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Hail the King Chapter 206.2

Chapter 206: He is the legendary Master? (Part Two)

A series of gasping sounds filled the pub as some of the mercenaries’ chins almost smashed down on the tables.

“You……” the fancily dressed young man was mad, he shouted: “How dare you! Do you know who I am? My father is Hot Spring Gate’s……”

“Shut up……” Fei frowned and waved his hand again as if he was trying to get rid of a fly. Pia! The crisp sound was followed by a few teeth flying into the air; the blood was still on them. Then, the young man smashed into the gate of the pub like a sandbag, and he broke quite a few tables and chairs along the way. At this point, the fancily dressed young man was lying on the ground half dead. There was an obvious palm mark on his face, and his face was swollen like a monkey’s a-s. His eyes were forced shut, and blood leaked out of his mouth. His entire appearance looked terrifying……

Everyone at the pub was so shocked with their mouths wide open; they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

While looking at that “demon”, some people subconsciously rubbed their own faced as they felt a chill down their spines. “Who could’ve guessed, this gentle black-haired man who was so polite when he was chatting was so violent when he attacks……”

Of course, more people realized that this black haired young man was a rare master.

Smashing the bearded guard who was a one-star warrior into the ground like a stake; no one under the rank of a four-star warrior could do that. This made many mercenaries yell out and scream.

“You…… how dare……” The captain who led that fancily dressed young man into the pub knew he f----d up. His legs trembled as he screamed and ran off. He saw this monster beating the young master Lulun, and knew this monster would beat him as well.

“You must be a bad guy as well. It’s too late to run now!”

Fei grabbed the air, and this captain struggled as his body flew back to Fei. Fei smacked his head, and he was smashed into ground as well. His ending was identical to the bearded henchman.

Fei didn’t hold back at all.

Everyone in the pub was dumbfounded. “This young man is like the Grim Reaper. He took their lives without hesitation, and among them was one of the captains of Hot Spring Gate. Where is he from? He doesn’t seem to be scared of the troops at Hot Spring Gate at all?” They thought.

Fei on the other hand smiled and nodded out of satisfaction.

For the last couple days, he was studying how to use the strength of the barbarian better, and he was getting more and more used to the advance techniques of using his strength. If he did this a few days ago, he could only smash the two into blood paste, and he could never just smash them into the ground as a whole.

“Let’s go.” Fei smiled at Angela as he threw three gold coins on the table; they were the compensation to the owner of the pub for destroying the tables and such. Fei walked out with Angela and Emma, but he stopped and went back to tell everyone who was still in shock: “Oh, one more thing. If anyone want to investigate this, tell them to come and find me at the camp of Chambord Expeditionary Force outside of Hot Spring Gate.”

After he said that, the three of them disappeared on the sunny and bright street.

It was still scary quiet in the pub.

After quite a while, someone said with a shaky tone: “He…… that man…… what did he say? Chambord Expeditionary force…… outside of Hot Spring Gate? Chambord…….Cham……”

“Could he be…… is he….. Alexander, the king of Chambord?” Someone murmured.

“That young man…… is King Alexander who defeated the Golden Sun Knight? He is the mysterious master who defeated Chris-Sutton, one of the ten Executive Knight?”

“He is this young?”

This time, everyone at the pub reacted, and the atmosphere exploded.

All the mercenaries jumped out of their chairs and chased after. They couldn’t believe that they were able to see the mysterious man in person. They felt like they were dreaming when they thought about the fact that they drank with this man.

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