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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Death of Luo Yuyin

After a seemingly long silence, Long Chuan and Li Yu finally came back to their senses. Seeing the pile of junk that was previously a bull’s-eye machine, the look on their faces could only be described as very interesting.

“Han, what have you done?” Li Yu Asked

Han said with an innocent face: “I already said, only Strength descent espers use this machine but you guys insisted on me trying. How would I know what happened?”

Li Yu and Long Chuan stared at each other in silence. Crap, the only bull’s-eye machine was broken by Han, but exactly how powerful was Han’s punch? We still don’t know…

Long Chuan thought for a moment, “Maybe it’s the nature of Han’s attack that’s really unique, it detonated the circuitry inside the machine. But in conclusion, after this, at least we know that now Han not only has the void domain that can deprive enemy powers, he’s also equipped with an incredibly strong attack.”

Li Yu nodded, “The Void End plus the power of darkness. Han, now you got a new nickname. Other than the Tough Bone Han, people also call you the dark demon because of your savage and merciless performance on the battlefield.”

“Also, this time we got a lot of loot. Our fleet size has now expanded to 12 ships, and we also destroyed 13 raider and pirate nests and retrieved a large amount of loot from their lair. The preliminary estimate of the value from the loot is more than two billion GC.”

“So, we and Talin talked a bit and decided to recruit all the qualified espers from the Federation into the army, and soon Earth will have 10 esper legions plus an excellent starship fleet.”

“Expanding the military will also need the purchase of large quantities of supplies and equipment, so we still have to contact that mysterious friend of yours.”

Han nodded and said, “Purchasing isn’t a problem. Earth is my home, and doing something for my home is my responsibility, but you know…”

Li Yu smiled and interrupted Han, “I know I know, the equipment and medicines you get are either illegal or unsolicited. But it’s almost time for the Milky Way Meet, we can’t afford to care about that anymore so just rest assured and purchase whatever you feel fit, as long as it works. This time, other than equipment and medicine, we also need some parts for repairing starships. The Atlantic Cruiser needs some serious repairs, but this time we will use our own engineers. Not to mention that it saves money, but it also trains our mechanics.”

The three walked and talked, discussing seriously about the military and the future of Earth. Currently, the higher ups in the Earth Military unanimously recognized Han as a very talented young man who will very likely be promoted to be one of them in the future. To this end, Long Chuan and Li Yu told Han everything they knew and didn’t try to hide anything.

Han also asked about Long Chuan’s illness. Although he had managed to preserve Long Chuan’s life, his condition did not improve and thus has to now rely on a wheelchair. Han secretly decided, that he will learn more about pharmacology and see if he can help Long Chuan. After all, Long Chuan was like the soul of Earth’s military, whether it was tactical or combat. Losing him will be a significant and tragic loss for Earth.

They were just about to leave the training camp when the grumpy Cheng Zhong caught up and wanted to drag Han out for a drink.

“What happened? Who pissed you off?” Han asked curiously.

“Don’t mention it! Didn’t we just get a huge victory? So I decided to take advantage of this momentum and see if I can pass the final pressure exam so I can get a spot at the Milky Way Meet as soon as possible.”

“But what the hell! Just when I entered the battle, everyone started to target me! And someone even chopped off my head! Although it was just virtual battle and I can’t die, it is so f**king shameful! I’m almost embarrassed enough to kill myself!”

Han was slightly shocked, puzzled and asked, “What kind of battle exam? Why did they all target you?”

“It was a medal race this time. Everyone had a keepsake on their chest, and you must try to get as many of other people’s keepsakes as possible while protecting your own. The more you get, the higher your score. I was hiding somewhere and planning to wait for single encounters, and I saw some people fighting so I wanted to take advantage of the chaos and try to make something happen. But, all those people stopped fighting immediately after seeing me, and they all ganged up on me!” Cheng Zhong said angrily.

A bad feeling suddenly rose in Han, but first he tried to comfort Cheng Zhong, “Don’t worry, maybe you just stepped in a trap. Maybe these people came from the same group and they just pretended to be fighting to bait enemies. There are still 2 more months left until the deadline for this exam, just calm down and train, you still have a chance.”

“Fine.” Cheng Zhong darkened his face, nodded and said, “Looks like I still need to gain more weight. I’m going to go back eat until I’m at 800 pounds and then compete again.”

Han didn’t say anything, the night wind in Nazca was very strong, blowing the sand and making it dance.

No one knew, the Sally Empire had already set up a net in the Pressure Exam, and the trouble Cheng Zhong just encountered was just a start.


