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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Violent Siege

                When the battle has arrived at this stage, it could be said that the end was already decided. The Earth Federation army was fully prepared, utilizing subtle tactics coupled with the wild card of the wolf fang squad to force the outlaws into a dead end.

The interceptor bomb was still releasing wave interference, so even if Lucas and his team wanted to flee, none of the battleships could take off.

Thus, the only way left for them was to fight to the death against Earth’s army!

So, Lucas led the chiefs of several other major raider and pirate groups. This group of the most powerful outlaws all rushed toward the middle to find Long Chuan, thinking that this man with the four-eyed dragon was their biggest threat.


The collision between the lightning and the four-eyed dragon sounded the battle horn of the aces! Han at the left wing saw this scene. He didn’t feel nervous at all, but instead, his blood boiled!

“It’s time for the final battle!” Han’s eyes glanced over the last members of the Wolf Fang squad and shouted, “All of that hard training was for this moment today! Let’s go!”


Cheng Zhong played the role of the diligent old cattle again. He took all the comrades of Wolf Fang and rushed straight to the middle of the formation. After all these series of rushes, Chen had lost a lot of weight already.


In the middle, the ill and skinny Long Chuan was carrying the smile of a joker, and his face was still as pale as snow.

At this moment, he was already surrounded by the group of high level espers led by Lucas. The army obviously was not strong enough to be their opponents so they all stood aside.

However, Lucas was still very confused, because Long Chuan didn’t look busy at all and all the Earth soldiers surrounding them were also gearing up and getting ready to strike.

Lucas was completely angered by Long Chuan’s smile. He was just a weak guy stricken with a severe illness, so how dare he be this dismissive of him?


Another blue lightning bolt struck towards Long Chuan, but the four eyed dragon proudly swum towards the lightening to take the hit.


The blue lightning dealt a critical blow to the dragon, and the Four Eyed Celestial Dragon that Long Chuan was so proud of got completely crushed, turning into a cloud of bright white dust, dancing in the wind like snowflakes.

“The source energy eudemon is dead! KILL HIM!” Lucas shouted.

Since the summoning, Long Chuan’s eudemon dragon was the sole pillar of support that was keeping the center wing moving forward. The giant and magical source energy eudemon was invincible, but as the stronger Lucas made his move, Long Chuan’s Four Eyed Celestial Dragon was taken down. In a short time, it would be impossible for Long Chuan to gather his source energy again and summon a second dragon.

The situation turned into an unparalleled crisis. The 1st Legion and the outlaw alliance both began their assault again, but there was a clear gap between the two sides. The 1st Army only had a Long Chuan, but the outlaw alliance had aces like Lucas, Defoe, Amir Khan, Donald, etc.

If the two sides got into melee battles, Long Chuan’s side will be at a disastrous disadvantage!


Seeing the two sides were in close proximity just before clashing, the outlaws had saved up their energy to unleash all their ability attacks to win this war from one swoop. And just when they were lost in the dream of victory and about to strike….

The Wolf Fang squad arrived!

Its appearance appeared to have lit up the hopes and pent force of the 1st Legion, and Lucas noticed that the 1st legion’s center force actually left an opening to welcome the Wolf Fang, as if they’ve been expecting their arrival.

Then, an embarrassing and awkward scene followed right after their arrival: Lucas’s side suddenly realized that they can’t use their power anymore!

“Leave them all here!” Han roared. (TL: it means, they won’t be leaving and after this battle, their bodies will be left here.)

In Han’s eyes, when the enemy’s ace cards all gathered to attack Long Chuan, it was not a crisis but rather the crucial turning point he was waiting for! He had been waiting for the enemies to show all their ace cards at once!

Han clearly remembered what Long Chuan was telling him before the war: The Wolf Fang couldn’t be used as a last resort card but instead as a trump card that was designed to kill the enemy’s ace cards!

The violent attacks immediately unfolded!

The Wolf Fang squad and all their brothers in the center all started charging like crazy! They gave up attacking the enemy ranged troops and began to focus everything to get the heads of Lucas and other enemy aces!

Only one goal!

No matter the price they had to pay, they will kill this group of the strongest outlaws on the battlefield!

Within the 10 meters radius void domain, it was the most brutal and most violent battleground!

Inside the void domain, all powers were taken away, and even the ranged ability attacks wouldn’t be able to get into the domain, so melee brutality was the only way!

If they did not have the void domain, could the 1st Legion kill someone as powerful as Lucas?

Maybe, but they were bound to pay a painful price. After all, Lucas’s level was too high, and his power was already strong to begin with.

But now, Lucas entered the Void domain, his famous thunder descent super power had been robbed and couldn’t be used anymore, leaving him no choice but to fight these violent warriors from Earth in melee combat.

On Earth’s side, the soldiers used their bodies to stop the blows of the enemy aces and traded blows with their life on the line. A life for a life, even three or four lives for a life was also worth it for them!

All in all, now that you guys are here, you guys won’t be leaving anymore!

Full on violence, it was originally just Han’s own style of combat, but now has spread throughout the entire legion!

Void End was activated with Han as the center so he must always follow Lucas, biting into his flesh and never letting go!

After all, Lucas was an intermediate 5-star elite, his power source index was close to 600,000! Even without his super power, his combat strength was still very powerful! In a blink of an eye, 7 or 8 warriors from Earth were smashed into the ground by Lucas. Although Lucas also received several cuts himself, but with his advanced combat suit and even stronger source energy, none of the wounds were life-threatening.

There was a good old saying: to catch bandits you must first catch the ring leader. If we could kill Lucas in one swoop, then we could end this difficult battle and end all hopes for the enemies.

Anyways, Lucas must die! He was the biggest threat to Earth, and to our brothers!

“I’m taking your life!”

Stepping on the corpses of brothers, Han charged, waving his Silver Moon Crescent Blade, biting onto Lucas and started trading blows with him!

Lucas had a higher level, but Han had stronger equipment!

Lucas had a pinnacle 5-star combat suit named the Lucky Sirius, but Han had the junior 6-star combat suit, Black Kylin, forged with soft metal.

Lucas used a pair of black crystal titanium swords, Cross Wind, but Han had the Fremont (TL: previously translated as Folin) Dragon titanium forged scimitar, Silver Moon Crescent Blade!

On the battlefield, an unbelievable scene appeared: Han and Lucas were trading blows with each other, slashing back and forth! Then, the tide of battle tipped.

This scene left everyone stunned with eyes starring and mouth opened. With crimson red eyes, Han actually was the one that chased the Lucas who was a lot higher level than him, and Lucas kept on trying to run but he would still occasionally turn around to try to kill Han!

Han’s blood was already boiling, he was very excited, and it was an unprecedented feeling of excitement!

Honestly, Long Chuan had already done a good enough job, he fully grasped and controlled the situation even though the 1st Legion was on the inferior side. But there were those damn elite outlaws! If Lucas didn’t die, then all his brothers will die!

Kill him!

Kill him!

Must kill him at all cost!

The voice constantly ringed inside Han’s brain, with a rapid acceleration of blood flow and heart rate, the Han that was madly slashing seemed to have triggered a hidden existence of some sort inside his body.

Darkness began to spread from the position of Han’s heart, quickly spreading to Han’s arm, turning his right arm black, and then it even spread to half of Han’s face and his eye.

“Are you really a human or demon?!” Lucas shouted angrily at Han.

Now, the Han that appeared in Lucas’s eyes was extremely terrifying, his entire right face turned completely black, especially Han’s right eye, bleak without any light reflecting.

The Han that transformed into a being half covered in darkness…

Could it be because of that half of the Heart of Darkness that he absorbed before?

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