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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Predicament and the People that Returned from the Distant

The place where the A-19 was located was called the Miracle Star System. It was also where the Milky Way Meet was to be held.

One week later, Han and Pan Yulin reached the periphery of the Miracle Star System. Observing from the deck window, the star had a yellow dirt colored ring around it. Countless ships of different sizes were coming from all corners of the Milky Way, and they were being guided to enter the system.

After all, the Milky Way had 13 thousand human countries. They were all gathered here for a meeting. Large or small, there were still over 100 thousand ships here. On the periphery of the star, there was an ever greater number of defense fleets.

The A-19 was located on planet 3 of the system, and planet 4 was where the representatives from all the countries will be meeting. Han needed to first land on planet 4 and wait till the relic exploration event was activated, and then he will head towards planet 3.

The Falcon class frigate successfully landed and Han followed Pan Yulin to the hotel reserved by Earth Federation, which had an appearance of a gray concrete suburban building.

From the living environment of the delegates of each country, you could see their position in the galaxy. Like the giants of the 12 permanent management member countries, they will be renting the most luxurious hotel on planet 4, or simply building a temporary luxury mansion.

But Earth and some other Observer member countries in the Milky Way Alliance lived in very cheap ordinary hotels in the city suburbs.

Han observed some delegates from other countries that were living in their hotel. They all had that same worried look. In the Milky Way, there was a hidden jungle rule that applied. After each Milky Way Meet, there were always some small weak countries that will be merged with other powers or be colonized. Presumably, their situation was no better than the Earth Federation.

Han wasn’t very picky of the living environment. After settling down in the cheap hotel, he kept on discussing with Pathless Origin about the extinction domain or combat techniques, while Pan Yulin didn’t rest for a moment and took his team to visit some countries that have some relationships with Earth in an attempt to get their support.

It was a silent night, morning soon arrived. Han had source energy protecting his body so he doesn’t need much sleep. He left the hotel a little before dawn. He wanted first to check out the functioning of a foreign society, and secondly he had already promised Ye Weiwei to find her after he got here.

In the lobby, Han coincidently met Pan Yulin’s team on their way back. They went out yesterday afternoon and were out all night, right now they looked really tired, eyes dulled, and in a depressed mood.

Seeing Han, Pan Yulin tried his best to gather some energy and have a casual chat with him. Knowing that Han wanted to go take a look at the city, Pan Yulin didn’t say anything.

After Pan Yulin got onto the elevator, Han grabbed Pan’s secretary Rhodes, frowned and asked, “How’s the situation?”

Rhodes first looked around and saw no one. He then sighed and whispered, “Very bad. All night, we visited a few delegations that were quite familiar with Earth, but they either decline nicely or respond perfunctorily. And the Iberian Republic that had a pretty good relationship with us in the past even kicked us out.”

“The grapevine says that the Sally Empire had bribed the permanent member country, Ganges, and after the start of the Milky Way Conference, the Ganges Republic will fully support the notion of the Sally Empire colonizing Earth. With our strength, we are already powerless when dealing with a Sally Empire, how can we be the opponent of Ganges.”

Han in fact already had a feeling long ago, that the Earth Federation will encounter unexpected difficulties in the Milky Way Meet. But even one of the 12 permanent members Ganges supported the Sally Empire, which still surprised Han a little. After all, the Ganges republic was too powerful, strong enough to influence the Alliance’s decision.

Rhodes could see Han’s worry. He still tried to smile and said, “You don’t have to worry about politics. We already came prepared to pretend to be a grandson and beg the grandparents.”

“Prime Minister Pan Yulin doesn’t give up easily as well. If these people don’t work, we can still try to find others. In short, you just need to take care of the competition and don’t let other things bother you. Politics have always been very dark and retarded.”

Han nodded and said goodbye to Rhodes. He then took a taxi to town.

The Miracle Star system belonged to the Mang Republic, also one of the permanent managing members of the Alliance. In fact, the 38 A-class extinction domains in the hands of the Alliance, were all under the control of permanent members like the Ganges and Mang Republic, and that’s why they were giants in the Milky Way.

For the humans inhabiting the Milky Way, the presence of high level relics had extraordinary meanings. These advanced relics contained enormous amounts of benefits. If you find a battleship blueprint from the relic left behind by the pre-historic civilization, how much money would that be? If you find a few Ares-class equipment, how much would that be? If you get a genetic science book that could boost the level of all the soldiers in the country, how much was that worth again?

