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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Lan Feng

Han finally remembered. It was during the first time he accidently wandered into the Pressure Exam and was walking under the ocean. At that time, he was able to cheat due to his Void End and easily pass the round, leaving all opponents far behind him.

But there was one exception. There was a tall and thin guy that was always in front of Han, and no matter how hard Han tries he couldn’t pass him. Knowing that he doesn’t have Void End like and still be fast than Han, then it must be a miracle.

And this person in front of Han right now, isn’t he the same person Han met during the 1st preliminary round?

Han suddenly wanted to compete against the tall and thin young man in front of him. Six months ago, Han was obviously not an opponent for him, but what about now?

Thinking of this, Han quickly sped up his pace and immediately followed that guy in front of him. But strangely, with Han’s present body and top level power, he still couldn’t catch up to him.

That tall and thin guy seemed to be walking very slowly, but his figure was constantly moving forward, teasing other players as he walked, catching the flying fireballs and then firing them at others. Everyone that passed him or was around him were all screwed, except for Han.


A meteorite was rapidly falling towards that tall guy’s head, and just when Han was about to remind him to be careful, he saw that man reach towards the sky and instantly caught dozens of flying fireballs.

With one hand raised high, an explosion rang out from his hand!

Dozens of fire balls flew through the air, directly hitting the falling meteorites.


Fire accompanied by broken meteorite pieces flew everywhere. This was like the legendary borrow power to fight power situation. The tall thin man actually used the flying fire balls he caught and shattered the meteorite, making a big scene.

Han was slightly shocked. No doubt, this guy in front of him had a powerful ability. When he reached out to catch the flying fire balls, a lot of the fire balls were still very far from him, but he just gently turned his hand and forcefully pulled over those sparks.

As for the strike into the sky, it looked very casual but actually contained a powerful force. The power of falling meteorites was obviously very destructive, yet those dozens of small fire balls was able to shatter the meteorite. That guy must have used some means that Han couldn’t see or comprehend.

After fighting numerous masters from the dark net and observing countless death broadcasts, it can’t be said that Han had no knowledge. But such a strange and powerful ability, it was still Han’s first time to see something like this.

Suddenly, just when Han was analyzing this tall thin esper and what his actual power was, that guy suddenly stopped his steps and said to himself in a regretful tone, “Damn, I should’ve caught that meteorite and then threw it at the other. That would be more interesting.”

Han instantly felt aversion towards this man. Catching a meteor and hitting other people with it? This guy was really strange, as Han wouldn’t find that to be fun at all.

Not for long, another meteor fell towards Han, that tall thin man actually turned around for a second and glanced at Han. He had a very young face and should be younger or the same age as Han. He had a quite interesting smile on his face, as if saying, “This time you are done right? You can block fire balls but you can’t block meteors.”

The message behind that smile made Han quite uncomfortable. Seeing the meteor was about to hit his head, Han secretly amassed dark energy and raised his hand for a simple dark fist.


Han made an even bigger scene this time, directly smashing the meteor into powder with simply his fist.

And the meteor explosion took place within a meter above the sea. The sound was even deeper, surging water whirled around to produce a sight that was not weaker than a tsunami.


The tall thin young man didn’t turn around but instead stopped his steps for a second. He slightly shivered once, as if he was shocked by the big scene created by Han.

“Interesting, interesting.” The young man mumbled to himself, then accelerated towards the island. Han followed him closely, although that man wouldn’t lose Han, it was also impossible for Han to pass that guy.

As a result, the two people formed a situation where they secretly competed with each other.

But Han realized, it was actually him leeching off of that guy because he would always catch the flying fireballs to hit the surrounding espers, making everyone hide far away from them, fearing that they would be the next target of his fire shots.

Soon, Han and that tall thin guy arrived at the destination. When he turned around, Han saw his name, Lan Feng (TL: means Blue Maple in Chinese), he actually already reached pinnacle of the 5-star level.

In the Milky Way, it was unusual for the system to call an esper’s level as the pinnacle of 5-stars, unless he was already infinitely close to the six star level. Otherwise they should all be called 5-star intermediate espers.

That means, Lan Feng’s power source index was at least 900,000. No wonder Han couldn’t catch up to him no matter what, the level gap is a bit too big…

Lan Feng also took a look at Han’s profile, then gently sighed and said, “That’s it? That was boring.”

