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Hail the King Chapter 206.1

Chapter 206: He is the legendary Master? (Part One)
It was quiet in the Ivy League Pub.

This young man who was dressed fancily didn’t hesitate to swear and include everyone in the pub. However, Fei was able to sense that most of the mercenaries in the pub were mad, and they didn’t dare to speak out, as if this young man was like a terrifying demon. The person who was murmuring into the young man’s ear was someone who Fei knew; he was the captain of the soldiers who were guarding the gate, and was still wearing his uniform.

Fei knew what was going on in almost a second.

The captain seemed like that he was leading the young man to find Fei and the other two. The reason? Fei could guess by how this fancy dressed young man was staring at Angela thirstily.

The tall and strong man York who was excited a moment ago was really embarrassed. His face was all red when he was being pointed at the nose and swore at. He didn’t know if it was better to continue holding the iron cup in his hands or not. Although he was very angry, he hesitated and finally lowered his head and didn’t voice out as he dragged the shy dark young boy and wanted to leave. It was obvious that he knew the identity of this young man.

“York, wait up.”

Angela spoke. She smiled, and the atmosphere in the pub relaxed. She reached out her white hands and grabbed onto the iron cup on the table and said to York, “Thank you for telling us all these stories. You are a passionate and straightforward man, I have to toast to you.”

After she said that, she raised her head and bent her swan like beautiful neck to drink all of the beer in the iron cup. She drunk the beer in such a manly way that the gulping sound resonated in the pub. After drinking everything in the cup in one go, Angela wiped the beer on her lips with her hand. This rough action combined with Angela’s beautiful face made her look very elegant somehow, and everyone in the pub was stunned by her.

The tall and strong York was so excited that his body started to shiver.

He didn’t expect this beautiful girl who looked like an untouchable goddess was willing to toast to him at this awkward situation. The shame and anger that resulted from the mocking fancily dressed young man disappeared instantly!

York grabbed the iron cup that he put down a moment ago and gulp down the beer as he was very thankful; he completely ignored the threatening looking that he fancily dressed young man was giving him. What was surprising was that the dark skinned young man who was very shy also walked up quietly and chugged down the beer that belonged to him.

After the drinks, York hesitated and said “Be careful” before leaving with a thankful and semi-embarrassed expression, accompanied by the young man Philip. Both of them soon disappeared on the street outside of the pub.

Fei rubbed his chin as if he understood something.

With a smile on his face, Fei gave Angela a praising look. For the first time, he realized that his soft and gentle Fiancee also had a valiant side to her.

The fancily dressed young man’s face was so gloomy that water could be squeezed out of his face. He looked in the direction that York and Philip left viciously and then looked at Fei and asked suddenly,  “Name your price, how many gold coins?”

“Huh?” Fei frowned.

“Hehe, come on, man. From the way you dress, I can tell that you have some status. What? Playing dumb? You really don’t know what I mean?” The fancily dressed young man smiled impatiently and signaled one of his henchmen, “You tell him what I want.”

“Yes, young master. Hehe, kiddo, let me tell you. Young master Lulun wants the two girls that you got. Be smart and name your price……” A tough man with a beard and warrior suit walked up and said to Fei arrogantly while pointing at Fei’s nose.

“Oh?” Fei laughed instant of being mad. “What if I’m not willing to?”

“Yuck! Are you f-----g blind, dog? Who dares to reject young master Lulun at Hot Spring Gate?” Like a rabbit that got stepped on the tail, the man threw two copper coins onto the table and shouted: “You dumb f--k, take the money and get the f--k out!”

“Two copper coins?” Fei frowned again.

“What about them? Too little? The fact that young master Lulun is willing to pay you is a great gift for you……” The bearded henchman laughed: “This is the way that young master Lulun likes to buy stuff. If you don’t want two copper coins, then I will just give one.”

With a mocking expression on his face, the henchman took back a copper coin and put it back to his pocket.

Everyone in the pub didn’t dare to say anything due to the fear of Lulun. They all looked at Fei and Angela with pity and thought, “What a beautiful girl, too bad that she is going to fall into that demon’s hands again.”

“I can tell that you have some strength to you.” Fei sighed: “But you want to be someone else’s dog. You don’t deserve to wear a warrior’s attire, so let me take it off for you.”

As soon as he finished, he waved his hands. Before anyone could react, his hand smacked onto the bearded guard’s head like a lightning.


Everyone felt like their eyesight fuzzed. They blinked their eyes and saw this guard getting smashed into the ground by this hand. Like a carrot, his entire body was in the ground except his head. Blood floated out of his mouth and nose; it was obvious that he was no longer alive. What was the most shocking was that his warrior’s clothes was taken off and piled beside the head. The entire scene was very strange.


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  1. Orcanaman

    The grammar or the story writing took a dip for this part

  2. agila0212

    Thank you for the new chapter 🙂

  3. homeless homeboy

    Fei gave Angela a praising
    its like a men go with his woman or wife to a bar
    not any bar the allman bar
    sit Down and look at his wife flirt with stranger that he sew them for the first time
    its like Kanye west see his wife necked pik on Internet and act all gangsta
    bitch your women is your shame if some one als
    fac£&@£ your wife you better kill your self

    • Holy S--t.......

      Giving respect=flirting
      What logic
      Pure idiocy.

      • Are you serious?

        Are you serious?
        She already accepted the
        flirting in chapter 204.1

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