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Hail The King


  1. I just feel like commenting…. don’t mind me

  2. blank zero

    Thank you for translating this serious. Just saw this post on novelupdate. Hopefully u continue this series! 👍

  3. This already looks promising! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your support!

    • ShadowLucifer

      I’ve read this book twice and currently reading it again, but I’m still confused by it, there are many thing hinted at different points, but I don’t seam to understand the answers to the question, is there a post or fourm that explains things like why he was chosen, the deal with beast pope, why his powers different then others??

  4. Testing new keyboard, whoa…. i can type a comment well here!
    Wish you a good luck.

  5. Thank you for translating this serious.

    • Thank you for your support!

      • Alexandra Ashakie Tiffany Sinchioco

        Are you continuing this novel? I find the sypnosis interesting but i really dont want to start a book that will be dropped in the middle. I saw this on the webnovel app but the update stop so i just want to confirm 🙂 thanks

        • noodletowntranslated

          ohh that one was stolen, we would never post HTK on webnovel cuz it’s against the law.
          This novel is actually completely translated haha so you can take your time and enjoy it~

  6. Glave

    I’m not going to lie, but on the book cover he looks like an orc.

  7. I am now reading this is it TL or Original Though? The game time thing seems awesome I look forward to more thank you for your hard work.

  8. This looks good, i hope he is similar to the MC from LLS 🙂

  9. notsane009

    This novel is very interesting. I hope you will continue this work.

  10. booya

    There’s so much tension in this novel, I love it. Thanks for the chapters!

  11. ty for picking this up, really nice read esp for a diablo fan

  12. Rimon

    Truly amazing!!!! Many thanks!!! This novel has great potential. Hopefully you will complete it. Thanks a lot again for this wonderful gift 🙂

  13. Rimon

    This novel is amazing!!! Many thanks!! Hopefully you will continue and complete thiain for ts awesome piece. Thanks a lot again for this amazing gift 🙂

  14. Thanks for translating this. Can’t wait to read more 🙂

  15. PEater

    this novel is sooo awesome, thank you so mush for translating this novel and could you tell me how many chapter this novel has?

  16. canario

    1200 cap, gg.

    Gracias por las traducciones esperando los 1187 cap restantes XDD

  17. Zafar

    GOOD WORK…… I hope you will continue

  18. dhaliwal

    I just started reading this on a whim but it actually turned out to be preety good. Hope you continue translating

  19. Omg this is so good , makes me wanna play diablo 2 ( only played 3). Please post this more on the reddit page so it gets the attention it deserves .

    Thanks for the translation guys!

    • Hey man its great to hear! Thanks for your support! I think someone is already posting it for us on reddit so im guessing we r good for now, thanks for your suggestion though!

  20. Kiseki

    Is it my imagination? I feel like…chapters take longer and longerr and longerrr to update each passing days.now I feel more like I don’t see a single chapter even when waiting one whole day.Imagination???? I wish to. ….. that,may it be ONLY MY IMAGINATION and nothing more *cry*….. please!!! This story is so interesting.this is in my daily drug list. So so please!!!

    • Sorry bro we r going to work towards better scheduling in the future, so we have at least 1 backup chapter stored in case we dont have time that day

      • ucoqID

        I’ve been waited for my favorite club to champion for 4 years. So, your update schedul it doesn’t matter.
        Thank you for your hardwork…!!!

        Sorry bad english

  21. Kiseki

    Pheww! That’s why! Thank you very much for delivering this interesting story to us( me ) translator sir.this is embarrassing to say but wants you to know that us readers(me) will always be waiting for updates with long long neck in my room for a long long time.at least checking *shy* times a day.will wait obediently in a corner like a good little ghost untill this story end.hee hee again,thank you very much sir translator.*happy*

  22. Kiseki

    April! Chapters!! Yesshh!!! Croo Croo chapters chapters *humming* oh!i can see a holy beautiful Noble sir.my eyes! My eyes!! *bow* all hail king translator.all hail king translator. Alll haill king translatorr!( very thankful me )

  23. Taryn

    Is it just me, or does Fei/Alexander look like a zombie on the cover?

