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Hail the King Chapter 1000.2

Chapter 1000: Showing-Off and the Party (Part Two)

Then, the Xuan’ge flew over Zuli River and passed by the new city on the south side of the river, and the orc masters saw the dense population and prosperity. These humans all wore silk clothes and steel armor while holding metal weapons.

The orc masters felt extremely frustrated.

In the [Banished Land], steel and other strategic resources were too rare, and only the high-level warriors were qualified to use metal weapons. Usually, a steel weapon would be treasured and taken good care of, and it would have its unique name and accompany more than a dozen masters.

The master of the Bull Clan had sharp eyes, and he saw a human using a sharp, steel saber to chop firewood in the market below. After using it, the man threw the steel saber to the side and walked away. In the eyes of the orcs, that was a huge crime! It was a great waste!

After passing the new city on the south, the Xuan’ge turned back around and flew to the ancient Chambord City before landing on a small square in the city center.

The two beautiful queens appeared with guards who were in shiny armor and maids who were in beautiful dresses. They were here to welcome the guests.

The king introduced his queens to the orc masters with pride.

“Oh, nice to meet you, Your Highnesses. Your beauty is unrivaled, and even the stars in the sky would be jealous of you two,” Great Priest Nash praised sincerely, using the limited adjectives that orcs had to describe Angela and Elena’s beauty.

The praise did come from Nash’s heart.

The Beast God Palace had ten pure and beautiful saintesses, but even Saintess Sharapova of the Swan Clan and Saintess Eva of the Fox Clan, who were known for their extreme beauty, were inferior compared to these two human beauties.

Nash politely greeted the two queens, and he secretly reminded his peers to watch their words and behaviors so that they wouldn’t become a laughingstock.

Since O’Neal of the Bear Clan and Nowitzki of the Bull Clan were simple-minded and were known for their rudeness, Nash was worried that these two would do or say something that would shame the entire Behemoth Orc Tribe. Therefore, he found a good opportunity and told his peers to all close their mouths and just follow him.

“Honorable guests, the kingdom has prepared a welcome party for you. Please come this way.”

The sky had turned dark, and the night was coming. Fei gestured and walked in the front with his two queens, and they quickly exited the square and entered a palace where most of the parties and celebrations were held.

It was a good thing that all the structures at Chambord were ancient, enormous, and spacious inside. Therefore, giant orcs like O’Neal of the Bear Clan and Nowitzki of the Bull Clan got through the gate without worrying about hitting their heads on the door frame.

After the introduction, the party began.

Except for the orcs, the high-level officials, the golden saints… overall, all the top-tier forces of Chambord showed up other than the deacons of the [Black-Cloth Shrine] and the Undead Mage.

The orc masters who had been shocked for an entire day were numb to this.

When delicate and delicious food and aromatic and tasty liquor were served, the poor orcs finally looked away from the beautiful armor and weapons that the warriors of Chambord had, and they focused on the food. It felt like a group of hungry beggars entered a giant buffet; they were shocked at first and quickly started devouring.

In the beginning, Great Priest Nash still held himself in check. However, after less than 30 seconds, he couldn’t pretend anymore and started devouring as well; he almost bit his tongue.

Fei’s father-in-law Bast was quite considerate; delicacies such as bear paws, ox tongues, and leopard legs didn’t appear on the menu.

If orcs such as O’Neal and Nowitzki saw that their ‘beast relatives’ were moved onto the dinner table, this dining experience might not be as enjoyable.

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