Han laughed and said, “You are so strong, on the way you ruined countless espers’ future. They all worked hard and wanted to enter the final, and they were eliminated by you for no reason.

Lan Feng disagreed and said, “How can you blame me? They are so weak. Even if they make it to the finals, they might not even make it back alive. So, I’m actually helping him. In addition, they also have a second chance to come take the exam again, so if they want, they can just start over.”

Han nodded, “Following you saved me a lot of trouble, thanks! But why did you attack everyone but not me?”

Lan Feng glanced at Han and said, “I find you very interesting. As for them, they bore me. Also, you have power immunity so I don’t want to waste time on you.”

“Oh, so that’s why.” Han shrugged his shoulders, and prepared to leave the 5th Stage of Pressure Exam and go to the final stage.

Lan Feng raised his head, looked at the cloudy sky, and said like a philosopher, “People, why do they force others to do things they don’t want to? If I’m not some soldier or esper, then I don’t need to go to the Milky Way Meet, how nice would that be.”

Han smiled, “You were forced to come here?”

Lan Feng slightly nodded, and asked Han, “Are you not?”


The two people left the exam and returned to the square together.

Han said in a deep voice, “I’m not forced to come here. In fact, if you really don’t like to come here, why not just directly eliminate yourself right away?”

Lan Feng sighed and said, “If I’m eliminated, then they will say again that I brought disgrace to the Blue family.”


“Mom and dad.”

“Uh, then never mind. It’s normal for parents to have some expectations for their kids, who doesn’t want their children to succeed.”

“I don’t like it.”

“Then you have to make it clear to your parents that you don’t want to be a soldier, and then they might not force you anymore.”

“Two months ago, I said I wanted to be a painter, they didn’t agree. Last month I said I wanted to be a race car driver and they didn’t agree as well. This month, I think I could be a doctor that helped others, they still do not agree. If you encounter such parents, you will also feel helpless right?” Lan Feng said very seriously.

Han gave Lan Feng the white eye, “If I’m one of your parents, I won’t agree too.”

“Why not? You just supported me to make it clear to my parents.” Lan Feng asked, puzzled.

“Because the speed of your goal changing, isn’t it a bit too fast? A while ago you want to become a painter, and a little bit later, you want to be a racer, and then you turn your head and say you want to be a doctor. That’s not called a goal, those are delusions.”

“But those are decisions I made after careful consideration, it’s not a delusion. Didn’t you ever think about what you wanted to be?”

“Yep, I want to be a soldier.” Han replied without hesitation.

“And then?”

“Be a soldier.”

“And then?”

“Be a soldier.”

“How about when you are old?”

“Be a soldier.”

“What about when you are old enough that you can’t be a soldier?”

“Then I will go rent a shop and sell meat buns.”

“Meat buns? What are those?”

“It’s a type of food. You get a fresh-baked pancake around a chunk of hot braised belly pork, plus green pepper and cumin. It’s very delicious.”

Lan Fen scratched his chin and thought for a bit, “It’s sounds pretty good.  When I have time I want to try that.”

“Haha, sure, if there’s an opportunity I will make it for you.”

“Ah, yes, what was your dream when you were a child?”

“Open a shop and sell meat buns.”

“Then isn’t that the same as your dream when you are old?”

“Ya, is that very strange?”

“Of course! Do you only have two dreams in your life? One is to be a soldier, and otherwise you want to sell meat buns?”

“Yep, you are right. I like both of those jobs.”

“You are the most dreamless man I’ve seen.” Lan Feng stared at Han and said, emphasizing every word.

Han also stared at Lan Feng, and said word by word, “You are also the most deluded man I’ve seen.”

Somehow, Han and Lan Feng actually started more conversations, and the two both came to the square for the last test.

Han looked up and looked around. Suddenly, he saw a very familiar figure in the square, a black leather cloth that tightly wrapped her whole body, yet it was still not enough to conceal her beautiful body. Golden hair shining like the bright sun, a perfect little face, flawless snow white skin, just like a fine porcelain doll giving people a very unreal feeling.

Wasn’t that Ye Weiwei?

When transferred to the last stage of the pressure exam, Lan Feng got teleported to some other corner of the square. Han thought for a moment, and walked straight to the side of Ye Weiwei. Ye Weiwei noticed Han too, and was somewhat surprised.

“What a coincidence, we meet again.” Han’s face showed that harmless smile again, and he whispered.


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