  24. Leon

    This novel is so wonderful I had to go back to novel updates, make an account and give it 5/5. I read ALOT, and there never seams to be enough, but I can honestly say this is a series worth waiting for. Thank you translator-sama.

  25. Light

    Interesting story. Thank you

  26. interesting read, only argument I could make is that the author is describing Diablo 2 and not Diablo as the frame work, though the same world with some of the same NPC characters its way different in mechanics and way more classes then the original (beat both and their expansions a few times and still have the basic layouts memorized) with it’s three classes and “pure” dungeon crawl style. Still a good read so far can’t wait for more

  27. I think I’ve already commented how much I like this novel, and for the chapters in the Diablo world, something for the ears 😉


    While my all time favorite is Tristram, the Rouge ones are not bad either 🙂 What about you guys?

  28. Ihor

    Thanks for the translation. I hope you will continue

  29. Coldfire142

    I look forward to reading this story. I love it so far. I wish you luck and fortitude in your translation there is a Max total of 1200 chapters. just looked at the raws….its alot.
    if you translate an average of 2 chapters a day it will umm….take you about 600 days to finish – a few for whats already translated. I recamend more translators to help ya know and then to pick up the pace or you will be at it for a long time.

  30. blusun

    problem with 46 n 47 chaps link not workin

    • noodletowntranslated

      ummm i checked and it works for me. Can you let me know the link on what page specifically isn’t working?

  31. Tsunami

    The moment i found it , it become my daily retuine thank you for translating T.T Translating is hard job i know it so my sincere thanks for every chapter you guys translate 🙂 [I might get lazy to write every chapter so i wrote that 😉 ]

  32. Interesting story…loved it…can’t wait for more…!!!

  33. Auris

    Hello, i would like to thank translator , great story i love it so much i tried reading raws , and i found that chapters aren’t accurate chapter 56 with its parts equals to original chapter 51-53.

    I know its small problem, but still i wonder if its possible to fix ?

    • We are currently in the process of sorta fixing it. You may divert all your anger and angst towards the group scapegoat: Fish ball

  34. Roil

    Who is the cover ? He is too old to be the MC.

  35. faiz

    Want more chapters … I knw i am unfair but loved story alot !

  36. Well done! This looks amazing. We did ours when we first moved in 6 years ago but we took them off but now I don’t like the colour so not having to take them off makes it much easier!

  37. Thanks for the tip!

  38. Nithin

    Trying to help through adfly and all i can .. hope to have chapters.. nowadays htk is slowing down … ?

    • noodletowntranslated

      Sorry man, it’s just that Adfly doesn’t earn much, we earned around 10$ in one month, and that’s about 6-7$ for HTK, and that means only one bonus chapter for HTK in a few month.
      However, if you or your family shops on Amazon, you can click on our links and then browse to do your normal shopping. We will get commissioned that way and 50$ can be much easily reached. At that time, we will do a post and release either a chapter for HTK or GDN depending on vote

  39. i had to say the cover makes me uninterested to read it before… but seeing how positive the reader here… ill give a shot to read it -.-…i know its not good to ‘judge book by its cover’ but i cant HELP IT(there’s a reason y that idiom was made in the first place)!!!

    • noodletowntranslated

      hahahahaha ya man i agree, this book definitely needs a new cover

  40. Luv u guiz

    Ik yall have a rl (unlike me), but about how much longer will this HTK drought be?

  41. Wanted to drop it after the first experience of traveling to diablo, it was like wadafuq is this !! but patience bore fruit after that , love this story and know that it will be long and long journey, even so the speed of the plot is neither fast nor slow just the perfect speed, thanks for translating and for your hard work

  42. Lord_Ao

    Auto-translated novel, with sh*tted English, but you can make things nice and readable, Noodle.

  43. Maybe time to start a glossary? With the characters, strength, locations, rankings, etc.

    • noodletowntranslated

      it will be pretty time consuming and Udon don’t really have time atm for even paid bonus chapters due to his full time job…
      Sorry bro

      • Here. I started to keep track around chapter 16, I believe, I just finish reading it all. now just keep updating it (of course you can change the format, I just did this in a .txt file)!!! please.
        I think it’s accurate up to chapter 69, but there may be mistakes.

        s.w. = star warrior
        s.m. = star mage
        * = Kingdom is affiliated with the previous Empire

        Azeroth Continent:
        Eindhoven Empire (T.B.C)
        Zenit Empire – lvl 1 – 250 affiliated kingdoms, 68 are lvl 6
        * Hull Kingdom – lvl 4
        * Backstone Kingdom – lvl 4
        * Chambord Kingdom – lvl 6 – <10k people – 400 soldiers – 1 castle – strongest person is a 3 s.w.

