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Hail the King Chapter 1002.2

Chapter 1002: Saber Technique (Part Two)

The two were both masters who were great with sabers, and they looked at each other and laughed. Without paying attention to others, they started talking about their own understanding of sabers and techniques as if no one were around.

In this unexpected, amazing atmosphere, the perfect ending of the party only came after about four hours.

Before the party was over, the simple-minded warriors of Chambord such as Drogba and the orc masters were already calling each other brothers.

Under the nature of warriors and the merging effect of alcohol, these straightforward men all felt like it was a pity that they met each other so late. Although the orc masters were much more powerful, they were simple and kind, so they didn’t have the sense of superiority like the human peak Burning Sun Lords who liked to act haughty and show off.

Near the end of the party, even Great Priest Nash started to talk to the old and handsome Bast who had great a demeanor and noble aura, and they got along well.

Seeing all this, Fei sighed in his mind, “Similar people do fit together really well. In this party, these simple-minded warriors and orcs sure became fond of one another.”

This party instantly closed the gap between Chambord and the orc masters.

In the next few days, the orcs got to walk around and check out the ancient Chambord City.

Everything on the Azeroth Continent seemed novel and interesting to them, and everything was great in their eyes; this place felt like a paradise to them.

The orcs who lived in poor conditions really wanted to live like these humans where they didn’t need to worry about food and resources.

On the other hand, Great Priest Nash spent most of his time communicating with Head Minister Bast.

This intelligent master of the Fox Clan read the documents in the Royal Library of Chambord day and night, and books like [Continental History], [Human Era], [History of Humans], [Continental Hero List], and [Index of Empires] were Nash’s favorite.

This priest of the Behemoth Orc Tribe was so crazy that it felt like he wanted to learn about what happened in the last 1,000 years overnight.

At the same time, a massive amount of information regarding the situation at every location of the continent flowed back to Chambord through the hummingbirds.

The [Letter Office] already grew into something terrifying in the last two years. After all, this organization used more than half of Chambord’s income, and the king had been helping it in secret whenever he could. Its tentacles reached into all five regions of Azeroth, and Chambord got a grand return on its investment. In this chaotic world, the clarity and timeliness of information could determine the life and death of an empire.

Right now, even though Chambord was in the northernmost location on the continent, it knew what was happening around the continent!

Great Priest Nash also got access to most of the information there.

In reality, Fei knew that the main reason why this herald team of the Behemoth Orc Tribe risked coming to Chambord was to get to know the situation on the continent. Therefore, as long as it didn’t involve the confidential information of Chambord, Fei made a copy of most intelligence reports and gave them to the orcs to read.

To this, Great Priest Nash was very thankful.

While the orc masters were indulged in this fancy and bright world, Fei took a few days and went to the Capital of Anji, periodically killing the zombies that posed a threat to the Chambordians who were temporarily living there. When killing monsters and getting stronger in the real world, Fei still chose his Barbarian character and Paladin character. However, due to the special situation, the king also moved around using his Druid character and absorbed a portion of the mystical energy.

At the same time, the mystical gold war puppets were being manufactured in the No.1 Sealed Egg in the sealed space under the Royal Palace of Anji.

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