Chapter 1004: The End of An Era (Part One)

Seeing the two big mad scientists and the many little mad scientists working so diligently for Chambord, Fei didn’t have anything else to say. After a pause, he left the No.1 Sealed Egg.

The sealed space was still giant and deep like the beautiful and mysterious cosmos.

The star lights that were shining from afar looked intoxicating and gorgeous.

Before leaving, the king checked all other sealed eggs that weren’t broken last time. Seeing that none of them had signs of breakage, he calmed down a little.

Then, Fei flew to the largest sealed egg that was in the very center of the sealed space.

White and black lights shined on the giant egg, and it continued to expand and shrink under the tight wrap of the godly blood chains. It looked like a giant’s heart that was pumping, and it emitted both the auras of justice and darkness. Fei didn’t know what terrifying existence that this giant egg made of light sealed, but his scalp numbed after thinking that its size was bigger than all other 71 giant sealed eggs combined.

Fortunately, the seal on this giant egg was extremely sturdy, and there was no sign that the godly blood chains were going to break any time soon.

If this weren’t the case, even if Fei used all his energy and depleted all his blood, he wouldn’t be able to strengthen the seal on it.

After checking around the sealed space, Fei entered Diablo World and arrived before the purple teleportation portal. Then, he entered that mysterious and perfect world on the other side.

Just like last time, this place was still sunny, and the birds were chirping while the flowers released a pleasant fragrance. It seemed like the spring never left this place.

The fresh air that was filled with natural elements was extremely nice. Even when Fei casually breathed, he felt like he drank a mouthful of god-tier potion. He felt comfortable all over, and each of his pores opened and moaned.

This world was huge and seemed limitless.

Every single place in this world was beautiful, and the weather was great. As gentle breezes blew by, various rare animals could be seen. The only thing that this world lacked was the trails left by highly-intellectual species.

This time, Fei wanted to see how big this world was. While he flew in one direction with all his strength, he saw green grass plains, rolling mountains, howling rivers, roaring oceans, white and large snow flat land, vibrant and dense primitive forests…

The king saw all kinds of beautiful natural scenery. However, he spotted no marks of human activity from the beginning until the end.

There were no highly-intellectual species that walked on two feet, and there were no structures and cooking smoke.

This seemed to be a parallel space that no human had ever stepped in.

Eight hours later, Fei returned to the purple teleportation portal with even more questions.

He still didn’t know where this beautiful world was, and he had no idea if this were the grand reward after he passed Diablo World with all seven classes. Also, he didn’t know what this world meant to him and if it were similar to Diablo World in any way.

With so many questions on his mind, Fei tried to contact that cold and mysterious voice which had been silent for a long time.

Unfortunately, the cold and mysterious voice that would appear at Fei’s summon before no longer responded as if it had vanished after Fei passed Diablo World with all seven of his characters.

Fei could only leave this new world and Diablo World in disappointment.

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