Chapter 1006: Ancient Path of Blood of Behemoth (Part One)

Nash didn’t think that much.

This priest of the Fox Clan who was almost completely brainwashed by the king was thrilled, and he replied, “Your Majesty, if you can come with us, that would be perfect! With your charisma, I’m sure that the king clans of Behemoth and the Beast God Palace will agree to the alliance between the orcs and Chambord.”

The fact that the King of Chambord was going to the [Banished Land] himself showed the importance that Chambord placed on the Behemoth Orc Tribe.

Fei laughed and thought, “The human society sure is a big color pot. A simple-minded orc like Great Priest Nash only stayed in Chambord for about ten days, and he already learned how to flatter others precisely. Did he contract this from Oleg the Flatterer? Is the ability to flatter a contagious disease?”

After getting everything organized, Great Priest Nash left the palace joyously to do the last bit of preparation before leaving.

Then, Fei instantly summoned Brook, Bast, and Old Aryang in secret, and he told his most trusted officials his decision.

The three were already used to the king’s ideas. Aside from worrying about his safety and asking him to bring a few guards with him, they didn’t object.

After thinking for a while, it seemed like the king rarely stayed inside the kingdom; he was always on the road doing something. In the last two years, the Chambord Kingdom was used to the king not being home; it could perfectly operate and run smoothly without Fei being here.

The three wise people talked about every single detail of the king’s plan, and they considered all possibilities. To make sure that the king would be safe, they made a series of plans such as Plan A, B, C, D, and E.

Although they were nagging a little, the king was still touched. It was clear that these three people truly cared about him and weren’t doing this to get on his good side.

Of course, just like before, Fei’s whereabouts were top-secret. Except for a few top-level officials, no one knew that Human Emperor Alexander of the North was going to leave his kingdom again.

The departure date was decided; it was going to be three days later.

By that time, the Mad Scientists Laboratory would have finished modifying the first 1,000 mystical gold war puppets, and they could be put into use.

Fei planned to separate these 1,000 ‘ironmen’ that were all in the low-tier Morning Sun Realm into two groups. The king was going to station 500 ‘ironmen’ at Chambord as defensive forces, and he would carry the other 500 in his storage ring; they could be taken out at critical moments as trump cards. After all, these ‘ironmen’ didn’t have life and soul, so they could be stored in the storage rings.

At the same time, Chambord was preparing gifts.

Three days passed by quickly, and Fei went to the Capital of Anji.

This time, the Mad Scientists Laboratory didn’t disappoint him, and they delivered the 1,000 modified ‘ironmen’ on time.

Inside these sets of mythical gold armor, Cain created energy storage arrays for keeping energy. Also, since the power source was the Worldstone instead of high-level magic crystals, the combat strength of these ‘ironmen’ increased, barely reaching the mid-tier Morning Sun Realm. Another feature was that they could battle for one hour after charging using the Worldstone aside from being able to move around for a much longer period.

“Hahaha! With these war puppets in hand, I can do anything in the world!”

After the king used 60 percent of his strength to defeat one of the mystical gold war puppets, he was greatly pleased, and he copied the showy words of Dongfang Bubai, a famous master in a traditional wuxia novel.

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