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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Condensed Crystal

A cemetery?

Who was buried here?

Han lowered his head while he curiously clawed open the soil. The crushed skull of a being was completely revealed. The white skull had already turned yellow due to the passage of time, and with a little force the bone could be broken.

Han dug out a walnut-sized crystal from the skull with a transparent color, kind of like an inheritance power crystal but a bit bigger.

On the other side, Lan Feng also dug out a complete skeleton, and then he smiled and said, “Oh, this is the cemetery of the prehistoric civilization. These people are prehistoric beings.”

Han was surprised and asked, “Prehistoric beings? How do you know?”

Lan Feng didn’t hesitate, he twisted the skull off the skeleton, pointed at the forehead area and said to Han, “Look here, the mankind that established the prehistoric civilization. The forehead on their skull is not complete. There is a crack, which is the most significant sign of prehistoric beings. Other than that, prehistoric mankind is commonly taller than us, and they also have higher brain volume, so their IQ is probably above us.”

Han was quite surprised, as a novice in Milky Way, Han’s knowledge was limited. What Lan Feng was saying was something Han had never heard before.

At this moment, Lance also said, “After all, Lan Feng is from a family with a big background, this guy is very knowledgeable. He’s right, the race that established the prehistoric civilization is very similar to us, it’s just that there’s a crack on their forehead. We can get into the prehistoric civilization’s extinction domain and also be able to participate in the trials set up by them, it’s all because the system couldn’t distinguish between us and the pre-historic mankind, and from this we can see that our physical structure is very similar.”

“There were thousands of corpses buried here, these should be prehistoric soldiers who died from trials. They were buried here after they died, and these should be weapons used by them at that time.”

Han slightly frowned. He showed the crystal he found to Lan Feng and Lance, and asked in curiosity, “Is this thing an inheritance power crystal?”


Lan Feng also crushed a skull, from which he also took out a transparent crystal and said, “This is the product of the condensed zero-degree brain region after the prehistoric beings die, which is said to contain source energy and a lot of other random things. Some radical scientists can use this thing to improve beginner espers’ source energy, but that’s an illegal activity which was long banned by the association. If you sell these condensed crystals to those crazy scientists, you can get some money, but otherwise it’s useless.”

After he finished, Lan Feng was about to throw away that piece of condensed crystal, so Han quickly grabbed that crystal from Lan Feng’s hand and stuffed it into the dimensional ring.

“Hey, don’t throw it away man, didn’t you say it can be sold for money?”

Lan Feng blinked and said like it’s not a big deal, “Condensed crystals aren’t worth much, it’s just something like 2 or 3 million GC, that’s all. And this stuff is also illegal.”

Just 2 or 3 million GC?!

Han really want to give Lan Feng a few punches. These kids from big rich families were really incomprehensible. Now thinking back, originally, just in order to make a few GC, Han had to work on the dark net day and night with barely any sleep. Han looked at Lan Feng. A few million GC can be this readily discarded…

Without further actions, Han began to claw one grave after another to collect those condensed crystals, and also conveniently collecting all those weapons that were plugged on the graves.

“Why are you guys just standing there? Why not hurry over and help?” Han yelled at Lan Feng and Lance, “Help me collect all those condensed crystals and useable weapons.”

Lan Feng and Lance just stared at each other. Lance then took a look at the cemetery and frowned, “There are at least tens of thousands of graves, it’s too much of a waste of time right?”

Lan Feng sighed, crouched down, pulled out a head out of the soil, crushed it, took out the condensed crystal, and then said in a deep voice, “Landis Mulin Lamu, if you got time to chat you might as well do some work. Han is a very stubborn, you won’t be able to convince him.”

“Don’t call me by my full name!” Lance growled again, his face turned dark as he pulled out a skeleton with a bored face.

“Why is it that Lance gets angry every time you call him by his full name?” Han was puzzled. Although he whispered, it was still heard by Lance.

Pouting his mouth, Lance said quietly, “My last name is Landis, my whole family are assassins, we have an okay reputation.”

Lan Feng started laughing and said. “Han’s not an outside anymore, you don’t have to hide it from Han anymore. Who doesn’t know your Landis family are the kings of assassinations. As for reputation, it might be a bit too much to say it’s notorious, but it’s true that only a few people aren’t afraid of your Landis clan.”


Lance got a bit excited after hearing that, the skull inside his hand was crushed into powder.

Perhaps he also felt that he was over reacting a bit, Lance stood up and said in a deep voice, “I am me, my family is my family, we are not the same. You guys stay here; I will go scout the nearby area.”


After he finished, Lance’s figure disappeared into the darkness. His stealth ability not only could protect himself, but also produce the element of surprise, and that made Han feel a sense of awe.

Lan Feng sighed and said, “Lance’s family is very dark. As long as you pay, the Landis clan will kill anyone. They are famous for recognizing nothing but money. As the only one different in the family, Lance’s life is quite hard.”

Han nodded, not everyone is capable of working as a killer. To cultivate someone to become a killer, one must first devoid him of humanity. If Lance’s whole family were assassins, then he would certainly have some psychological problems, growing up in that environment.”

“Hey man, how much longer will we need to dig all these graves?” After Lan Feng dug out a few corpses, he looked around a little discouragingly and said, “I guess I will just use my power.”


Han just saw Lan Feng put his palms together and muttered the words. “Phantom arm!”


Suddenly, countless phantom arms appeared in the cemetery, quickly ripping away the soil layer, dragging out the corpse inside, crushing the skull to get the condensed crystal, and then collecting them along with the weapons that were stuck in the ground.

Lan Feng’s ability truly really magical, Han really wanted to know what else he could summon other than phantom arms. After all, espers with top tier powers all had their own secrets. If Lan Feng wanted to reveal something to Han, then he would naturally say it. But if he didn’t want to, then it was useless if Han asked.

Soon, Lan Feng helped Han collect those condensed crystals. The quantity was above 10 thousand, there were also 4000 weapons which are all top quality goods crafted by the prehistoric civilization.

“Over 10 thousand crystals, plus over 4000 weapons, that’s going to be at least 7 or 8 billion GC of value.” The poor boy Han happily said to himself.

Although he had already acquired more than 200 billion GC of fortune before, he still got very excited. After all, Han had been too poor for most of his life, right now he still cared about even 1 GC.

Obviously, a young master born from a rich family like Lan Feng wouldn’t care about that money. However, he didn’t know that Han had some other plans in mind.

When he heard that these condensed crystals could be used to improve esper soldier’s power source index, he immediately got an idea. There were way too many low level espers on Earth. If he could bring back these crystals and give them to Night Walker for research, maybe he can help Earth build a legion that’s even more high level. And as for those high level weapons, they were also urgently needed by Earth.

Just after Han and Lan Feng finished packing, Lance came back running. He pointed at the distance and said, “There is another strange place to go, there are a lot of skeletons of huge beasts. You guys should go check it out too.”

Han and Lan Feng nodded and followed Lance.

Looking at the dark underground world and the cemetery which had already been turned into a mess by him, some questions began to surface inside Han. Soldiers’ graves and huge beasts’ skeletons, just what exactly is this place?

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