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Hail the King Chapter 1007.1

Chapter 1007: Former Power and Glory (Part One)

“Ancient Beast God, please listen to the prayers of your loyal subjects…”

Great Priest Nash chanted an ancient, tragic, and grand song filled with mystery and vicissitude.

The song created a mysterious force, and the stone cliff before everyone started to react. As a series of mystical energy fluctuations appeared on the stone wall, images floated out of the cliff, showing the patterns of a gate. The orcs first kneeled in front of the gate and bowed before walking toward the gate pattern. As if they all walked through the cliff, they entered the internal space of the mountain.

This should be the power of the battle songs of the orcs. It was one type of power of totems, and it was similar to how mages chant their magic spells. However, it relied on the third type of energy aside from warrior energy and magic energy.

Fei and the other envoys of Chambord quickly followed and entered the stone cliff as if they were passing through a wall.

Inside was a giant space in the mountain, and it could hold at least 10,000 people.

Patterns of totems vaguely shined on the walls, offering light to this space and making it less dark.

In the center of the space, there was a blood-red altar, and on it stood an ancient, simple stone gate that was about 20 meters tall. Although this stone gate looked simple, it felt majestic.

“This is the beginning of the Ancient Path of Blood of Behemoth.” A sincere and holy expression appeared on the faces of Great Priest Nash and other orc masters.

Great Priest Nash said earnestly, “Your Majesty, do you know why this ancient path is called Ancient Path of Blood? On this ancient path of teleportation, there are more than 100 of such blood-red altars. Every single altar was created by an ancestor of the orcs, and those ancestors used their own bodies, lives, and souls. They were all True God Realm masters. In that terrifying era, the Behemoth Orc Tribe sacrificed 108 priests and masters who were in the True God Realm, creating a safe path that led to the [Banished Land] for all other members of the tribe. This path is literally created by drips of blood!”

While Great Priest Nash said that, the orc masters already had tears in their eyes.

About 1,000 years had passed, and these orc masters had listened to these stories told by their elders for tens of thousands of times. However, standing before this blood-red teleportation gate on the altar, any orc would cry, paying respect to the heroes who sacrificed their lives and souls for the continuation of the tribe.

Without these heroes who selflessly sacrificed themselves, the Behemoth Orc Tribe would have disappeared in the river of time long ago.

Hearing this, Fei and other masters of Chambord all gasped.

The king thought, “What? 108 masters in the True God Realm? The Behemoth Orc Tribe was that powerful in history?”

Although Fei knew that the Endless Sea of Forests was terrifying, he never imagined that the Behemoth Orc Tribe could only create this Ancient Path of Blood by sacrificing 108 true gods.

Now, Fei was imagining how terrifying and tragic that it must be at the end of the Mythical Era.

Then, the king thought of something deeper.

“How terrifying must the enemies be? Even the Behemoth Orc Tribe which had at least 108 true gods had to flee? They didn’t even have the courage to battle until death? Why? Did they see zero chance of winning? What really happened 1,000 years ago on the Azeroth Continent? What made the gods and demons fall into a deep sleep? What made the other races all flee the continent? What made humans survive that and become the lords of Azeroth?”

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  1. pipipopopopo

    i feel like it’s gonna be something like the story of the NO GAME NO LIFE movie , but the war stopped bcuz the humans made a deal with something after that thing put an end to all the other races.

    • Fimbulwinter

      Maybe it’s something like the Reapers from Mass Effect that kills highly advanced civilizations.

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