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Hail the King Chapter 207.1

Chapter 207: Re-encounter (Part One)

Fei didn’t know about the huge reaction among the mercenaries back in the pub. After getting out of the pub, the three of them pondered on the street since it was still early in the day and both Angela and Emma wanted to check different places out. It was noon, and there weren’t that many people on the street at this time. The autumn’s sun wasn’t hot. In fact, the weather was chill and comfortable. They went to many stores, and saw many interesting scenes. Soon, they forgot about what happened in the pub and the mood brightened up again.

Hot Spring Gate was named as the northern economical and political pivot hub of the Zenit Empire, and it had all the functional areas that a city could hope for. Fei picked out a few areas that interested him, and the three of them headed over there. The first place they went was a mid-tier auction house that was hosting an auction at the moment. Fei paid close attention to the process, but none of the items in the auction interested him. After spending some time in there, they left.

After the auction, Fei asked for direction to the biggest Money Window in the Hot Spring Gate.

Money Window was like the bank on Earth. They were all backed by the Royal Family or Huge Noble Families. These facilities were responsible for creating liquidity in the gold coins made by the empire, and they were also responsible for converting magic gems and rare items. Since these facilities were very important to the economy of the Azeroth Continent, the magic civilization and its effects were demonstrated here. The connectedness of these Money Windows were so great that if you had enough properties or status, you could become a VIP instantly. A Crystal Magic Card would guarantee you the ability to take out money from any Money Window in the empire, so the trouble of bringing a huge amount of money with you would be avoided.

However, to Fei, the benefit offered by these Money Windows was close to none since he had the huge storage space from the Diablo World. However, since having a VIP Crystal Magic Card from the biggest Money Window chain in the empire meant status and could be used to show off, Fei took out 10 high quality fire magic gems, which were [Ordinary Rubies], and exchanged for 100,000 gold coins to deposit into the account without hesitation. He instantly received a Purple Crystal Magic Card. It looked impressive, so it was perfect for showing off. Fei felt like it would come in handy when he participate in upper class parties in the future.

After leaving the Money Window, Fei felt like he suddenly become very rich. After all, ten [Ordinary Rubies] weren’t the same as 100,000 gold coins. The feeling of putting the Purple Crystal Magic Card into his pocket was very addicting. The King started to hum his little song shamelessly: “Yo, I’m rich, and I don’t even know where I should ditch. I got a Samsung in my left, and I got an IPhone in my right, I’m riding a BMW and ……” As Fei laughed out loud, he had a dumb impulse of hugging Angela by his left arm and hugging Emma by his right arm.

Then, the three of them went to many other places, including the Mage Union, Mercenary Palace, Mage Tower, Defense Wall, Blacksmith Shop, tailor shop, Soros’ Merchant Group’s Hot Spring Division, the Church, slave market, trading market, and the black market from the rumors. Fei got a lot of the info that he was looking for in this trip. His understanding of this world was increasing at an insane speed. Finally, they arrived at the camp of [Rapid Wind Legion]. The defense troop of Hot Spring Gate was tightly guarded and prohibited unauthorized personnel from access. The king would sneak into the camp and see what was the difference of between his 300 bylaw enforcement officers and the [Rapid Wind Legion] which was one of the top ten legions of the empire.

By around 3’o clock in the afternoon, Angela and Emma were very tired. Their feet were at the verge of swelling, but they still wanted to walk around and take in the sights. Women were persistent monsters when it came down to the few things that they actually care about, so Fei purchased a comfortable horse carriage to take the two girls around; Fei himself acted as the groom.

The thrilling experience of riding with beauties in a nice car that Fei didn’t experience in his previous life was realized today. The king of Chambord wasn’t the mysterious master who defeated the Golden Sun Knight or a majestic lord of a Kingdom; at this moment, he was a young man who loved to show off. As he sensed the envy coming from pedestrians who were looking at him and the carriage, Fei felt great. He even wanted to open the window to show everyone that he had two beauties inside.

However, the king’s face turned green when he was feeling the proudest.

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