In simple terms, relics from the pre-historic civilization was science, was strength, and, most importantly, was also money!

The 12 permanent members of the Milky Way Alliance each controlled at least 3 A-class relics, and those 128 non-permanent management member countries each controlled at least 3 B-class relics. The Sally Empire really wanted to colonize Earth because of the B-class relic. With that relic and its generated output, the Sally Empire will very likely be promoted to be a non-permanent management member of the Milky Way Alliance.

Since the Miracle System was Mang Republic’s territory, then the science and technology levels, as well as the degree of prosperity was incomparable to Earth. Even the Taxi that Han took was a half-afloat electromagnet suspension model. It didn’t have wheels, and its body floated half a meter from the ground, producing very little noise or vibration when driving.

As for the city Han was in right now, it had 12 billion residents in its population, so the millions of guests from all over the galaxy occupying here for the duration of the Meet had little impact on a city this size. There were gardens that were built in the sky, skyscrapers that soared through the clouds, easily accessible electromagnetic powered public transport systems, and much more maintaining the operation of a large city this size.

After Han learned about the Earth delegation team’s situation, he no longer had the mood to tour around the city anymore, so he had the taxi take him directly to find Ye Weiwei.

It was not that Han was desperate for Ye Weiwei’s beauty, but he had promised to accompany her for a day, and a man must be true to his words.

Ye Weiwei’s place was on the other side of the city, also in the suburbs. The taxi carried Han through the city, and he rested his head on the car window, losing his mind in contemplation for the whole way.

When the taxi stopped, Han found himself facing a palatial estate with a black alloy door lock. There was a large red maple leaf flag above. Through the door, he could see the main road paved by white marble and the surrounding forest.

“So Ye Weiwei’s family is quite rich.” Han silently though.

He was just about to ring the doorbell when suddenly, the door opened and a group of excited soldiers appeared. They were all dressed well, and their eyes lit up after seeing Han.

“Mr. Han, come inside please!” A large dark-faced soldier immediately gestured and said respectfully.

Han slightly frowned, and he wondered how these people knew him. Could it be that Ye Weiwei notified them in advance?

Nodding, Han came in under everyone’s watch, and walked a little uncomfortably into the manor.

“Look, it’s Han!”

“Oh, so that’s Han!”

“So handsome and you can tell he’s talented!”

“What a virtuous and talented person!”

“He seems a little skinny though.”


All the colleagues glared at the soldier that complained about Han being a bit too thin, and he quickly drew his head back in fear.

This scenario was all too weird. Suddenly so many people came out, there was all kinds of people, from guards to aunts that were sweeping floors. They were all looking at Han, and continued to secretly mutter to each other. Han felt like a monkey in a zoo…


The Milky Way periphery, inaccessible wilderness star sector.

A beaten high-level assassin class expedition cruiser finally left the transition channel.

Advanced expedition battleships were designed for distant galaxy exploration. It was equipped with a durable structure forged by lightweight metal, four sets of transition engines, a hibernation system, a vegetable growing system, complex multi-track radar system, and a series of top-level equipment designed for distant exploration.

At the moment, this extremely expensive ship looked a bit embarrassing. The energy protection device was broken. Even the armor plating was opened by some attack, and the warship’s final protection layer structure was exposed in many places.

Without a doubt, this ship suffered a large scale siege, and it was able to barely escape with one last breath. After a long journey of unimaginable danger, the ship was already crumbling and began to fall apart.

In the Assassin class expedition ship’s cockpit, there was only an old man, with a long beard that hasn’t been shaved. He hasn’t bathed for a long time, exuding an unpleasant odor.


The old man used a red injection on himself, and his eyes glowed with renewed life. Looking around the cockpit, there were a lot of red maple leaf marks. It seemed like the exact same one as the symbol in front of Ye Weiwei’s house.

The old man stood up, and pressed buttons nonstop to set up the next flight destination. He then became tired and lied down on the chair.


The old man breathed heavily before he pulled out a holographic picture from his pocket. There was a very fine, very beautiful girl, dressed in black leather with a lovely smile. Wasn’t that Ye Weiwei?

The Ye Weiwei in that photo was from a few years ago when she was just a little girl, and now she was a teenage girl that had just discovered love.

The old man’s cold face suddenly became soft after seeing Ye Weiwei. Then, his eyes resumed the previous perseverance.

“I can’t die here.”

“I must get back before the Milky Way Meet, or else it will all be too late!” The old man continued muttering.

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