        Empires – lvl 1 to 9 (low to high) – thousands lvl 1 in the Azeroth Continent
        Kingdoms – lvl 6 to 1 (low to high)

        Ranks: Star < Moon < Sun (low to high)

        Zenit's Kingdoms limitations:
        lvl 6 – 10k people, 500 soldiers, 1 castle, 500 acres

        Diablo Characters:
        Barbarian, lvl 17
        Necromancer, lvl 6
        Sorcerer, lvl 3
        Paladin, lvl 3
        rest, lvl 0

        Chambord Kingdom, Capital Chambord's Castle:
        Fei/Alexander, MC, King of Chambord Kingdom
        Frank Lampard, 3 s.w
        Goethe-Brook, 1 s.w, General/Military Guru/Military Commander, confusing titles
        Pierce, Military Judge
        Angela, Alexander's fiancée
        Emma, Alexander's servant, friends with Angela
        Bast, Head Minister, Angela's father
        Oleg, 1 s.w, Warden
        Peter-Cech, 2 s.w, First Commander of the King's Guard
        Fernando Torres, Fei's personal guard
        Bazzer, Former Head Minister, fled
        Gill, low rank novice mage, son of Bazzer, fled
        Conca, 1 s.w, Former Military Judge, dead

        Zenit Empire, Capital St. Petersburg:
        Yassin, Emperor
        Tanasha, oldest Princess
        Zhirkov, second Prince
        Arshavin, Prince
        Jimmy-Tropinski, little Prince
        Susan, 3 s.w, Knight
        Romain-Pavlyuchenko, Knight Captain
        Semak, 2 s.w, Deputy Knight Captain, henchman of Zhirkov, dead

        Eindhoven Empire (T.B.C):
        black cloaked man, 4 s.m, captured
        Mateja-Kezman (T.B.C), Silver masked knight, Prince, dead
        Landes, 3 s.w, Swordsman, dead
        20 black knights, 1 s.w, dead

        • noodletowntranslated

          thanks man! I will make a page with link to chapter index, and I will let Udon know but he might not be able to work on it until later, since right now he’s too busy and could barely keep up with the regular schedule

  44. Sía

    This novel is awesome and I love it!!

  45. Red.Gamer

    This is too awesome!!! Someone get me beer! I’ll toast to the translators for these!!

  46. Dropped???

    • noodletowntranslated

      nope, im still in the process of asking udon everyday for the chaps and he’s saying almost done

  47. this is getting ridiculous

    i normally dont really post messages on sites like this, but i just HAD to get this out of my mind and on paper. (or online chat. lol.) i mean, even when it says updated twice a week.. that does not seem to be the case.

    but even though i REALLY want to rant. alot. i know it is not exactly “positive” to do so, and rather “rude”… so im just gonna ask: have you considered having someone else translate this? i feel like the current one for htk has too little time to spare on it. i know its free to read (somewhat, if you count out donations) and im very VERY happy that it is.

    but especially because. im very happy to read this series, im also VERY sad. because it feels like its getting neglected over time. put on the shelves and forgotten so it can grow some dust. 🙁

    sadly i cant even read chinese, let alone translate anything. so im not sure wether there are even that many people who can. regardless, this just feels neglected. please give htk some glory back. 😡

    • noodletowntranslated

      udon did say he got 2 chaps ready last sunday, but now he hasnt been on fb for 2 days and i cant reach him by phone as well.
      I’m legit worried. Let’s give him some more time and if it doesnt work I will find someone to translate in his place

  48. Anna

    First of all:
    Thank you to the translator for translating such wonderful work!!!\(^O^)/
    Why do Fei/Alexander look so different in the picture than the one portrayed in the story?
    I’ll be patiently waiting for the chapters:)
    Thanks again for the story!!

