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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Pinnacle of 3 Stars

Outside of the pressure exam site, many pairs of eyes were looking at Han and praying for him. After all, the selected fighters from Earth were almost all wiped out, leaving Han as the only hope. Countless higher ups from Earth Federation didn’t even try contacting Han, afraid that they might be placing too much pressure on him. They were all, however, secretly paying attention to Han and his performance in the preliminaries.

As supervisors of Han, Li Yu and Long Chuan were waiting anxiously as well. They hid in their office and nervously smoked cigarettes one after another.

The broadcast footage finally appeared. Han arrived at the testing center for the Milky Way Meet’s pressure exam.

Han’s physical data and registration information appeared on the right side of the screen. After Li Yu saw Han’s power source index, he was immediately shocked.

“It has already reached 8135! That’s the pinnacle of 3 stars! So Han was actually that close to 4 stars now! Long Chuan, how come you never mentioned it to me?” Li Yu’s eyes opened up wide and said.

And Long Chuan was so excited that he almost stood up from his wheel chair. He quavered, “I thought you were paying attention to him.”

Li Yu smacked his thigh, “Hey! I thought you would be paying attention to Han so that’s why I never asked.”

“Don’t get excited, don’t get excited first.” Long Chuan quickly did some calculation in his mind and said in a deep voice, “Two months ago, when we invaded the raiders, Han’s Power Source Index was around 4000, just reaching the intermediate 3 stars level. It has been 57 days and Han already broke 8000, and that means, he increased his index by a full 4000 in the past 57 day, averaging to a daily increase of around 70 units!”

Long Chuan and Li Yu were speechless. Usually, as espers reached higher levels, their source index growth rate should start to slow down. That was why there were cases like Long Chuan who couldn’t reach 5 stars in the past 10 years.

But for Han, when his level increased, his power source index growth rate actually started to accelerate!

Just two months ago, Han’s daily growth rate was 50 units per day, but now it had reached 70 units!

If this rate continued, then within a month, Han will break through and reach 4 stars! He will become a 4 star esper soldier, capable of summoning a void domain of 100 meters in radius!

“70 units of daily growth rate? What a monster…” After a long silent, Li Yu swallowed a mouthful of spit and whispered.



After the light flashed, Han was teleported to the 4th round of the pressure exam, the medal game.

From this round, espers were allowed to freely fight each other, and the tournament organizers actually encouraged contestants to fight to the death, obviously making this test a lot more difficult to pass.

The rules for the medal game was actually very simple. 10 espers were randomly chosen and teleported to a battlefield of 10 square kilometers. Everyone wore a golden badge on their chest, and the contestants had to try to seize as many of the other people’s badges while protecting their own.

Each badge was worth 100 points with a full score of 1000. Losing your own badge means you were disqualified.

After both of his feet touched the ground, Han quickly scanned his surroundings and noticed that he was in an ancient ruin. The center square was quite open and it was surrounded by large remnants of broken walls and cliffs.

The 10 randomly chosen contestants all appeared in the center square, each being about 30 meters apart giving them enough time to decide whether they want to charge into battle or retreat into the rubble and wait for the right time to launch surprise attacks.

Aside from Han, the rest of the contestants were all 4 stars, and being only 3 stars, Han has the lowest level on this battlefield.

But this was normal. Usually, among the 100,000 young espers that ended up qualifying for the official Milky Way Meet, 4 star and 5 star fighters were about 50% each, and espers of these two levels were the main force that were participating in the race.

Aside from them, there were a few individuals that had already achieved 6 stars and became quasi warlords, but these geniuses were like the feathers of a phoenix and the scales of a Kylin. There were rarely more than 10 of them participating. After all, the people that were able to become quasi warlords before the age of 30 were usually peerless geniuses. They might not even care to attend the Meet.

As to the 3-stars that make it to the finals, every time there were usually around 100, which was really insignificant in comparison to the total 100,000 contestants that compete in the finals.

“Haha, there’s actually a guy from Earth. Cutting his head can be exchanged for 2 million GC!” Right across from Han, a tall and buff warrior covered in tattoos pointed at Han and yelled.


Suddenly, everyone’s eyes rested on Han, some were shocked, and some were surprised.

This was the deadly tactic that the Sally Empire resorted to, placing heavy bounties on soldiers from Earth. Killing one will reward you with 1 million GC, and beheading one for public humiliation will be rewarded 2 million.

In the Milky Way, the purchasing power of the GC was quite strong, and 2 million was enough to buy a civil level starship without a weapon system, or a group of outstandingly pretty slave girls.

