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Hail the King Chapter 1002.1

Chapter 1002: Saber Technique (Part One)

Iverson of the Leopard Clan ignored O’Neal of the Bear Clan and Nowitzki of the Bull Clan’s angry stares, and he intentionally bashed physical strength and suddenly drew the curved saber from his waist. Then, silver light flashed as whistling noises sounded. A big pineapple was cleaned, cut into 64 identical pieces, and presented on the stone table.

“Nice saber technique!” Applause, cheers, and whistles instantly sounded in the palace.

Iverson didn’t use any unique energy; he only relied on his pure physical strength and technique.

This saber technique was stunning and perfect to the teeth. No wonder the Leopard Clan was known for speed and techniques in the Behemoth Orc Tribe.

“Hehehe, warriors of Chambord, which one of you can do the same thing?” Iverson provoked with a dirty smile on his face.

Now, O’Neal and Nowitzki ignored what Iverson said about physical strength and smiled so much that their faces wrinkled a lot. Iverson finally turned the table around, and all the orc masters felt proud and instantly started to cheer.

Although the simple warriors like Drogba, Pierce, and Oleg were unwilling to admit defeat, they didn’t want to walk up to humiliate themselves.

The saber technique that Iverson showed was delicate and insane; these simple-minded warriors couldn’t mimic it.

Great Priest Nash finally felt proud after a long time, and he looked at Fei. Surprising to him, the king still looked confident and calm.

“Let me give it a shot!” In the next moment, someone stood out from the warriors of Chambord. He was the No.1 Fast Saber of Chambord, Aryang Robbin. He was the No.1 Saber Master in the city.

Under everyone’s stare, Robbin causally took a curved saber from a guard. After weighing the saber, he looked at a guard and signaled him to toss over a pineapple. When the fruit got close, Robbin shook his wrist, and a series of air-piercing noises sounded; he didn’t use any warrior energy.

The crowd felt like a mass of silver light suddenly flashed before them. After they blinked and looked again, they saw an intact pineapple on the stone table.

Just as they were confused, they heard Robbin’s crisp shout.


The rough surface of the pineapple opened like the petals of a blooming flower, revealing the bright, yellow, and tasty fruit inside. Then, like a collapsing sand sculpture, the cut-up fruit fell to the two sides and naturally displayed itself. There were exactly 64 pineapple cubes, no more no less, and they were neatly presented as well!

The entire palace froze at this moment, and it became tranquil.

“Great!” Iverson of the Leopard Clan was the first to react, and he instantly cheered, waking up others from their daze.

Instantly, cheers and whistles sounded like rumbling thunder, filling the entire palace.

The saber technique that Robbin showed was insane and godlike as well!

Right now, even an outsider could tell that Robbin’s technique was above Iverson’s.

First, Robbin used someone else’s saber, so it was only natural that he wasn’t as used to it compared to Iverson who used his own saber. Second, after Robbin cut up the pineapple, he was able to make it not fall apart instantly, which had a high requirement for both speed and technique.

Not only Iverson of the Leopard Clan, but many Chambordians were also seeing Robbin showcase his insane technique for the first time, and they were stunned and amazed by it.

“Amazing! Truly awesome!” Iverson of the Leopard Clan gave Robbin the thumbs up and said, “This is my first time seeing anyone who can use a saber to this degree. If there is an opportunity, I wish to talk to you and discuss saber techniques!”

“Of course! Your saber technique is also superb! The sharpness of your technique is beyond mine!” Robbin was as humble as ever.

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