  49. canario

    que esta tocado y hundido o de vacaciones.

  50. Sía

    Awesome novel, please dont drop it T_T

    • noodletowntranslated

      dw bro, if we can’t find Udon in the next few days we will find a new translator

  51. Jarana

    1000+ chapter at this release rate .. hopefully my grandchildren will enjoy the full novel.
    I think Udon need help some help with this project.
    Great novel

  52. Lloyd

    First of all i want to say thank you for the Translation.

    Pleaseee get more translators for this novel. Its my favorite and i even started playing Diablo 2 again because of this. I look forward to updates and check every day in case a new update has been released.

  53. I am now reading the shitty machine translation of this novel 🙁 my balls were essentially tickled with the last release but I cant no more 🙁

  54. When next episode your killing me here dude really I’m dying call 911 I got stabbed into my chest help noooooooo~~~ bkergh x.x

    • noodletowntranslated

      srry bro just wait a bit longer Udon’s working on 2 right now.
      Meanwhile plz have fish ball perform mouth to mouth for u

  55. DANIS

    New Chapter ???????

  56. aadajo

    still waiting for loading of MC please wait….. ERROR transmission failed please come back again

  57. Faruk94

    Why you not use ‘patreon’ ? We couldn’t better support you.

  58. So I found this novel recently. Is it still being translated? Otherwise I’m off to mtl

  59. I’m reading it from google translate on your page and it’s still pretty clear English to Spanish aagradesco your translation

  60. Breno

    Estou ansioso pelos futuros capítulos, só acho que deveriam abrir a fila de doações! Muito obrigado aos tradutores.

  61. abbu1234

    wow this is a great story. the only one like it i have seen on Novel Updates. This is really under-translated though. 2 chapter a week. i come back ad check everyday and it no changes. 2 chapter a week and there are 7 days. 5 days of nothing that kinda sucks. i understand that people got things to do but still i sure you can get at least 4 chapter a week out if you but in an hour everyday. it just that galactic whatever get updates more often and i feel that hail the king is far better i don’t even read galactic…. i only read hail the king and it da s--t. but 2 chapter a week? i might as well comeback next year. i think you should try finding someone to help the guy udon with translation i think you would get more donations that way. Even the chapter payed for are on halt. Udon doesn’t seem really enthusiastic about translating this. Anyway sorry if i offended anyone but i just feel that it a waste of a great story and hope someone will update it more frequently or that you find someone with more time to translate it. i not sure if this is a wuxia novel but if you can get on wuxiaworld you could make more money.

    • Faruk94

      + I am only a patreon because of htk please chapters

    • noodletowntranslated

      hey man, sorry for the wait… GDN is updated more frequently because we have a different translator for it, but yes we will definitely try our best to translate more chapters.

  62. dakota

    what’s up with the translator is he not well? hasn’t released anything in a minute, hope he drops a bunch at once.

    thanks for translating! will be donating to your patreon

  63. Sura

    This is great novel!!
    Please keep it up, please…

  64. the diablo theme/skill side, i didn’t like it at first but it gives the story another side. I really like it now.

  65. Reozen

    Can you guys tell me who exactly is on the cover? I doubt that’s the main character because I thought people said he’s described as handsome. I haven’t read this yet since I’m new to this site but I can’t wait to thanks for translating!

  66. Zero

    Did not update yet?

  67. Jonathan Amiel Tubal

    Thank you for translating this novel! 😀

  68. joa000

    Great translation progress so it will take only 11 years to finish. Seeing that there are 1200 chapters and you translate 2 a week

    • noodletowntranslated

      cuz we actually have to work for it. unlike u. u just complain bout free stuff

  69. missww

    Hello, this is the genuine website:http://book.zongheng.com/book/121112.html

  70. ash

    Hail the king is my favorite novel out of the 231 I have read so far, I have not found a novel that comes close to this one. The aspect of using gaming in another world, while being transported to another world and bossing out everyone. I just love this novel, I hope you guys carry on with it, once I start earning money I will be supporting you guys 100%. Currently I cant due to being a university student.

