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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Dark Fusion Beasts – Earth Claw

 A world!

Leaving the dark hall, Han suddenly realized the A-19 Extinction Domain was actually a complete world!

Before his eyes was a dusty desert, but at the distant horizon up ahead sat a lush forest, on the right side was a long coastline, and on the left side was a jade color grassland that was neatly separated from the desert by an invisible straight line.

And above Han’s head was a few strange looking giant towers that hovered in the air. There was no support, and no physical path that led to them. They just stood there proudly in the sky like miracles, looking like pieces that were put in the sky by gods.

Without question, the A-19 relic was an incredible world, but Han had no time to enjoy the spectacular scenery here because the only way left for him is to run for his life!

Behind Han, was a gigantic black tower, and the lower region of that big tower was the dark hall that Han had just escaped from. It was also where the soldiers entered the A-19, and the tower itself was the passage that the soldiers fell through as they entered the relic, connecting the ground and the underground world together.

Originally, the underground world should have had many dark beasts, but this time, they seemed to have all gathered at the dark hall, almost like it was planned, and were massacring all the soldiers that came from the ground above. As a result, outside the dark hall became actually quite empty, and for Han who killed his way out, it was an opportunity to catch up his breath and relax. That more than one hour of continuous fighting already depleted Han’s energy.

Han quickly took off his bag because he felt that it lost a lot of weight, which shouldn’t be the case.

After Han laid his grey backpack on the ground he saw a big scratch on the bottom by the dark beast, and those little gadgets he prepared for this exploration event were all scattered on the road.

Just at that moment, he felt the atmosphere suddenly change!

At the corner of his eye, Han saw a white beam of light suddenly burst shooting at him, he quickly threw his bag back, and forced energy into his legs to jump up!

Using large amounts of illegal drugs increased Han’s speed several times, and just as his feet left the ground, there was a loud sound of explosion, and the white lite hit where Han was standing, creating a huge pothole of 2 meters in diameter. The gravel was burning and smoke emerged.

Laser weapons!

Han was very shocked and he fell awkwardly to the ground. Just then, he used too much force combining with the thrust of the explosion, he lost his balance in the air!


Han turned sideways, and used his signature unconventional way and got up, and he saw that in the sky behind him, there was a guy flying towards him.

It was a flight descent esper!

The most difficult type of esper to deal with!

This esper soldier that was flying had a pair of sinister little eyes, curly hair and was slightly fat, equipped with a full set of battle suit, and carrying a two meters long shoulder-fired laser canon.

Han gritted his teeth, right now the Milky Way Alliance wasn’t equipped with the ability to manufacture shoulder-fired laser canons so all of them were finished products from extinction domains, priced at hundreds of millions of GC. This flight descent esper could actually obtain something like this, seems like he had a big background.

The Flight descent esper with small eyes looked at Han’s torn backup and sneered, “You actually brought that many insidious gadgets onto the battlefield, I bet it was heavy. But those little gadgets are actually quite useful, they saved your life back there.”

“But now, you got nothing left, so you are dead!”

Han noticed the badge on that guy’s chest, and said in a deep voice, “So you are from Sally Empire, no wonder you will attack me.”

“That’s right, I’m a soldier from Sally Empire, named Fei Roger, and you are Han, a peasant from our colony Earth.” Fei Roger mockingly said.

Han’s raised his eyebrows and said in a deep voice, “Earth’s isn’t your colony, and it will never be!”

Fei Roger disapprovingly said, “Big talk is useless, a harder fist is what decides everything! I know you are a Void End esper, but so what?! I can fly! And you are already out of little gadgets, what do you have to deal with me, your teeth?!”

“Look at your stupid face right now! You little brat probably used up all your energy fighting your way out of that dark hall, your source energy has long been depleted. But me, I just flew above you and tracked you, and those dark beasts couldn’t do anything to me!”

“You know why I didn’t kill you right away? Because that would be too easy, I preferred seeing you get eaten alive by the dark beasts! Tear open your stomach, pull out your intestines, that would be more enjoyable!”

“Peasant from our colony, you think you can fight me? Stop dreaming!”

