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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Completely Annihilated

Han has spent 9 hours training in the extremely cold pool in his training room. This has already reached double from the past, and Han still didn’t have the thought to stop.

With fewer and fewer people left in the training camp, Han started to feel increasing pressure. He did not flinch in the face of pressure but chose more crazy training methods to improve himself.

Today, the two significant differences compared to the extreme training in the past was that, aside from practicing the 46 Ensemble, Han also spend more time practicing how to summon that special dark power and be able to control it during combat.

The other change was Pathless Origin.

This strange old man’s interest in Han was growing every day. He told Han to open the big screen when training, and he always stared at Han and frequently had conversations with Han, pointing out tips for better results.


Han stood in the -200° Celsius unfrozen cold water. His body was covered in fog and he was breathing heavily.

In such cold temperatures, even if Han didn’t move at all, every minute and every second was still a torture, requiring a lot of energy and determination to adhere to.

In comparison to half a month ago, Han’s body went through significant changes. The extreme training didn’t make Han burlier, he was still a bit slim, but his bones and muscles were significantly stronger, like a blood-red steel frame.

Just finishing a round of 46 Ensembles, Han was adjusting himself. Pathless slightly frowned and said, “The next round is a match practice. I found you a good opponent, a wanted criminal from the Kui race. You are probably familiar with the physical characteristics of people from the Kui race, they have hard scales and their limbs are a lot more developed than humans. Their explosive power is very outstanding as well.”

“In addition, he came from an assassin clan. Very good at hiding and then surprise attacking. If you are not careful, he only needs one combo to rip open your body with his sharp fingers.”

Pathless made very good use of the dark net, every day he would find some strange people to fight against Han. Wanted criminals, assassins, underground boxers, anyway none of them were good men. They were all a bunch of ruthless guys.

According to Pathless, when Han adapts to the most vicious opponents in the Milky Way and then fights those soldiers that went through the regular military training, then he will find their attacks to be very childish. Definitely not on the level of those wanted and experienced outlaws from the dark net.

The fact has already been proved, these guys that Pathless recruited really used some insidious moves. Including methods like secretly drugging Han, creating illusions of a few naked girls to seduce Han, etc. In short, these guys do not seem to understand the concept of regular combat, they did whatever underhanded and crafty things they could in order to win.

In the beginning, Han lost a lot, but after facing these people more and more, Han began to really adapt to these cunning moves, and he occasionally used some of tricks he learned as well, returning the favor.

Under Pathless Origin’s mentorship, Han went further and further on this not so decent road, and learned lots of guileful techniques.

Seeing how Han didn’t react, Pathless frowned and continued, “I know you aren’t satisfied, but everything has its gradual process. In combat, what matters is the overall character, training, experience, battle mentality and fighting will. You can’t lack any of them. So hurry up, aside from fighting 1 on 1 against that assassin from the Kui race, you still have to go watch the death broadcast. That’s also a very important lesson.”

Han took two deep breathes, opened his mouth and asked, “Teacher, it’s getting closer and closer to the Milky Way Meet, when can I start learning martial art? When can I go take my final test for the pressure exam?”

Pathless said sincerely, “That’s not urgent. If you want to go far, then you need better foundations, and right now is the time to lay your foundations. You can learn martial art slowly later on, but a foundation that’s not solid is fatal.”

“As for the last stage for the pressure exam, as long as you are on time you can do it right before the deadline. The situation is very clear right now, someone’s targeting the contestants from Earth, so you better wait until you have the absolute certainty to win before attending the final stage.”

Nodded his head, Han said in a deep voice, “Got it, I will do one more darkness training, and then I will go greet that opponent from the Kui race.”


Right after he finished, Han suddenly submerged himself under the freezing water.

“Eye of Darkness, activate!”

Han said on the inside, he suddenly opened his right eye. At the moment, his right eye has been completely turned into a deep black color, like a ghost reflecting dismal light.


There were only 3 days left before the deadline to the pressure exam. Han still didn’t appear in the final test but isolated himself in the base and practiced like mad.

Every day Han had to do extreme training for 10 hours, spending one hour to fight the soldier that Pathless found for him, and then spend another one analyzing that day’s combat, followed by another 8 hours of nonstop death broadcast viewing, checking out how the soldiers from other planets fought and thinking about what he would do during that fight.

When Han last appeared in the base, he saw two guys, Xin Beige and Cheng Zhong. Those two were not training, but rather sitting in the lobby waiting for Han, standing beside their luggage.

Han’s heart suddenly thumped once. Now the training camp has become so empty, leaving only the three of them here. Could Xin Beige and Cheng Zhong be…

After walking to them, Han sat down facing them, and whispered, “Are you guys leaving?”