For the soldiers participating in the pressure exam, they could earn money while battling, why not?

So, before Han, all the brothers from Earth were beaten, beheaded and humiliated on the internet. The Sally Empire was too ostentatious and they really humiliated Earth this time.

“Don’t let him get away!” The tattooed fighter yelled, “Kill this guy first, we will split the reward!”

The one standing on the right side of Han was a small yet muscular black fighter, he sneered, “Split evenly? This battle is going to take 12 hours, only the man last standing is qualified to split the bounty! Whoever dies half way doesn’t count.”

The tattooed man thought for a moment, thought that it wasn’t a bad idea and said, “Then, if everyone agrees, then we will first kill then guy from Earth, and then it will be a free for all after.”

The other 8 espers looked at each other and all gently nodded their head.

After all, the battlefield was 10 square kilometers, and it was also the ruin of a complex terrain, good for hiding. They teamed up mainly because they were scared that Han might run away, which meant they would watch that pile of cash just fly away from their reach.

After the temporary alliance was quickly formed, everyone started to close in, with the two espers closest to Han in the lead and others slowly approached Han. The tattooed guy even sent two others to cut off Han’s retreat path.

Seeing this scene, Li Yu and Long Chuan, and all the people on Earth watching the fight were all nervous to death. They’ve seen the same scene way too many times, the 48 brothers in the genius camp, were almost all killed that way.

Everyone was very angry, they obviously had already guessed that it was the Sally Empire’s conspiracy, but they couldn’t do anything about it. After all, they didn’t host the reward under their empire name, but rather a fake name. In addition, the pressure exam seems to not have the rule against placing bounties.

Against the siege of the nine 4 star espers, Han didn’t even try to run, but just stood there, shaking his head. His expression was a bit bitter.

In the blink of an eye, they all surrounded Han, and the circle gradually got smaller. The enemy that was closest to Han was within 5 meters, and he could reach Han with one dash.

At that moment, Han suddenly looked up and said emotionlessly, “So my brothers were eliminated like this. It wasn’t because they were not strong enough or didn’t try hard enough, but because of how insidious the enemies are.”

“Enough talk, cut his head! 2 million GC here I come!” The tattooed esper shouted and everyone pounced towards Han.


At that moment, Han’s clenched fist suddenly opened.

Void Domain, open!

“Get ready for my fire fist!” That tattooed soldier raised his fist and aimed for Han’s head.

But the reckless attacker didn’t realize his fire fist was actually gone, because just at that moment when Han opened his palm, all of his power was robbed!

Now, Han just needed two steps to kill an enemy. First, take their ability. Second, use his dark power to destroy them!


The originally calm Han suddenly jumped up. His left leg lightly performed a skip step as he waved his right hand, delivering what seemed to be an ordinary punch, colliding with that tattooed guy’s “fire” fist.

That seemingly plain punch actually contained an unimaginable amount of momentum!

The tattooed esper’s fist broke right at the point of collision! Soon followed by his entire arm, it completely fell to the ground, into broken pieces!

Dark fist!

That was the effect of infusing one’s entire body with dark energy!

The tattooed esper’s eyes became wide open in surprise, and he witnessed how his fist and arm broke inch by inch, and then his shoulder, and then his chest.

“All the humiliation that my comrades suffered, I will return it two fold!” Han shouted in his heart, his eyes became colder and more merciless.

Then, that short muscular black esper charged at Han, and Han also went head on against his attack. For the user of his star breaking fist, there was no such saying as avoiding attacks, it had always been fighting violence with violence, and breaking storms with storms!



The pride of my comrades, I will take them back!



The humiliation my comrades suffered, I will make you pay back a hundred times!



Han roared again and again in his mind, completely releasing the anger he had accumulated for the past months!

Although all the other contestants from Earth were no longer here, but Han was still fighting!

And as long as Han still had breath left, the revenge would still be taken!

Han’s void end could completely deprive all power from the opponent, and that was already very unreasonable, but including the horrendous destructive power of his dark fist, no one present was able to withstand such violent attacks. After several rounds of Han beating the crap out of everyone, the battlefield became dead silent.

Perfect score!

4th Round of Pressure Exam, passed!

Han emotionlessly picked up the golden badges in front the opponents’ chest and looked up.

At this moment, the screen beside him was especially bright.

On top of it lied a few lines of very simple Milky Way universal language.

Han Lang.

17 Years Old.

Pinnacle 3 star.

From the Earth Federation.

I read the reviews from Novel update, it was very heartwarming. I just want to say thank you to all those that took the time to write those awesome reviews!


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