Luo Yuyin was the youngest soldier in the training camp. She was just 16 years old and had the typical features of a southern Chinese girl: pretty skin, a short and thin figure, two cute dimples when she laughed. A small girl that liked to hide in her room and watch anime while wearing pink princess dresses.

Speaking of Luo Yuyin and Han, they shared a common hobby: both of them liked hot chocolate, so they always saw each other at the hot beverage section in the cafeteria. Han doubted that she weighed more than 70 pounds and thus, he could easily lift her up with one finger.

Although knowing that Luo Yuyin was a relatively rare Sound descent esper and was quite talented, Han felt that someone as shy as Luo Yuyin wasn’t suitable to become a soldier.

Today, he walked into the training camp like usual and saw Luo Yuyin again, but her originally pair of big and cutes eyes were pink like peaches from crying. She carried a shoulder bag covered with plush toys, and was on her way out under An Beibei’s accompany.

Seeing Han, Luo Yuyin bit her lips to tried not to cry, but tears still fell like beads from a broken string. She bowed deeply at Han and said quietly, “Brother Han, thank you for taking care of me, goodbye.”

Han was not prepared. He was stunned for a second and then replied goodbye.

Cheng Zhong came into the lobby after Han, and Luo Yuyin also bowed to him and whispered goodbye.

“What happened?” The confused Han asked Cheng Zhong.


Cheng Zhong had a bitter face, sighed and said, “Little Yuyin was eliminated, so she’s leaving the training camp to report to the administration. Still don’t know where they will send this little girl, she’s too timid and shy.”

At this moment, An Beibei comforted Luo Yuyin by the door for a bit, turned around and returned to the lobby and said to Han, “Little Yuyin is really pitiful, not only was she eliminated, those people even uploaded the video of her head getting cut off onto the internet. She’s just 16 and is still immature, that’s just simply too much for her!”

Han was shocked and asked, “There’s such a thing?! Show me.”

An Beibei nodded and took Han to the front of a computer, and then booted on to the Milky Way’s largest video site and searched out a video.

Inside the clip, a bunch of espers from other planets were sieging the tiny Luo Yuyin, and little Yuyin was obviously very frightened. Such a little girl getting surrounded by 7 to 8 sturdy men, they not only beat Little Yuyin but also insulted her with vulgar language.

Han could not help but clench his fists, damn those guys!

Little Yuyin suddenly opened her mouth and erupted a series of fatal syllables. Sound descent espers all relied on the release of sonic waves to attack, and it was said that once they reach a certain level, they could release noises that can trap the enemies in illusion. Although it was not some strong power, it was still a very useful niche skill.

“Little slut, how dare you resist! Watch me tear apart your mouth!” A big guy wasn’t expecting how strong Little Yuyin’s counterattack was, and became very dizzy from the booming sonic shock with blood constantly flowing out of his ears.

He angrily punched Luo Yuyin’s little face with his fist, and the sweet dimple on Little Yuyin’s face was flattened. Her pink little cheek was swollen up, and some other fellow on the side stepped on Little Yuyin and laughed out loud.


The brawny warrior took out a Reverse Astral blade, raised it high up into the air and aligned it with Little Yuyin’s white neck. At this moment, she was already in a mess from all the beatings, how could she have the power to resist. She just stared blankly into the sky, her eyes were devoid of hope.

“Go to hell!”

The brawny soldier shouted and swung the sharp knife in his hand.


Han could no longer stand it, a punch landed on the computer screen and completely shattered it.

“That’s way out of the line!” Even it was a virtual battle, Han could still feel the rage inside of him like a fire. She was just 16, she was only a weak little girl, are those guys animals?!

Cheng Zhong was angry on the side as well, “What the hell, it was my first medal game and I also met a group of guys that all want to take my head as if they already had some agreement before.”

An Beibei gritted her teeth and said in a deep voice, “Do you know what’s more cruel? If you lose your first medal game, you still have a second chance, but the second game was even more brutal for Little Yuyin.”


Flames of anger burst out of Han’s eyes, he turned around and look at An Beibei.

An Beibei said sullenly, “If useless to look at me this way. After you were back you were so focused on training and didn’t have the time to communicate with everyone. Within just a month, there are only 18 guys left in the training camp, even Parker was eliminated. He also got his head cut off and the video’s up online as well.”

Han was suddenly shocked, Parker was the 4th ranked pro in the training camp, nicknamed Violent Temper Parker. Even he got eliminated? That’s…

An Beibei paused, and continued, “Now Earth is a joke in the pressure exam, and someone even made a website that has all the abuse and beheading videos of Luo Yuyin and Parker and the others, called the Pig Butchering Assembly.”

“It’s obvious, someone deliberately wants us dead!” An Beibei whispered.

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