Chapter 1005: The Early Form of the Covenant (Part One)

Inside the Meeting Hall of the Administrative Center at the ancient Chambord Kingdom, Nash sincerely thanked the king for the warm reception and expressed his vast appreciation of the friendship with Chambordians. Then, he laughed and said, “Respectful Majesty, I have stayed in your territory for about ten days now, and we have a clear understanding of the continent. Now, we must return to the [Banished Land] and report everything that we know to the king clans and the Beast God Palace. We need to get ready with the mass emigration.”

“So, the orcs are going to come back to the continent?” Fei asked.

“According to the information that I know, I think the king clans and the Beast God Palace will make the decision of migration.” While talking, this priest of the Fox Clan blushed and said, “My peers and I will forever remember Your Majesty’s treatment. I hope… hope when the Behemoth Orc Tribe come out of the Endless Sea of Forests, we can still receive Your Majesty’s friendship.”

This was Nash’s way of seeking help.

In the last ten days or so, Nash understood the situation on the continent, and he learned about Fei and the Chambord Kingdom. He knew that the young king in front of him was a powerful character who could fight for the throne of domination in the Chaos Era, and he knew what level of terrifying potential that Chambord held.

Without question, from Great Priest Nash’s perspective, the Human Emperor of the North and his kingdom were like a sleeping dragon. One day, this dragon was going to wake up and soar into the sky, stunning the entire world!

From all angles, the Chambord Kingdom was the perfect partner for the orcs.

This decision wasn’t only made because Chambordians showed the same level of power, bravery, straightforwardness, and unity as the orcs. More importantly, as the king, Fei was very open-minded and warmly received the orcs. Under the influence of this honorable king, all Chambordians showed true friendliness and acceptance toward the orcs; it wasn’t fake, and Chambordians didn’t put on a show.

Great Priest Nash learned a lot about the continent in the last few days, and he knew how fragile the peace treaties that the human empires had with other races were.

Using powerful combat strength, the goblins grabbed enough resources to survive. The dwarfs and gnomes had to accept living in the heated mountains which had a harsh environment. The elves in the west were having many conflicts with the Madrid Empire and the Barcelona Empire. In this world, one rule held forever – only those with bigger fists could get the resources to survive.

Unlike other races where they opened their small worlds and almost reserved their full strength, the Behemoth Orc Tribe traveled to the [Banished Land]. The terrible environment there made the orcs struggle around the line of survival. Now, they had to travel back through the Endless Sea of Forests, and the strength of the tribe was going to further weaken. After arriving on the Azeroth Continent, the strength of the orcs couldn’t be guaranteed, and it was going to be extremely tough for them to survive in this Chaos Era.

If the orcs could have a powerful human ally such as Chambord, it would be the perfect and most wise decision.

After all these days, the orcs who clearly distinguished between kindness and hatred had been treated well by Chambordians, and they felt a little embarrassed since they couldn’t offer Chambord anything in return. Now, they were seeking help for the future. This made Great Priest Nash feel like he was stepping over the line, and he blushed.

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