy as it is

            Using a futuristic macro is the best, using top notch engineering one can make a macro that imitates a human

            BUT, this is a novel, so… Nothing is real and even water can make curves when you open the water tap

          • noodletowntranslated

            and clearly, the MC, a highschool graduate, is equipped with top notch engineering skills to make a bot and also has access to the materials.
            Although I do admit that the author has some loop holes in the plot, but this certainly isn’t one, and I’m sorry but the world of technology is more complicated, it’s more than just dreaming about how one can make a robot to perform tasks for them.
            (P.s., later in the novel, it will introduce that robots and artificial intelligence are banned due to a potential threat that they may surpass humans.

          • There really is no reliable way to tell if a person is using automation or not. First, the admins would have to be monitoring every site on the dark web and tracing it back to the people involved in the transactions, in which case no one would use the system to do illegal activities for fear of black-mailing and/or inadvertent information leaks. Second, even if such a monitoring system were in place, the admins would need to have a way to distinguish between a person and a computer program doing the exact same surfing — but Han knows what sites he checks, and what pages the information is on, so he could code a bot that visits these pages at human-like timing intervals to download the necessary information, then process it offline to compute the index. There’s no way the admins would know that it’s not a human doing this. It’s pure artistic license: nothing wrong with that!

  2. Kekeke

    So this what translators feels
    Galactic Translator

  3. RedDragonX

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. jacobpaige

    I figured he’d win the lottery with a black crystal, but now its looking like he might actually be able to buy whichever one he wants (within reason). Still, there’s very little time left, especially when accounting for shipping time, so he may have to settle for a black crystal anyway.

    Not that it really matters, with his current business, he can make a good living for the rest of his life, especially if he can get some grunts credentialed to help him with his work.

    • noodletowntranslated

      hahaha yep, but imo the black crystal the best one

  5. Tintery

    Mc deserves any super power he will get now. He really worked hard for it. That aside the story is so fun to read~

    Middle age man was the true mvp this chapter.

  6. AncientAnimeLover

    I like this Father. Hopefully Han saves him if he is ever in trouble from the other side of the Net! Is the Daughter the Heroine or is it Glasses Girl?

  7. gman

    for his sudden jump in income, if the government didn’t find anything fishy, I really need to put my brain outside the door while reading WN. Unless the currency is encrypted that no one could trace it.

    • noodletowntranslated

      how would they know? cuz he just spends whatever he makes from dark net on dark net again instead of transferring those money into his bank account on Earth and buy luxury housing with it

  8. Kryzin

    Thxs for the chapter.

  9. It seems kinda odd that his post was only pinned for a single day. Normally such helpful/useful posts will stay pinned indefinitely, or at least for quite a long time.

  10. Robert C-

    To the person above who talked about the protagonist being incapable of making a bot due to lack of engineering expertise… what?

    Bots are INCREDIBLY simple programs that log input (from the user, from programs, from outside sources like network connections) and respond in preset ways. They’re the kind of thing you can build after reading a ” ‘insert programming language here’ For Dummies” book, and maybe doing a bit of research specifically on botting. They’re not actual robots lol. And if they’re built correctly there’s no way for a program to tell if some bot is interacting with it (it doesn’t have to work with the program itself, it can look directly at the data that is being stored on the computer).

    The concerns on how this darknet keeps people from botting are pretty legit. Even if it COULD track everything done on a user’s computer (and maybe it can), it would be trivial even with modern technology to just have a camera pointing at the computer and using text recognition to record data.

    For what the author seems to want, he should probably have said that the GalDarkNet was only accessible using some kind of BMI (brain machine interface, think virtual reality) that the Earthlings had copied from cheap galactic technology. If it could absolutely verify a real user (through some computer magic that could hide in what we don’t know, somehow keeping people from faking the returns it is expecting from an organic brain) then this might work. Otherwise yeah, you’d need godlike AI whose sole purpose was guessing whether things being done were possible without the use of bots. Even then you could just design your bots to work within the limits of humans and use a lot of them.

    Either way I was certain that the first thing he would do was to hire other people to add to his harvesting efforts. Even if the DarkNet really CAN keep you from automating, there’s no reason you can’t have a workforce doing the grunt labor, and that way he could expand to more markets and increase his cash flow. How has he not done this? Even his first GC would have been enough to hire someone for a month to double his output (and so income).

  11. Robert C-

    Oops can’t edit lol. Just wanted to add that I’m still really loving the story, the great suspension bridge which is disbelief has not crashed into the sea yet, that comment about the protagonist not being able to create a bot just got to me. There’s no reason to even suspect that a high-school student who has been learning to program from his mother since he was a child would be any LESS proficient at it than an adult, either of which could manage this. If nothing else though why wouldn’t some random other person in the galaxy have don it even if it was difficult (which it’s not)?

  12. Vonikur

    This MC is unusually hard working, not using his Armour in the firsts chapters have earned my respect. +1 GC donated.

  13. Oak

    Thanks for the chapter

  14. Bunnn000

    Lol. Shipping not included. Laugh hard at that.

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