Chapter 1003: The Heavenly Barrier Between Gods and Mortals (Part One)

No.1 Sealed Egg was the sealed egg that Fei and Hazel Bank discovered first. Inside was a giant beach that had no end, and the only change that took place was the speed of time. After the two mad scientists made the breakthrough in the study of the laws of time, they slowed down the speed of time in the sealed egg drastically. Now, one minute in the outside world was equal to 30 minutes in here.

However, even though everything seemed aligned, the modifications to those 5,000 sets of mystical gold armor weren’t going successfully.

“The activation of the soul arrays failed,” Cain and Akara sounded powerless and unwilling. “We tried many times, but it all failed. Now, it seems like the legend is real. Creating life and soul are only the privileges of the gods; those are forbidden powers. Although everything is aligned for us, and we have many convenient conditions, we still failed at the critical moments.”

Fei was surprised, and he asked, “Didn’t all the prior magic experiments go smoothly? I remember that you guys already decoded the god-tier magic arrays inside Dark Demonic Armor Basturk, right? There aren’t any issues in theory, no?”

“Everything works in theory, that is for sure. However, many magic principles work in theory but might not work when put into practice. It is almost impossible for mortals to reach the realm of gods. That is the forbidden zone.” Cain’s explanation made sense. “Out there in the world, there seems to be an invisible heavenly barrier, and it is blocking the way, stopping the mortals from reaching the realm of gods. The power of this heavenly barrier is above that of the laws of nature, enforcing itself on the entire world.”

“Only if you become a true god will you be qualified to give the mystical gold armor life and soul, making them powerful like Basturk.” It was clear that Akara also agreed with Cain’s conclusion.

“So, it means that the entity who created Basturk is a true god?” Fei suddenly realized the significance of the issue.

This enemy that was hidden in the dark was extremely powerful.

“There is no doubt about it. Even if this entity is an extremely weak god, as long as he has divinity, he can do this.”

“Divinity?” Fei nodded and remembered this.

Unfortunately, the technique of condensing divinity was long lost on the continent; no one knew how to do it and step over the boundary.

The king shook his head and said, “Let’s not make guesses about gods. As to the mystical gold war puppets, is there another way to go about it?” The king was unwilling to give up right here.

There were 5,000 sets of mystical gold armor. If they could be activated and turned into war puppets, they would be equivalent to 5,000 peak Burning Sun Lords and 5,000 young lords! Chambord’s overall strength would skyrocket! The kingdom would become a super force that could complete with level 9 empires. Even if Chambord had to face the Holy Church, there was a chance that Chambord would win. Now hearing that this grand plan suddenly ran into a great obstacle, the disappointment in Fei’s mind was beyond words.

“There is no other way to activate the arrays inside these sets of mystical gold armor.” Cain shook his head.

“However, we altered some of the godly-rune magic arrays inside them. Now, these mystical gold war puppets can battle and sustain themselves using magic crystals. Putting it in exact measurements, one high-level magic crystal can last a mystical gold war puppet a full day, but their combat strength will be at Morning Sun Realm. Also, they can only battle instinctively; they don’t have Sun Anomalies and can’t communicate with others. They can only receive simple commands, so they won’t be as smart and perfect like Basturk,” Akara added to what Cain had said.

Akara’s words made Fei’s eyes brighten up.

“That is great! You should have told me that earlier! This is good. At least these sets of mystical gold armor can battle with anything as tough as level 5 combat weapons. Even if a real Sun-Class Lord has to battle one of them, this person might not be able to win.” Fei was elated.

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