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Hail the King Chapter 1000.1

Chapter 1000: Showing-Off and the Party (Part One)

“If the humans are this powerful, then when our Behemoth Orc Tribe returns to the continent, we won’t even qualified to become an affiliated race!” the orc masters thought to themselves.

For a moment, all orc masters lowered their heads, and they felt complicated. Like mixing all the sauces in the kitchen, they felt a bit of everything. Their grand beliefs and pride seemed to be gradually withering in the strong wind and rain.

“Honorable guests, please come this way.” Fei saw this, and he was a little proud; the king’s mission was achieved.

Like a sneaky cat that successfully stole a fish, Fei smiled and invited the orc masters to get on the Xuan’ge.

Seeing Fei and others’ appearances, the drums on the Xuan’ge got beat even harder. Flags were fluttering, people were cheering, and demon beasts were roaring. The scene was grand and majestic.

All of this was Brook’s plan.

After receiving Fei’s message, Brook understood the importance of this mission aside from being shocked.

To stun the orcs, Chambord used the greeting ceremony of the highest degree to welcome these masters of another race.

Such a grand and sincere scene made Great Priest Nash and other orc masters feel that they were highly appreciated and welcomed, and their fondness of Fei increased even more.


When the two giant masters of the Bear Clan and Bull Clan stepped onto one of the Xuan’ge, everyone felt like the barge shook.

The soldiers of Chambord were shocked by the sheer size of the mysterious guests that the king himself received.

However, no one chattered or gasped.

All the soldiers stood at their posts quietly, and their backs were straighter than spears. When the orc masters got on board, even though the soldiers of Chambord were shocked, their eyes didn’t move, and their breaths were stable, showing the strict discipline of top-tier fighters.

This surprised Great Priest Nash who was secretly paying attention to the troop of Chambord.

“When looking at their king, love, admiration, and excitement appeared in these human soldiers’ eyes; it is like us orcs facing the Beast God. These soldiers have absolute loyalty! Without question, they will do whatever this king says. Even if he asks them to die, they won’t pause or hesitate. This is a terrifying troop,” Nash thought to himself, and his impression of Fei got even higher. “This human king isn’t simple.”

Suddenly, Nash captured something that he had overlooked this far.

Great Priest Nash of the Fox Clan wasn’t a simple figure. The Fox Clan always represented intelligence in the Behemoth Orc Tribe, and Nash could become one of the ten great priests in the Beast God Palace for a reason; he was one of the most intelligent members of the Fox Clan. He was only misled by Fei a little since the Behemoth Orc Tribe had left the Azeroth Continent for 1,000 years, and he wasn’t too familiar with the situation on the continent.

At this moment, Nash suddenly realized that the Chambord Kingdom might only be a level 1 affiliated kingdom, but its strength probably far exceeded the realm of an affiliated kingdom; not all affiliated kingdoms were as powerful as Chambord.

It meant that the orcs couldn’t use Chambord as a scale to measure the overall strength of the humans on the continent; this kingdom was only an exception.

After thinking this through, Nash’s fear for humans lightened a bit.

The Xuan’ge moved toward the south. Although they passed the sky over the 12 Golden Saint Mountains, they couldn’t see the Sky City due to the stealth array that made it invisible. However, the orc masters were still stunned when they saw the majestic and tightly guarded ancient Chambord City.

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