  71. darkdhaos

    Great translation, please keep up this great novel. By the way, did you know that there is a manhua version of this novel: http://www.manhuatai.com/guowangwansui/

    • noodletowntranslated

      ohhh fk yo i never knew! but i dont like the art style though

      • darkdhaos

        That I understand, for example, what I don’t like of the manhua are the changes that it has compared to the novel, like both Lampard and Pierce are women in the manhua, and there’s also some more comedy touches on it (I understand that there should be some differences compared to the novel, but I still don’t like these changes).

        • noodletowntranslated

          haha ya man i totally get how you feel, sometimes it just feels weird

  72. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on working for Qidian. Just ignore all the blind a-holes on Novelupdates who believe that Wuxiaworld can’t do no wrong.

    There was another thread on the forum talking about it and the response is very positive (thread was created on March 13, 2017)

    Qidian pays $30 to $40 per chapter


    I think you should drop Hail the King since some readers are not happy that you are translating an unlicensed novel. In this age where there is now a defining line between licensed and unlicensed, maybe it’s for the best. Yes. It sucks for the readers to drop this novel but since it’s a popular one, someone else will pick it up.

    here are some quotes on Novelupdates forum where readers at not happy that you are translating Hail The King.

    “Curious, does noodletown have the rights to translate HTK?”

    and another

    “It’s not owned by Qidian but Zongheng

    But he seems to be pretty pal with the Qidian guy, messaging him via Wechat and everything”


    Anyway. I support you.

  73. Varamyr

    This novel is seriously amazing. I’ve seen so many diamonds in the trough discontinued by translators. You guys are going great work. Thank you

  74. Please Update the RSS entries!

  75. Saint seiya

    I binge read it in novelplanet but I will read it now in your site directly to show support! Thanks guys and continue to translate it to us! Hail the king

  76. hidadsek

    Thanks for picking up this novel guys. I used to read up to chapter 341 in my country language but the translator dropped the project. Although it is quite poor when it comes to romance (not much development IMO), this is a good novel .

  77. Drakoni

    The link to 163.1 and 163.2 is broken

  78. Gdodo

    Thank you!! I love this novel!!!

  79. I love some good coffe

    can anyone tell me what chapter I was at is was the one right after he goes to that fighting competition to rise his kingdom’s stats or something like that I deleted a lot of links and accidentally deleted it oh and after that some nights came to their camp to check them

  80. Robotthecrazy

    Great novel and great translation keep up the good work

  81. bob

    would be nice to have an updatet list of links on this page

  82. ZhaoYangFeng

    I must apologize to you for publishing the first 50 chapters of HTL in webnovel I was trying to promote it so please excuse my daring act i know how painful was your way to 500+ chapters so i’m apologizing and it was only to help you guys out because i finished reading the novel in 3days and i’m depressed by the release rate so i thought if i can help you out and get you more readers will help you increase the release rate Sorry guys and thanks for your good work
    P.S if you want to delete it i don’t mind

    • noodletowntranslated

      Haha its fine~ thanks for going through the trouble to publish those 50 chapters! it’s all good, we all know you meant well and you are clearly not trying to pass it on as your own work.
      Oh but maybe include our page’s link on the last chapter or book description~
      As for future updates, I think 50 chaps should be enough to gather whoever’s interested, thank you so much for your promotion, you don’t have to apologize at all~

  83. Hirumi

    There is no night mode? Or it just me that cant find it

  84. SaDDisT

    Nice going there Noodle…

  85. Wildfire

    Hey , just started to read again from the beginning but chapter 81 and 82 links seem broken .. i checkt on 2 pcs but the like for next chapter and the direct links up here both redirect me to new updates .. even by changing the sites address manually doesnt seem to reach. I can access the chapters over novel update though …. something i just thought about : u thought about generating the chapteroverview automatically? If you do you wouldnt need to add new chapters manually and might even find dead or broken likns faster, because chapter would disappear from the chapterlist if its not found …

    Love your work here , thanks a lot for your work

    • noodletowntranslated

      thank you so much bro for the suggestion, we will get that fixed right away and look into how to generate links automatically

    • Hey friend .Do you know which chapter is the one where he found a door in the cave that he think the door has something mysterious or special behind it?

  86. So, I stopped reading this novel a long time ago because i want to binge read it. But hell when i want read it again i forgot which chapter it was because i forgot to bookmarked it and the chapters didn’t have any title. So can anyone help me which chapter is the one with the door in the cave that he think there’s something mysterious or special behind it ?