The situation was very unfavorable to Han since he had already consumed a great deal of energy to break out the dark beasts’ siege, but Fei Roger could fly so he didn’t really use up any energy. There was a great difference between the two sides, and what was worse was Roger’s laser weapon! Unless his level was high enough, or armor was stronger, the majority of espers were all very afraid of laser weapons’ attacks.

Behind Han, the massacre in the dark hall was still continuing, and the number of human soldiers that could run out of the big tower was next to zero. The moment that crowd of terrifying dark beasts killed all those people in the tower, they will probably turn around and come back for more survivors that had escaped. By that time Han would be in great danger, he must take advantage of now to escape with a sufficient distance.

Unfortunately, Fei Roger in the sky had an overwhelming advantage. Not only could he fly, he also possesses an expensive laser weapon! Didn’t matter how many Super Ghost pills he took, he won’t be able to outrun the flying and laser speed!

Suddenly, Han smiled, he put his right hand on the dimension storage ring.

The Black Kylin combat suit’s right arm portion was long torn apart by Han’s dark energy, so he made a simple sleeve to cover his right arm, but now that the sleeve is broken too, Han’s right arm did not have any protection.

Suddenly, Han started running, Fei Luojie sneered, and aimed his laser weapon at Han.


A burst of white light shot out!

And Han seemed to be long expecting Fei Roger to be aiming for the area a little in front of him, he suddenly exerted force through his waist, twisting his body counterclockwise in a very strange yet fabulous way, and started charging right towards where Fei Roger is at!

One second!

Two seconds!

Three seconds!

There was an interval between each time that portable laser weapon fired because it needed a few seconds to dissipate the heat. Han actually lured Fei Roger to fire in order to gain that precious few seconds of time interval.

Fei Roger was very dismissive of Han’s actions and had a look of ridicule on his face. Even if Han’s tactic was clever and tricked him to fire another shot to gain a few seconds of time, so what?

He’s flying in the air! The void domain could only reach 10 meters around Han, and that was not enough to reach Fei Roger who was flying tens of meters above the ground, so it’s not possible to deprive his ability to fly.

“Idiot! How could the most powerful weapon be stored in my backpack, they are all in my ring!”

“Earth Claw!”


Just heard Han shouted loudly, placed one hand on the ground, and summoned a bizarre monster!

This monster didn’t have a head, nor eyes, nose, or ear. It was like a big claw coming out of the ground, like the hand of the devil half a meter in diameter, with a steel-like skeleton and fingertips sharper than the claw of an eagle.


Han jumped on the monster called the Earth Claw, and this thing stretched its five fingers, pressed its body into the Earth, and the next second, it took off straight from the ground!

Double jump tactic!

Han was not a Bounce type esper. Of course he couldn’t jump tens of meters high, but he can take advantage of the powerful jump of Earth Claw to get double the explosive strength!

When Earth Claw prepared to jumped, Han also crouched down, and Earth Claw suddenly took off the ground, Han followed Earth Claw’s rhythm, and summoned his full strength!


A very ordinary man, actually jumped straight into the sky like a taut spring!

“Damn you, madman! You actually use dark fusion beasts! That s--t’s illegal! Illegal!” In a panic, that was all Fei Roger could think of to say.

But that won’t change anything, Han still bursted straight into the sky!

Over the years, humans have fought and explored in many extinction domains. They won the science and technology, weaponry, and also got a lot of dark beast samples. Dark fusion beasts were just a type of monster developed on the foundation of those cruel dark beasts through artificial synthesis, and it was one of the biggest taboos in Milky Way. Anyone caught developing, using, or selling dark fusion beasts would be executed immediately!

Han didn’t lie, those little gadgets inside his backpack weren’t evil enough, and the truly terrifying tricks were all hidden inside his dimensional storage ring!

After all, Han was a dweller of the dark net, okay?

He hadn’t seen any legal stuff on there, and illegal stuff? He’s got a whole bunch of those!

It would be an insult to call those Falcon vines the ace in the hole of his hand.

Han’s real final card was the dark fusion beast Earth Claw! It was an existence summoned only by criminals that could surpass its destructive nature!

Fei Roger was going to rely on his flying power to bully Han?

Then Han will just rely on the power of the Earth claw to jump up and beat the s--t out of him!


Han’s figure already left the ground, flying straight into Fei Rogers in the air.

Seeing the gap was getting closer…

Void domain, activate!

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