Chapter 1001: The Competition Between Warriors (Part One)

At the beginning of the party, the atmosphere was a little cold.

Drogba and other simple-minded warriors of Chambord glanced at the guests who were sitting across from them in curiosity.

They were notified by Brook, so they roughly knew about the identities of these orc masters. These warriors of Chambord were curious toward the orc masters, but they were a little hostile since these masters weren’t of the same race as them, and people rarely talked.

However, the orcs didn’t care that much. They were defeated by the great food and liquor in front of them, and they focused all their attention on devouring and eating.

In the end, the orcs who had never enjoyed themselves like this before all got hyped up.

“So tasty! The liquor is too good!” O’Neal almost ate his tongue, and he thought to himself, “Oh, this place must be a paradise! Beast God! Please let me live here forever!”

Under the effect of alcohol, the simple-minded and straightforward O’Neal of the Bear Clan exposed his personality first. He completely let go of himself.

Bam! O’Neal took off the helmet that covered half of his head, and his iron-pillar-like arms grabbed an oak barrel that weighed about half a ton, raised it over his head, and chugged it down his throat.

Seeing the face of an orc for the first time, the officials of Chambord instantly gasped.

However, O’Neal’s head wasn’t vicious and ugly like what people had thought. Instead, it looked cute and naively-charming.

O’Neal’s movements and straightforwardness instantly made the Chambordians who were sitting across from the orcs not repel them that much.

Since O’Neal did it already, other orcs who had a hard time suppressing themselves threw Great Priest Nash’s words to the back of their minds and copied O’Neal.

Sitting beside O’Neal, Nowitzki of the Bull Clan laughed and took off the giant helmet that blocked his head a little. Then, he started chugging down liquor like O’Neal.

Great Priest Nash wanted to instantly stop them, but he heard cheers coming from one side of the palace; the warriors of Chambord were clapping and cheering for the directness of the two orcs. This cunning fox suddenly realized something, and he smiled and whispered to other peers beside him.

Quickly, other orcs who were still trying to act modestly took off the helmets and armor that covered their identities, revealing their real appearances.

“Great! They are indeed the most direct and straightforward race out there, just like what the legends have recorded!” Sitting amongst the high-level officials of Chambord, black-haired Drogba slapped his thigh and shouted.

This simple-minded man grabbed an oak barrel beside him that weighed about half a ton, and he walked to O’Neal of the Bear Clan and laughed, “From your appearance, I can tell that you are a great man. Do you dare to compete with me to see who the better drinker is?”

“Why not?” O’Neal didn’t think that a human could easily lift a liquor barrel that weighed about half a ton. It was clear that Drogba’s physical strength was mighty, and his impression of Drogba got better.

O’Neal flexed his biceps that were as thick as Drogba’s waist, and he laughed while standing up in provocation.

Drogba was a giant man in Chambord, but he looked small standing in front of O’Neal; he only reached O’Neal’s lower chest.

Without saying anything else, they each lifted the oak barrel in their hands, and they started gulping down the fine liquor.

In the end, they raised the barrels above their heads and chugged the liquor down into their stomachs.

“Damn it! These two b*stards are wasting my great liquor!” the king murmured in his mind. While O’Neal and Drogba chugged down liquor this way, at least one-third of the drink poured onto their bodies and on the ground.

However, alcohol was a fantastic substance. The king wanted these b*stards under his command to get along and become friends with the orc masters.

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