The always optimistic Cheng Zhong let out a long sigh and said with a bitter smile, “I’m just someone that’s bored, staying here for this long was just to accompany you for longer. After all, we both came from China, you will always be my good brother.”

“Unfortunately, time is almost up. What’s coming will come, and what’s leaving will leave. You still remember Monk? That baldy was eliminated early, and now he’s actually an instructor at the 3rd Legion, leading about 100 men. Now that it’s impossible for me to make it to the Milky Way Meet anyways, I might as well leave early to join the military. Otherwise if I can’t get a rank higher than that Monk guy, then it would be really embarrassing.”

Han didn’t know what was better to say so he just nodded and said, “The military’s job is very important too. It’s good to join them as soon as possible.”

The three awkwardly sat there in silence. Cheng Zhong and Xin Beige both knew after they leave, Han will be the only one in the entire training camp, and he will be the last hope of Earth to get a spot at the Meet.

Ten years ago, Earth had just joined the Milky Way Alliance under very difficult conditions. There were still four soldiers including, Ke Lake in the lead, that had made it to the Meet.

After 10 years of careful preparation, Earth gathered the most promising young espers early together and invested heavily in training them, yet today they were almost all eliminated. It’s clear how disappointed everyone was. And if Han gets eliminated too, then the Earth Federation will really become a joke for the entire Milky Way.

Xin Beige had a bitter face and was rubbing his hands nonstop, as if he had something to say but didn’t know how to open his mouth.

Han tried to break the awkward silence and whispered, “Xin Beige, are you going to the military with Cheng Zhong? I heard that the Extinction Site administration really hoped that you would go there.”


Contrary to Han’s expectations, Xin Beige suddenly grabbed Han’s hands and began to shiver. The tall and native German, Xin Beige, began to cry, and said with tears in his eyes, “Han, I’m sorry! When you had just arrived to the camp, I wasn’t nice to you. Now that I think about it, I’m such a dumb pig!”

Han was shocked for a bit, patted Xin Beige on the shoulder and said, “It’s all in the past, now we are all brothers.”

Xin Beige heavily nodded his head, looked at Han’s eyes, and said sincerely, “I spent more than a decade training as hard as I could, day and night! No matter how difficult it was and how much I bled, I didn’t care at all! It was just so that I could be a soldier like Ke Lake, and offer my share of contributions to Earth!”

“But I’m useless, I’m useless! I got eliminated in the preliminary like a r----d, and I don’t have another chance anymore, but you still do! Please, make it to the final! No matter how small of a country Earth is, if none of us can make it to the final, then it’s a shame! It’s a shame for everyone!”

Cheng Zhong sighed on the side and grasped Xin Beige shoulder. He broke down in tears as well as he started to drag Xin Beige towards the door, muttering, “Han, don’t listen to him, this guy’s just too nervous. Go, we are all brothers, how can we not trust you? As long as you tried your best, no one’s going to say anything.”

Han was stunned, watching Cheng Zhong drag the suffering Xin Beige out the door.

“Didn’t we agree to say farewell to him happily and not give him any pressure? What were you doing?!”

“Li Yu, Talin, Long Chuan, they are all frantic and you don’t see them talking to Han right? We can’t place such a huge pressure on Han’s shoulders, that’s not fair for him.” Out the door, Cheng Zhong wiped Xin Beige’s eyes for him, and tossed him into a military jeep he had prepared.

Xin Beige covered his face with his hands, nodded and said, “I know I know, but I just couldn’t help it! If we are all eliminated from the finals, then the Alliance will allow someone to colonize Earth for sure! If I can’t even protect my home, how can I face my mother in heaven! Before my mom passed away, I promised her that I will become an outstanding soldier!”

“Useless, useless, I’m so useless!”

Xin Beige cried out loud, forcefully pulling his blond hair. Since the beginning, he was always a proud warrior and he had kept that firm image in the training camp as well as on the battlefield.

Now, it appears that perhaps everyone has their own vulnerability, but it was just that they haven’t reached that point of sadness.

Han looked around at the once crowded camp. There were 49 young soldiers from all over the world, the big mouth Cheng Zhong, the Luo Yuyin that was like a cat, the hot-tempered Parker, the slender legs An Beibei, Nicholas from Siberia who really liked Vodka…

Suddenly, everyone’s gone, and Han was the only one left now.

Pushing open the door to the training room, Han logged onto the dark net, and found Pathless to be already waiting for him.

Smiled, a touch of coldness flashed through Pathless Origin’s eyes, “Today’s the last training session before you attend the last stage of that pressure exam, and it’s also the most important class. You have spent an entire 6 month on basic training, and now I hope you can learn this martial art in one day!”

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