    • Hi Yusuf, there are a few moments in a book where the MC interacted with the iron gate in the underground cave of Chambord. Do you remember if he went in there or not?

    • You could see if Chapter 150 and onward if where you left off. That is where Fei went into the cave to explore it.

  87. How do I subscribe?

    • noodletowntranslated

      welcome bro, just go on the pc/mac browser version, and then on the right side of the home page you will see a “You can stalk us via email too” section. Just put your email there and get notified the moment a chap comes out

  88. belkak210

    Why is there so much dumb censorship? Great novel, too bad I can’t stand it.

    • noodletowntranslated

      srry bro, we reverted the censorship thing, let us know if there r still places that you want us to fix

      • belkak210

        He first few chapters at least are full of it, even kill is censored.

        Do you remember from which chapter there isn’t censor words? If it isn’t much I’ll just power through it.

        Thanks for the answer and I’m glad you dropped the censorship.

        • noodletowntranslated

          it should all be reverted now, do you still see them?

        • noodletowntranslated

          but for some strict words we do have to censor so we can get dat ad money. Gotta pay the bills

          • belkak210

            Rereading the first few chapters it seems most of it is gone, specially the ridiculous ones like slave or kill.
            There are some remaining but I understand why and I think it’s readable now.
            Thanks for the work, I might comment if I find other.
            I believe me and my friend can read it now.

  89. GenVieve

    Thank you for translating this series. I enjoyed much xD

  90. Jess

    Is this novel still update?

    • Hi Jess, it is still updating. The regular releases are on weekdays except for the Month-End Bonus Release.

  91. Muttowsing Sanjay

    Recently started reading this , it’s amazing and make people wonder how the author doesn’t get copyright issues with all these stuff LOL,
    Its similar to gintama

  92. oKrBn

    Oh it’s a harem ugh seriously want go on a crusade against that genre. How bad is the romance does it fùck up the store or not, since if the action is good I can try to ignore the trash

    • LOL, it is actually really light.

      • oKrBn

        Oh that’s good then, gues will try it soon. The Diablo stuff sounds interesting

        • I was actually really worried when I first found it because of the diablo part. I’m never a huge fan of games made into books. But its done really well.

  93. can you update chapter 900++ in here “list chapter” ?

  94. Squirtleshell

    Do you know any light novels with the same concept as HTK where they have a unique cheat?

  95. Naveen Garg

    It’s one of the best novel out there in world, I have ever read. It’s character creation, plot, description abilities like another level dude…
    Way too prooo…
    Guys pls create a manhua on it aside from old one with one chapter and almost other way characters something according to novel pls guys.

  96. httz

    。。。。。bros…..what happened to ch1099 onward?

    • Hi there, since we haven’t released beyond chapter 1100 yet, we will be adding those links as we publish the chapters.

      • hailttz

        thanks…almost had a heart attack as i thought you stopped publishing when i reached chapter 1099 yesterday.

  97. ofasix

    Wow, I really want to see the b-----d holy curch collapse in Fei’s hands

  98. dragoncamper

    startet reading the novel somewhere else (startet reading manga and there was a novel link) changed to here because stuff was missing but i just noticed that stuff was missing that should be there around chapter 250
    is there a way for me to quickle go throu the chapters for the stuff that was missing?(x.2 chappters are probably what i am looking for)

    • Hi there, do you mean something is missing in our translation of chapter 250? Can you please clarify the question? we will try our best to help.

  99. aaaaaa

    tab chapter 1200s is a mess. please fix it if you don’t mind

    • Thanks for letting us know. We updated the link, so everything should be fine now. Please let us know if there is anything else not working.

  100. ScY

    One of the Novel I loved reading!

  101. Donny

    Did the author parody the characters names from real life countries like Buckingham, foot ball teams like arsenal and Liverpool for the empires and even anime’s like one piece luffy who is the same as one swords son luffy. I appreciate any answers

    • Yeah pretty much. The author’s last book was about football, so there is where a lot of the names came from. Also, there are many references to Japanese anime in the book such as Saint Seiya and One Piece since they are huge in China.

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