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Hail the King Chapter 1001.2

Chapter 1001: The Competition Between Warriors (Part Two)

Although Drogba always caused trouble, he was smart despite his rough edges. He was probably doing this since he understood the king’s intention, and he wanted to use this method to close the gap between Chambordians and the orcs.

The orcs were used to being upfront and straightforward, so Drogba’s behavior fit their taste.

While others cheered and whistled, the two tough men finally finished the competition and got the result.

Drogba lost, but it wasn’t fair and square. O’Neal’s mouth was bigger than his, and this orc master’s throat was wider than his. Therefore, this master of the Bear Clan had a natural advantage, and he finished drinking the entire barrel 30 seconds before Drogba and claimed the victory.

Drogba’s natural disadvantage couldn’t be overcome in this ‘brute’ competition.

However, in the end, these two guys who were muscular and simple-minded grew to like each other.

“Damn! Able to compete with me in drinking? You are the first!” O’Neal patted Drogba’s shoulder.

“Can compete with me in drinking and win by a bit? You are the first as well!” Drogba wasn’t willing to be outdone, so he jumped up and patted O’Neal’s shoulder as well.

Then, the two looked at each other and laughed.

At the same time, during the loud chatter in the palace, people like Pierce and Oleg walked around with oak barrels in their arms and found their drinking partners such as Nowitzki of the Bull Clan and Duncan of the Centaur Clan. They played drinking games and quickly got along.

Under the effect of alcohol, the warriors of the two races quickly became friends since they were all friendly and simple-minded deep-down.

The atmosphere in the palace quickly heated up.

Fei squinted his eyes and smiled like a cunning fox that successfully stole a chicken for dinner.

People walked around, toasted, played games, and laughed together.

Under the king’s subtle push and Great Priest Nash’s intentional tolerance, the party moved toward its climax.

“Drinking is nothing! If you dare, compete by physical strength with me!” someone who was drunk and lost a drinking game shouted recklessly.

This suggestion instantly received cheers and claps.

Bam! As the crowd moved to the sides, Drogba moved a big cubic-shaped stone that was a little more than one meter tall into the center of the palace. Then, he started to arm-wrestle his new friend, O’Neal of the Bear Clan. The other warriors of Chambord and the orc masters circled them as they shouted and cheered for their peers.

In terms of power, O’Neal of the Bear Clan was levels above Drogba. O’Neal was already at peak Burning Sun Realm, and Drogba was only at mid-tier Full Moon Realm; the difference between them couldn’t even be measured.

In terms of body size, O’Neal was about three meters tall, and Drogba was only about two meters tall.

However, in the arm-wrestling match, only physical strength was allowed. With this rule in place, Drogba was no longer in a big disadvantage. Although the warriors of the Bear Clan were born with insane physical strength, and O’Neal was one size larger than Drogba, Drogba had taken [Hulk Potion], and his physical strength was stimulated to an unimaginable degree; he wasn’t weaker than a large bear.

The two of them had three matches, and the result almost made the orc masters’ eyes pop out of their eye sockets.

Drogba won two to one!

The orcs were known for their superior physical strength, and they couldn’t accept this result; they all stood out to challenge the warriors of Chambord.

A fascinating arm-wrestling competition started.

Duncan of the Centaur Clan, Nowitzki and Artest of the Bull Clan, and Iverson of the Leopard Clan…

Pierce, Oleg, Robbin, and Brook…

Quickly, the outcomes of these matches made the orc masters feel dispirited.

Even Great Priest Nash who was secretly observing this got surprised, and he thought, “These clans are known for their great physical strength in the Behemoth Orc Tribe, but they lost more than half of the time. Are all Chambordians strongmen?”

“Pure physical strength doesn’t mean much.” Iverson of the Leopard Clan decided to use another method to redeem themselves.

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