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Hail the King Chapter 1003.2

Chapter 1003: The Heavenly Barrier Between Gods and Mortals (Part Two)

Even though these sets of mystical gold armor couldn’t be as powerful as before, they would be perfect war weapons; they were literally unkillable battle robots!

Fei calculated in joy, “Obtaining 5,000 low-tier Morning Sun Lords… It is a crazy number of masters for Chambord! Chambord’s overall strength will explode! The kingdom can now rival with level 9 empires as long as these sets of mystical gold armor are powered.”

“We have finished modifying 1,000 sets of mystical gold armor. If you can provide us with 1,000 high-level magic crystals, you will have 1,000 low-tier Morning Sun Realm mystical gold warriors serving Chambord.”

With a neutral expression on his face, Cain reached out his hand and rubbed his fingers, asking for money.

“Eh… 1,000 high-level magic crystals?” Fei froze for a second and said, “Alright, you have troubled me. Chambord temporarily doesn’t have that much wealth.”

High-level magic crystals were rare and precious. Taking the Zenit Empire for example, the empire’s annual revenue was even less than 1,000 high-level magic crystals.

Although the king had taken all the treasures from the treasure storages in the Royal Palace of Anji, almost all of it had been used in the last half year or so. Chambord’s high-speed development was fueled by almost an unlimited amount of wealth and resources. Like a giant black hole, the Chambord Kingdom was devouring and using a ton of money every second.

“However, I have this thing.” Fei took out a fist-sized blue gem from his storage ring. He smiled and said, “This is a completely purified Worldstone from Normal Mode. I’m sure it contains more energy compared to 1,000 high-level magic crystals, right?”

“Of course! Of course! It is more than enough!” Like a homeless cat that saw a steamy fish, Cain instantly took the Worldstone in excitement before turning around and heading back toward the giant No.1 Sealed Egg with Akara. Before he left, he said, “Just wait. In three days, 1,000 downgraded mystical gold war puppets will be ready to serve the kingdom. After three more months, the other 4,000 mystical gold war puppets will also be able to put into war.”

“Ah? Hey, wait a second. I have another important thing to ask you guys.” Seeing how crazy these two mad scientists were about the mystical gold armor, Fei didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He quickly chased after them and entered the giant sealed egg.

“What about it?” Cain was so aggressive that it seemed like he was doing something naughty with a girl and got interrupted. He stared at Fei angrily and said, “I will give you three minutes. Quickly tell me what is going on.”

“It is like this…” In detail, Fei told them about the mysterious world behind the purple teleportation portal that he got after all seven of his characters passed Diablo World.

When Fei was done, ten minutes had passed.

However, after hearing Fei’s descriptions, Cain was no longer as anxious as before. Instead, he fell into a deep thought, and he murmured with a confused expression, “A pure and perfect world? Filled with natural elements? Green trees and a large grass plain? Rivers and smart animals? Huh… so strange. I feel like I’ve seen these scenes that you described, but how come I can’t remember any of it?”

This was the first time that Cain looked so lost and confused.

“I can’t recall; I can’t remember anything. Perhaps I dreamed of a world that is similar to what you said, and that is why I feel familiar with your descriptions.” Cain shook his head and said, “After this Mystical Gold War Puppet Project is over, you can take me to the world that you described. Perhaps I will recall something. That is all for now! Stop disturbing me! Get out!”

After saying the last sentence, Cain’s interest shifted back to the creation of the war puppets and the energy in the Worldstone. He waved his hand at Fei impatiently and dove into the laboratory. Then, he started doing all kinds of strange and complicated experiments with Akara.

These two’s apprentices, who were university students of Chambord, were moving around the giant machines and tools while assisting with all the experiments like diligent bees.

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  1. Maybe he can use Gift Skill to give the armor a soul and star energy to move and battle 😀

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  2. Nuex Mark

    maybe that other world on that purple portal was the world before the corruption of hell…

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